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Heather Mirassou Oct 2017
October is a beggar

Knocking on doors

Snatching golden leaves

In Autumn
Heather Mirassou Oct 2017
Take me to the ocean

Bring the leaping sun

Daybreak is full of diamonds

Dancing swelling tides

Make me want to write
Heather Mirassou Oct 2017
Mother Nature beckons

Her brilliant cacophony

Her pine trees

Dancing, swaying, and whispering

Their virescent green

Shimmering through

Blue Hues

Peaceful and calm


Her birds sing

A sweet melody

White puffy clouds


Beams of sunshine

Benevolent to me

Immersed in

Her enchanting beauty

She is bewitching

She is my company
Heather Mirassou Oct 2017
Her skin pink and satin

Trapped **** in a secret vault

I lavish her sweetly

She moans and begins to quiver

Her dazzling sapphire eyes

Swoon over me

I whimper

A ****** begins to charm

Like a candle made of potion

A rare ruby shinning

Dances in the mirror

Subtlely hypnotizing

She tastes like sugar and honeycomb

Her taught fingers

Caressing languorously

Sunset like a fire

Engulfs me

The evening torrents

An aphrodisiac

We tremble into oblivion

In exotic bliss

As my charmed jewel

Lies with me
Heather Mirassou Mar 2015
I tap-dance on egg-shells in my ballet shoes.

They whisper across the floor.

Omitting noise that might entice a temper.

I find a hide-a-way in a hole.

My heart, soul and pen are

controlling the inner-chaos

with a key that empowers me.
Heather Mirassou Mar 2015
The forest is dark
by night it’s been swallowed
all things mysterious
all sounds hallowed.

Nature’s nocturnal
all life’s gathered here
although all movements are ghostly
there is nothing to fear out here.

Dark mythical arms
hide the moon
dawn will be arriving
But never too soon.

Crickets shrill
and interrupt the night air
owls cry and make harmony
the nature is so romantic in the air.
Heather Mirassou Feb 2015
Wonder amorously
Blood brimming
Wilderness vessel
Every droplet wet
Chaste with soul
Hips become fierce
Thighs become fiery
Thrusting,pumping and springing
Chasms burst
Your glorious spring cascades
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