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Neon lights coloring a dark room,
The puffs of smoke obscuring the place,
But one glimpse of you,
And I am lost in your face.

Our bodies swaying to the beat,
Your hands exploring as our bodies,
Grind against each other.
Feeling the tinge of heat,
As you move your lips against mine,
As you’re thinking of how this red headed girl,
Is so fine.

Lost in your smile I am,
Ensnared as you hold my hand,
Amongst the crowd,
As music is blaring loud,
All I hear are the promises of me and you,
The plethora of possibilities I dream to be true!

I bare my truths to you,
Letting you in,
Speaking of the hurt I just went through,
How I was rejected by a boy,
Who played with me as if I were a toy,
Who is captivated by my essence as a chick,
Yet is frightened by the fact,
I am a woman who happens to have a ****.
Lights go off,
Oh, how the boys find me pretty,
Demanding to play,
My body is appealing,
Enticing your senses to focus on touch,
Not woman enough for you to stay,
My origin is too much,
You begin this repetition of “I’m straight,”
Neglecting that my female form,
And feminine aura is what led us to this very date.

If you’re going to attempt to obtain,
Gratification from a girl like me,
Learn to be more secure in your sexuality,
Instead of being a boy who is shady,
Act like a man who deserves this lady.

You weave your web of lies.
So charming I am trapped,
However, your hold upon me is weak,
I refuse to be one,
Of your dying flies.

Your enchanting smile is now a mere memory,
Those true colors are now all I can see,
Mocking me,
As your sweet nothings turn stale,
Becoming lies,
And I a fool for falling,
Into your wicked spell.

You are no different from your predecessors,
All heartless cowards portraying themselves as intrepid knights,
And this travesty of male human nature,
Has engendered this plight,
Of men only desiring me in the beauty of the night.

A sudden change of heart,
By the dawn of day,
While I am left in pieces,
Falling part with the insensitive words, you say.

A Pawn in your childish game,
I am never going to be,
For I am nothing but true,
Yet not the same gift I receive from you,
Though your intention is not to hurt me,
Or so I keep being told,
Oh, how that statement is getting old,
It seems the blame is at what lies,
Between my legs.

It is never you,
Only the blurring of gender that is me,
Despite all of your actions are the same,
A defense of intoxication,
And I fall prey to what I now know as your false facade,
It seems only one of us deserves,
To wallow in a sea of shame.
“Fervent Flames”
September 8, 2014

Love nearing the title of unrequited?
Terrified of giving in,
Yet desiring nothing more than to let go,
And succumb to a precariously enthralling love affair,
To be kissed,
Left Gasping for air.

Water glistening over a plethora,
Of Golden-red curls;
Those deep blue eyes penetrate me,
With each enamored gaze,
Engendering me to ache with need,
To lose myself in another,
Surrounded by a misty haze.

Hand gently grasping onto an exposed neck,
Fiery lips travel upon the valley of soft silk,
Mouth upon ***** with deeper urgency,
Than the babe who hungers for,
The gratifying taste of milk.

Impulsivity is given life without second thought,
Caged emotions unleashed,
Feverish and hot,
With lowered inhibitions and a touch of heart,
As my quivering lips begin to part.

Light teal tiles encase,
This moment of heated passion,
Between prospective lovers,
Trying to conceal feelings,
Of undeniable attraction to the other,
Instead of getting lost in one another,
Beneath shifting covers.

With each passing moment,
Giving into sweet ecstasy,
As we discover the inevitable pull,
Engendering us to gracefully crash into the other;
In that moment feeling entranced,
By the strikingly allure within a pair of eyes,
The longing emanating within,
The small chamber so full,
A ticking bomb of ardor,
Inevitably destined to explode,
In flames of fervor.
Falling farther and farther,
Not sure how long it's been,
Wind caresses me in an almost violent manner,
The terror is not the fall,
But when it inevitably ends,
And this life is sure to stop.

These black shadows have darkened,
The yellows, The pinks, and violet hues,
that intertwined in their intricate dance,
Forming such a luminous aura,
Brightening an expansive range,
Warming the souls who inhabit,
The glimmering space,
Now a bleak and desolate void.  

The sounds of the world seem to falter,
All the faces I know now blurred,
Tears stain my cheeks,
The brackish droplets trickle over my lips,
Yet the taste is in my mouth is bitter,
and my existence so cold.
In a beautiful land,

Where there is meant to be verdant plains,

Anointed with blossoming bird cherries and daisies,

Remarkably fertile and lush,

Tainted with venom stains,

Leaving her soil sterile and depleted.

Beyond the plethora of satin valleys,

Below the large mound,

Lies a lithe serpent,

Supinely resting above two boulders,

Plaguing what should be a tenderly elegant land.

Legends speak of a panacea,

In the form of a magical elixir,

Created by a majestic fairy,

Powerful enough to make the rocky terrain,

Morph into a gentle and fecund prairie.

Prayers to the Goddesses are chanted,

Yet no answers are given,

No growth has been noticed,

From the hundreds of seeds that have been planted.

The inhabitants of the land,

Grow jaded,

As the beauty of the area has faded,

So the potion of a witch is implemented,

As the words are muttered of ancient spells,

To save the land where the serpent dwells.

The rough and jagged edges begin,

To transform into softness and beautiful curves,

And it seems the land has been stripped of its sin,

Yet the Spell could not vanquish the serpent,

The acrid taste of venom lingers,

Disgracing the sacred valley.

The land's beauty returns,

Exuding an alluring aroma,

Enticing the humans to once again reside,

Within her realm,

As eye-opening conviction blazingly burns,

But no potion is artful enough,

To purge the prairie of the serpent's presence,

Nor its pride!
Buzzing of furious sounds reverberate within an ear,

These are whispers one often hears,

Many of which one may never tell,

The little secrets we often bare,

Making our existence a living hell.

Despair enters my heart,

Looking at my form as I am plagued,

By what is between my legs,

A constant reminder,

That I am not complete,

Yearning to be whole,

When I feel obsolete.

Jaded of looking in the mirror,

Only to see dark shadows along my jaw,

The taunting follicles of hair,

Above my lip,

Engendering my soul to feel,

As though it might rip.

The rumors,

Oh how they spread,

Of how I possess both genitals,

Oh the misconceptions I often dread,

Or perhaps another wishes to speak,

About truths that should leave my lips,

Yet many lack the ability.

To silence their tongues,

Insisting to make their own curious quips.
Does the Dark not behold the beauty?

For the light is you,

And you take my breath,

Just as the whisper in hour,

As the birds begin to chirp,

Realizing you shall soon rise,

And ever-glowing in the most glorious of positions,

Provoking the heart to beat a thousand beats,

As your eyes shimmer in heat!

How the world does without,

Such splendor to captivate the senses,

I shall never know,

For the night steals your glory,

And beseeches me to take slumber,

Yet hours without the sight of you,

Agony strikes my side like a million thorns.

I lie among the roses,

Yet the aroma does not please me,

As the tender caress of subtle lips,

Or the wicked hand that leaves,

My form weak with need,

That can only be quenched by

Intoxicating essence you exude.

Once such a pleasure is diminished,

My wanton soul prays for its return,

To encounter such ardent flames,

Upon such a valley of lithe silk,

That is the vessel of my form,

Imploring me to surrender to the warmth,

Gratifying dark temptations,

As I am pierced by your arrow of Eros.

Pray I may conceal the Sins plaguing the mind,

For the angels repel such wickedness of tongue;

Am I to be of such strength?

To eschew such amorous lyrics,

Leaving me bereft of all senses,

For my teachings are being put to trail,

And fear I am to fall to error.

May I remain chaste?

When you mere presence conjures,

Yearning to stir within my most innermost chambers,

And ache to succumb to the strike of your magnificent blade,

To be slayed with desire budding with ferocity,

So immense Venus herself would be envious.

Yet my love for you grows fonder,

With no choice but to submit my heart,

Soul, and mind to you,

Surrendering myself to my dashing seraph,

Who envelops me with wings of irrevocable love,

Ensuring me to never allow our bond to be shattered,

For you make up one half of two entwined souls,

One that shall never be whole without the other!
Born with a curse,

I am,

For the body and soul,

Did not correlate,

And this reality is no choice,

Simply Fate,

A girl with extra,

Since that September date.

I am woman,

Not a dude or boy,

Nor am I an object,

To utilize in your fantasy,

Not a **** fetish,

Or a man’s toy!

Do not attempt,

To strip me of my femininity,

Because I do not conform,

You are the creator,

So who are you to claim,

All women come in one form.

Finding beauty in me is no shame,

Yet such actions are to blame,

For lives taken,

Nightmares to awaken,

Tears shed,

Dignity torn to shreds,

As women like me are beaten,

And left for dead.

Glance upon my face,

Tell me there is no feminine grace,

Deny there is no womanly charm,

Call me a man,

So the Heavens may reveal you,

To be the disgrace,

You’re pretty for a T-girl,

Excuse me,

Do you believe we have one look,

Are we supposed to behave,

Like a fish on a hook?!

Transgender women are women,

So why the hell can I not be pretty?

You’re ignorance shows,

As you foolishly ignore,

Beauty crashing in oscillating waves,

Upon the shore.

As I strut,

My hips do sway,

My voice is soft,

No, I’m not gay;

Does that matter anyway?

The goddesses bestow me,

With a valley of skin,

Lush lips,

High cheek bones,

And this big vibrant eyes;

Do not discard what I say as lies!

Yes, I appear as a girl,

Often giving my hair a twirl,

Yet that does not give you,

The right to over-sexualize me,

Believing because of my assignment,

My appetite consists of a salacious hunger,

Like that of a Man;
Once you are finished,

Ever so kindly you toss me,

Into a trash can!

I am woman,

Hear me roar,

Fierce as a lioness,

Cunning as a Tiger,

Sweet as a Kitten,

Nothing like you have encountered before.


There is no need to be shady,

So open your eyes,

And treat me like a lady!
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