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Your eyes
Those soft blue **** heart melting
take my breath away blues
You just look at me
Im under your spell
They are so delicious
They tantalize oh yes
So pleasing so daring
Your **** soft blues
With a just a look
they cause a reaction
My temperature rises
You have me at your will
Your eyes
the fantasy , I long to read
Take my breath away blues
Look at me baby
Please keep staring
I quite enjoy
Seeing those soft blue
**** heart melting
deeply satisfying blues
© Jennifer L DeLong 2/19/20
Allyssa Nov 2019
I never was a believer,
One that promised me my faith anyways.
It wasn't until I laid with you,
Felt you between the crevasse of my legs,
Your soft hands pull and tug at my skin,
The way your hot breath rolled over my lower stomach.
And I ached.
I ached for the warmth you brought me beneath my bed sheets,
The fire in my belly whenever I heard my name roll softly off your tongue,
The tremble in my legs when I thought about you.
Your gaze forever entangling me within my own mind,
Curious to lie with the sin of lust once more,
Tantalizing with the sweet smell of you.
I debated whether or not to speak your name but in the end, I always do.
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
I said I’d return
Some time ago
Anticipating it was true
But broken matter surrounded me

Now it’s tantalizing heartbreak
Followed by whispers in the night
It’s like I lied
And I stole from you

Now I’m lost
I’m sorry I’m such a lost cause
I’m sorry I made you tremble

But the tantalizing heartbreak told me

That I forgot you tonight
Please stay so near
I’m crying and weeping inside
Don’t placate my fears
Nothing matters
Can’t you see
I don’t care

Tantalizing heartbreak
Teaching me whispers and lies
I did lie
And I stole from you

I’m so lost
I’m sorry I’m such a lost cause
I’m sorry I made you tremble

But the tantalizing heartbreak told me

I forgot you tonight
You’re not safe here
You’re crying and weeping inside
I placated your fears
Everything matters to me
Can’t you see
I still care

The tantalizing heartbreak
A look into the mind of the Protagonist of the Vacancy Saga
Jennifer DeLong Feb 2018
What a delicious word

To want to desire
To need to crave

To find it crawling into
your mind
To feel it tantalizing
your body

Seeing it in his eyes
To feel it from his desire

Thoughts of teasing
Thoughts of pleasing

Daring you to touch
To give in to it's satisfaction

Lust yes Lust
Deliciously dancing
across my tongue

Writing passionate
reading them in your

Nothing is hidden
between us

It's pure
powerful and

Lust what a
delicious word

© Jennifer Delong 2/4/18
wraiths Oct 2015
i woke up at 2am with such pain and so unable to drift back into oblivious sleep that i was forced to analyze my most tantlizing and torturous thoughts, and i can say you were all of them.
Leal Knowone Mar 2015
Falling angels

Black evil
Whispering taunting tantalizing
Teaching you dark secrets
Fallen angel (echo)

Fallen angel once flew high
Life of humaneness gone rotten
Humble equilibrium
Both darkness and light consumes them

falling angel (echo)

— The End —