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Mike Virgl Oct 2018
Fruit is rarely perfect,
Under soil in a ditch.
Can a little paranoia,
**** the ***** thought,


Stinging and Hovering and Infecting and Tantalizing?
Ever see something that made you spiral?
Travis Green Dec 2018
The morning light rises over our bodies
in the warm sparkling air, the glistening
sun shining its bright rays upon our flesh,
as I breathe in your alluring escape.  I can
feel your gentle hands seeping in the strands
of my hair, feeling each rising melody take
off towards extravagant flights.  

I want to kiss you on your golden-brown cheeks,
let my crowned world of divine flames spark
your skin, let the music multiply and multiply
into a multitude of marvelous sounds, our eyes
meeting over tantalizing chemistry, distant horses
galloping across the green grassland, as we lay
next to each other thinking of the glorious
moments ahead of us.
Does saying the words I love you repeatedly wash the words meaning away?
Maybe... or maybe not.
We took every feeling every view every connotation
And combined them
I adore you
I cherish you
I want you
I need you
You’re magnificent
You’re magical
And tantalizing
My fingertips spark with the tingling sensation of your touch

     All              Combined
 In             to
 I love you
Does this mean this word holds more weight than any of them? So strong no matter how many times spoken it carries the passion needed to explain? Or is it the simplicity and washing down already?
All I know is when I say it I mean it
Through sleepy yawns
And grumbled murmurs  
Through smiling teeth
And puckered lips
I mean it every time

I am enamored by you
I appreciate you
I am devoted to you
I yearn for you
I           L     o   v   e        Y   o   u
Calico Jun 17
The drop teeters on the lip of the bottle
The lip of his mouth
Hanging, with unbearable anticipation
With tantalizing intent
And, with near ******* relief, it Falls
And I Fall in love
ashton Nov 2018
it's almost as if she were calling to me,
begging me to venture from the barren prairie
to the tantalizing surf,
to wholly submerge into her; to escape from my sorrows,
to inundate myself with the delicacy of her frigid surface.
i could hear her, muttering my name from across the meadow.
slowly, i was growing aware of how minute i had become,
standing in this immense field alone.
i felt the aching, and the longing for amity scrabble its way up my spine.
my legs begin to take strides, my entire body follows en suite.
my fingers shakily unbutton my blouse, tossing it somewhere within the paddock.
it was as if my body had a mind of its own, and was spellbound.
my boots are off before i can comprehend what is happening to me.
and suddenly, im unclothed,
my feet digging into the sand beneath me.
my ears ring as my brain swims and i can't focus;
all i hear are her exquisite murmurs, chanting my name
until it's no longer recognizable.
the ringing in my ears swells, roaring until my brain aches and my vision grows more and more white until im underwater,
covering my ears and screaming for the chaos to subside.
and it does. my **** body is submerged into her breathtaking sea.
never have i felt more at peace.
KateKarl Jan 15
scratchy and damp do not harmonize underfoot
and fear and the ocean should not coexist
but like this elevator missing the thirteenth button, my comfort sinks with tantalizing, lethargic anxiety.

the boards are a smokeless fire underfoot,
grit rolling between me and chipped brown paint,
as i beg for cold, thirst for salt, but do not run to the provocative, promising body beyond the dunes.

and my clothes are underfoot,
and this lemonade pink towel whose corner grabs at the sand,
and the hot dry fades into something that is sturdy and packed down by bounds like mine.

carbon slices at my underfoot,
the sharp home of a long-dead thing,
as my heel strikes the iron, water-pat shore, and the shock of it stuns my bones.

shock! cold underfoot
lace between my toes, smoking from wood and run
and then my face is in the sea, because who needs air when life is the sun trapping itself in the pink of my shoulder blades?
I haven't written poetry in a very long time, but am putting together a small portfolio for a writing class assignment. Any and all advice is more than welcome, even if you're the type who can't say it nicely!
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
The riveting heart feels
the weight of trouble
The rebel is like a watchdog
Whats in our Bible?
Things change to make the

"Like a new invention but there is interference"

The Castle you hear
a rattle
wasn't a baby rattle
Minds settling or quietly dazing
No defeating over the rainbow
It's like running then you stop
You look at his watered fingers
Of the great lakes, he's admiring
your lady's fingers

Lips divine as one like us
The gold rush collection
Just a secret hush affection
A treaty concession
Picking out the candy
The pivoting flying shy like a sky
Him or Her piloting its time
Two sets of eyes world of exploring
Not to keen
on exploiting

Her dress movie flowing prayers to
be answered so vain
Heads Spin city flaunting
Defeats us haunting
Who loves us
Who will help us
Like a delicacy one of a kind
She's the rebel let her guess
Such a rarity smile with
dignity dressed up doll
she is dainty
To many disguises to face the
mirror of vanity
Rebel Rebel David Bowie
He is a genius of music
Shines a world gigantic

Rebel world of cults and sanity
What was heavily Tis
To be blessed
Rebels of hearts of Madonna
Greyhound bus

Our scorched finger heats
Riding the *
Porshe Red firehouse
A beat something rare but overly sweet
Robin risque I  need more clues
Braveheart Riding hood in the woods
to be saved in her rebel shoe's

Queen heads up with the Dean
 Her embossed gold letters
Of a spell, forever mean
The heats on rebels defeat over
Modern time the "Dell"

Rebel wish from a deserving well

Computer and devil decipher
Compelled to love her
The Dark Shadows mansion
Angelique scarlet fever
Dark inside her label dress
What did he deliver?
"'Who lives by the standard rule messy is ****"
Rebel rebel look at your bloodshot pupils
taking things for granted

Freakish odd things posted
Are bizarre even her brassiere
Mean as a *Manchette

We are not as one
normal read the Gazette
More rivals and feather
pen of forgery
What a hard act to follow like surgery
Every molecule being
dissected to poke
A love primal no
common ground
This isn't a joke

Everyone tantalizing tribal
Creatures not in direct sunlight
Defeats us like rebels at night
Being inconsistent rebels
lead the way but far away

We are not realizing what defeats us
Endorphin releasing our energy
Lifting our orphan spirits
Moon worshipper climbers
We are the simple people
Nothing too explicit
Or razor sharp to cut us

The Messiah
Solomon Torah of Isreal
Old Testament Jerusalem
Everything is way too ****** red
Like Salem
What defeats us
Voodoo or Christmas Hoo Hoo

Santas gift got stolen and snatched
Having a fight with a door latch
Magic somehow not in our favor to match
Tragic music rock or swing jazz of a glitch
But everything defeats us
Psychic third eye
She is so tragically hurt
So Manic not the
brave rebel flirt

Like the limited edition
So many of us are uninvited
Not the VIP pass
Ressurection new rebel convention
Unique kind of communication

The last time I saw you on vacation
Relic hunters the lightning
Hells Angel rider conjuring
What mouths to feed of thunder
Nazis all  our undivided
attention pictures
They snap having a field day
of paparazzi
Priestesses devil wears the
Prada dresses were out
of designers
I wonder why to travel heretics
Such treachery and butchery
Being grilled like steaks but
not a Dynasty
Too graffitied feeling fried
How loves are taken like the fools

The business arrangements
Foreign exchange groups
Rebelling their way
through college
Time is the essence of
being mutual
beneficial much
higher potential
More spiritual rituals
We need more Gods of top
rank **Generals

General Mills cereal at least
not the serial killer
What defeats us our spirit leads us to dark energy place it's up to
us the human race. We are rebels in a portal or are we not real all mortal
n0iπ çlßs Dec 2018
a heart
by the breath
of god

with scars
encircling his head
like vultures
of old tattoos

the sporadic voices
that line
the inside
of his head

are not innately born
into his mind
but rather
a developing evil

that show no escape
from the hell
he was born

a cctv camera
loses focus on
its tantalizing

what better description
of humanity
I had a mask that I would wear,
to cover my pain,
my emptiness,
to make me feel in control.

It hid all of my problems,
let me feel normal,
let other people never notice.

I don't want you to get the wrong impression,
I was happy somedays,
and being with my friends helped so much,
they made me forget about my messed up mind,
and for a little why,
my mask would become translucent,
not quite clear,
yet I would shine through a bit.

But then I would get home,
and it would all crash back in,
the worry and self-consciousness of the world,
the feeling of never living up to an expectation.

I would put the mask on,
not even take it off when I was alone,
because if I could lie to myself,
I could neglect the pain.

Having this mask gave me control,
A false sense of power that I didn't deserve,
it corrupted my mind,
and soon I really did believe I was happy when I put on that mask,
that I was normal, that starving myself to look skinny was fine,
that everything was under control,
nothing to worry about.

Then one day,
I don't know when,
the masked slipped and broke.
This sense of realization came over me,
this wasn't right, I had to stop,
I couldn't keep living like this.
"No, with me you can have power and control, with me,
everything is happy and great." said the mask, in pieces on the floor.
I picked up the scraps and put them back together,

Yet it would never be the same.
Through the cracks in the mask, I could see everything wrong with this,
I could finally see all the faults.
I tried to take it off,
but it had stuck to my face,
clinging on for dear life,

Yet slowly, very slowly,
I pried it off,
one part at a time,
until it laid in remnants around me.

Still, something was off,
the shattered remains whispered to me,
telling me just to put them back on
"With me, everything will be great."
"With me, you can pretty!"

I stomped on them as hard as I could,
yet I only reduced them into finer shards,
still muttering the everlasting lure of habit.

All I could do was sit there,
plugging my ears, trying to drown it out.
It felt like it would go on and on forever,
that this was just my life,
trying to ignore these tantalizing whispers coming in from all around me.

But it didn't go on forever,
it eventually started to fade,
the mask losing it's power.

Sure, it calls out every now and then,
tells me it can make me beautiful,
yet I know better now,
I know how to let it go,
to leave it alone,

and now I may have lost my mask,

but I have gained back my life.
I wrote this about my eating disorder, but it can apply to so many different things. Whatever this means to you, I hope it gives you strength to keep moving on. I feel like it accurately describes how mental illnesses aren't just cured overnight, they take time, and sometimes it feels hopeless, but it does get better.
Glenn Currier Aug 2018
I have written poems about rising.
It’s a good subject for poets.
Isn’t a poem itself a rising?
We spend much time revising
what we write and what we do.

There are so many good words ending in izing.
I could write a whole poem
using words symbolizing
so much of life -
it’s absolutely tantalizing.

I watch and read about all the polarizing.
It is a cool oasis lingering here
my words with my feelings and thoughts
realizing the heart of who I really am
comprising ways of saying my truth
without moralizing.

At times it is agonizing -
all this analyzing
how I belong and how I don’t
if I’ll join others or if I won’t.

I look at that guy Jesus
and how so many obsess
about his blood and sacrifice
all the while not recognizing
it’s not so much about our sins
and his need to atone as it is
about the good he did
who he sat with and loved,
the seeds he sowed
who he stopped to touch
on the side of the road.

I find obsessions with power
really unappetizing.
I’d rather spend my time rising
from darkness into light
or embracing my sadness, exercising
and emphasizing what is energizing.  
When I do that, it is quite surprising
how creative my muse is helping ME
to also rise.
Written 8-2-18
TSK Aug 2018
You were a handful of cherries,
A summertime kiss,
A savored mouthful
Some bitter, some sweet.
The colors shift from deep to bright
Unpredictable. Temporary. Ever-changing.
A stem to be tied
A tantalizing tongue-twister
A point proven and forgotten.
Fun for a moment,
And then a moment passed.
And yet every cherry has a pit
And, sooner or later,
each handful ends.
I loved the way his ****
made me feel in the midnight,
how its strong instrument made
me want to cuddle and caress
its blazing cityscape, how its
supreme existence stretched
in the air like a beautiful rainbow,
like a scintillating skyscraper.
His breathtaking thickness
moving my body in various places,
my brown skin all sweaty and covered
in his tantalizing pleasures, my eyes
bulging, lips wanting, longing to be
a strong syllable pressed against
his pulsating *****, to stroke
its hard surface with my hands,
lathering it with spit as I ******
the deepest layers of it’s appealing
world.  And I wanted to take in
everything from the depths of his
exuberant head to his majestic *****,
luminescent literature I could fall
in love with and never stop
reading, a glorious city street
filled with numerous masterpieces,
riveting attractions, dizzy stoplights
shining bright colors, deep definition,
notorious nonfiction, jamming basslines,
heavenly equations, and sophistication
gravitating towards higher frequencies.  
His trigger flaming **** reigns supreme
throughout the nation, the birth of an
astonishing king bringing funky vibes
across jazzy constellations, amplifying
drums rocking and rolling away, lost
in the good times, lost in the diamond
language soaring in the sky, all timeless
escapes, swaying rhythms, sound movements,
islands of the brightest desires where artistic
creations shimmer like a fascinating fireplace.
And all the electrifying energy reaching
incandescent galaxies, pouring sweet nectar
out from the fountains of boundless love,
the smooth ******* erupting, crushing,
luscious, smoking soul of jumping
engines, poetry of passion, infinite,
sensual, meaningful, phenomenal
patterns reverberating in Saturn.
Ash Mar 9
To love is to know,
And to know is to love ,
A bond sacred by intimacy,
Not birthed by erratic physicality.
No touch, no kiss, no hand I could hold,
Could warm the emptiness of my heart, so cold.
Two hearts torn
a broken hello from opposite sides of the world,
Our love simply lost, not permanently lorn.
Not by your kiss, not by your hold,
Will new love emerge from the fettered old.
I miss the warmth of your words
Their tantalizing embrace
Bonding immeasurable next to mere attraction of face.
Anya Oct 2018
I'm fine
I'm pretty sure
I'm fine

I'm normal
for the most part
I'm not super different
I don't necessarily stand out
I'm that nice girl
who's kind of a nerd
A sort of vague
baby bluish
in your memory

Except for those
who I am close to
who see me as more,
splatter painted orange
which happens to be my least favorite
and tiny splotches
of greens
and yellows
then if you look way down
deep deep deep
like the deep blue sea

I'm fine
I'm pretty sure
I'm fine

I began writing poetry
due to loneliness
My obsessive
had put
tantalizing thoughts
in my head of what school
best friends
but wasn't

I would notice
every little thing
a drop of a pin
would mean
a world of difference
in my head

I'm fine
I'm pretty sure
I'm fine

I'm smart
But lazy
I don't spend
enough time on
what I should
I'm too privileged
I complain
(As I seem to be doing now)
I don't understand
what it's truly like
to not

I do as I please
It's not
that I'm not a hard worker
But it's like now,
when I know I have
two essays
and two
speeches to write
(And science homework)
here I am
writing poetry instead

I'm fine
I'm pretty sure
I'm fine

I've repeated that,
how many times now?

I wonder what got me started
on this furious
ferocious tangent
I think it was...
another poem I read

About how poets
have something wrong
with them or other

I began thinking,
what about me?

Who's to say?
Probably me
Because I'm me
And I get to decide
who I want to be
Is what an optimist would say
Not cheesy
to believe
to believe
You know what?
***** it,
Um...all I know was that it was me talking myself into going from uncertain to determined but I'm really not sure where I went with that. Hope it's relateable or gets you thinking!
Tsunami May 6
I remember that night
The glow of lights softened the edges

The way you held my hand
I told you I didn't dance

Sneaking kisses because we knew
We couldn't
We shouldn't
We didn't need to fall back into the old
When this exact moment was meant to move forward

The sound of your voice trinkled over the music
I think those were my favourite notes that night

I could hear your words in my ear
Tantalizing and teasing
Your hands weaving electricity into my skin
Making me swear up and down;
if this ever ended..
For once i had given it my all.
Even if we ceased to exist to each other
last night was a trip down memory lane and i'd rather not have ******* done it
Travis Green Jun 16
His touch was still on my fingertips,
smooth, sweet, smashing, harmonizing,
a mountain of spinning intellect,
precise perimeters, his swag game
dripping all over the city streets,
heart-thrilling beats, spine-tingling
songs, a booming galaxy moving
across the stunning landscape.
I dreamed of his dark skin moving
so serenely over my body, pulling
me into his cradle of galvanizing
inventions, grand lands – rich,
wide as tall buildings, twirling
me into tantalizing dimensions,
nuzzling the nape of my neck,
whirling me inside his basement
of sun-bright rhymes, drawing
me further into his amazing
attractiveness.  Sizzling steam
rising in the midst, creamy
consonants covered in Hershey
chocolate, enveloped in whipped
cream, the taste of his lovable lips
leaving luminous feelings upon
my soul, sparking the streets
of my eternal seas.  I envisioned
his divine desirability swirling
me around and around like a
rocking roller coaster, vivid
vibrations running through
my cells like rush-hour traffic,
unraveling the many layers
of my labyrinth, leading me
towards a spaceship filled with
innumerable dreams.
Jade Jan 18
If I am writing about you now,
then you have stolen from me
something as precious
as the gem I was named for--
my voice.

I'm afraid our encounters
were never quite as cinematic
as Disney's animation--
no tantalizing mist of green
shrouding our figures,
no sweet harmony
evaporating from a
frightened, rouged mouth
in wisps of golden light,
and absolutely no
happily ever afters.

you've always had
a catty flair
for stepping all over me
like a Just Dance Mat--
yes, I'm quite familiar
with the way you toy
with others, myself included;
and the **** has never
defeated the Game Master.

Call a ***** a *****;
I know very well that
I can't change you
or what you did me.

I can't undo the hurt.

But I can reclaim my voice.

Through poetry,
I will say all the things
I wish I had the courage
to say to you
way back when
in response to your
cruel fuckery.

I will expose you
for what you truly are--
a petty,
sea (witch) *****.
Don't be a stranger--check out my blog!

(P.S. Use a computer to ensure an optimal reading experience.)
Graff1980 Feb 28
She was darkness,
magical princess
of ecstatic pains.

Queen of wishes,
lips bruised
with the brush
of lust,
and the power
to pull from
all of us
the very veins
that worked
webs from
our supple skin.

Tantalizing terror
goddess Arachne
who spun her web
to entrap thee,
the enraptured
rotting zombie.

Poison on her lip
with nine inch
finger nails
that scratched
the flesh
of innocent men
and sent them
straight to hell.

Hazel eyes
with specks of blue
swimming around
her dark irises.

Like black holes
surrounded by
cosmic gasses,
and like those holes
she swallowed
lost souls
who dared to
venture near.
Starlight Oct 2018
Harrowed eyes
from the
shades of
jacaranda branches

it is
almost poetic
how false
true pain

like a
bitten and
down to
stumps of
trying to
a mimicry
of joy

'oh hail'
'oh hail'
the sunshine
from the
the glinting
so alike
your eyes

'oh rain'
'oh rain'
'Tis not
rain but
falling from
the heavens
with the
of graces

'oh mine'
'oh mine'
the haunted
of a
jacaranda shades
and hisses
like the
exotic beast
within her skin

'oh do'
'oh nay'
is the echoed
that never
lets up.
Nathalie Nov 2018
Pine cones lay at the entrance of the garden

Blankets of rose petals covered the patio floor

Candles ignited the outdoors in soft moonlight

While orchestra chimed in harmony

With the sound of the trickling waterfall

His eyes were entrancing

And the smile he wore engaging

The palm of his hand found

Comfort on the curve of my back

The tantalizing scent of musk

Tickled my nose with delight

The sound of his voice was smooth

And the messages he was delivering

Invited me to rethink my prior

Engagement to spend the night

Entertaining myself

While his presence had been

A complete surprise

I welcomed the unexpected

Without apprehension

Quite the opposite

Embraced it with amusement

And an open invitation

To live the present moment

Completely by whim and spontaneity

Nathalie Jul 2018
Love grows from a well
Which overflows from desire
Longing and love
Simultaneously coupled
for each other..intensifying
Fixation and admiration
A sentiment which knows no bounds
As lovers step through the portal
And into their sacred garden…

Heart stealing glances
Fingers touching… so sweet
Pulse stopping between breaths
Unleashed, is a union so deep
Not for the faint of heart
As one stands so close
To this fire dwelling passion

Hiding no more
This tantalizing enchantment
A dance for two
All –pervading intensity
Sharing one breath
Letting go …surrendering
To the exalting beauty of pleasure
Encapsulated in golden rays of light.


— The End —