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Hallie Bear Jun 2016
I'm left open and sagging
Resting raw against the the thump of your clean living heart
Still reeling I can't move up or down or left or right
Stuck in a bottomless purgatory that just seems to become more grey
Each of your eyelashes etched into my palms
Every stretch of skin looped like a thread into my memory
Clogging my mind until I'm trapped in your image
I sink into the pollution of your shadow
I can't swim to cleaner tides.
Hallie Bear Sep 2013
Oh that sad
It dripped down me
Like cherry juice

And you licked it
Like a prized pie
At the state fair

And I'm sitting here with it
Smeared on my face
As if I ripped my teeth out

Nothing but sugar and dough
With a dollop of salt
And vanilla cream

On top.
I honestly am confused by my brain
Hallie Bear Aug 2013
Shy eyes slip me a note
Flash a love letter in a glance
Compelled to write back
Posting a novel in my stare

Shy eyes flicker
Burn my letters in a haze
Eyes clogged by ash
Love returned to sender
Hallie Bear Jul 2013
So maybe I can't make you love me
And I can't stop the stars from falling into space
But I can take the curve of your torso
Wrapped around mine
And twist it into my blood
As the hallelujah
I need to give myself
Even if your breathing is a lie
Even if you break me with deft words
So I can't make you love me
So I can't
But I'll try
But I'll try
I'm so sad. I'm so sorry.
Inspired by Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me
Hallie Bear Jun 2013
Oh lord you know pride
Tastes like plums
Can't hardly
Stake your ground
You know it's gonna rot
That mouthful of
Succulence and flesh
Will disintegrate
Soften and die
Drain away until
Only the stone sits
Dry and ribbed
Smiling vainly to the sun
Hallie Bear Jun 2013
the Flesh door fireworked open
Splashed liquid vitality on
the Yellow hope and Creme colored dreams
marrow gave way, Slumped into the
portly Shirtwaist
of the wealth of Her father
Beautiful fool you
Spinning just like You did but a night ago
But now in a different embrace
Your lips painted Him
Like you Paint the night
Red in black
Red on White
Inspired by the infamous Great Gatsby car crash
Hallie Bear Mar 2013
Submerged in the empire of your tide
Trying to feel unobtrusive, let me saturate
Lips filling with the brine
You pop sweet oxygen bubbles
Chewing gum at its finest
Pulling candy from my estuary
Blue blood sweeps from between my fingertips
Floating face through
Eyes open into yours
The deepest tide-pools I've ever seen
Slipping into the tangle of
Your fingers
The swivel of refraction
Shattered warmth diffused in frosty capped overture
Oh to be a native of you
Never needing a map or a light or a guide
Swallowed without notice
Nothing but another wave the endless
March of tumbling reverb
The only reaction possible to your vocal chords
The song of the ocean
The simmer of the tide
Ocean eyes.
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