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EmVidar Aug 16
We loved in a way
even I don't understand
and we left each other
you for another
and me
to save the pieces
he hadn't broken yet

-em vidar
Sparrow Jul 21
Leaves shed
as she leaves behind
Those worn old faces and troubled minds
to a distant land
Her brave heart is fuelled by freedom

I walk alone
over graves gold and red
Rustle and crunch! complain the dead
With a grimace,
I bid welcome to my favourite season

The northwest breeze
shares a smoke with me
As I solicit the shade of a leafless tree
The dust gathers
around my feet, around my life uneven

A golden sky
when the red sun sets
A cloud floats by that resembles her face
with the colours
that make Autumn, to me, so appealing
Fall is the season to fall out of love. C'mon little sparrow. Fly.
~                Hello hello hello hello
     Goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye
                    *And thats all there is
Hiraeth Sep 2014
The cottage is old and the garden trees have overgrown,
The long missed smells of mother’s food…
Oh, what joy to eventually come home!

Shrill morning breaks to the call of crows
As the sun rises from behind prison walls.
A reminder yet again, Light alights in sleeping hours,
Daylight brings hell, the unvoiced tortured wails
Which cry out for the Light.
But it plays tantalizing games at night
And leaves the mornings in the hand of the jailor.
No friend, no foe, no merchant nor sailor
Will ever come to see…
We’re alone in our six square feet cells
Us, and the haunting drum roll of the surrounding sea.
Written in 2011, upon visiting the Cellular Jail in the Andaman Islands.
Shazz Manji Apr 2014
Faded memories
lose their colour
and conversation
but wearing thin
with each recollection
and overlapped
by the heartache
and partings
tomorrow holds so close
Destined to be replaced
and painfully short lived
So fades another day
and another
and another

— The End —