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Might I be a bit too cold-hearted right now,
maybe a bit confused, lost and wandering...
I mean, decadence is definitely not easy,
face after face changes, nothing is still.

Who am I? Who are you?
I don't know and I don't care,
maybe I do, but it's inaudible...

Drifting, falling, drowning, fading,
waning, losing, slipping, laughing...?

I don't make sense,
I mean, I tried, but it all falls apart...

The chaos in my veins,
Rings loud in my ears,
Sinks numb into my brain,
Wrenches my heart with fear.

Too silent, too loud...
There's nothing that I can visualize.
Me? Who I am?
You? Who are you?
Place? To call home? My own??

Who's the one that laughs so near?

2016 was last when  I posted, but not the last when I wrote.
2019 has been a ****** start. Maybe that's why I am back.
Why did I ever leave?
Vivek Dec 2018
Looking back now all I see..
Many good times and great memories!
Wish i could relive them! Wanna be there again!
Feel those laughs and feel those pain!
Feel those falls and those climb!
Wish I could go back in time!
To the moment When I was free!
As I look at this freakin’ big Sea!
I don't remember my grade!
Wish all these memories never fade!
These are the memories that'll go with me!
As I travel this life's chaotic sea!

Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Outlaws in Love

You, a chaotic beauty,
Shootin' smiles from distance.
A dangerous puzzle -
Lost, with in your own existence.

Me, a haywire mess,
Trying to make sense of things.
Willing to be by your side;
In summers, winters, falls and springs.

We, a crazy hybird of chaos and peril.
Ready, to have a crazy ride.
Ready, to be the outlaws in love,
Like Bonnie and Clyde.
To Bonnie parker, A poetess and an outlaw and to clyde barrow, a lover and a bandit.
mils Oct 2018
there is a knock on the door
in the dead of night
it's opportunity
trying to **** you again
With stories of folklore
A chaotic unity
Are you a knight?
Or will you complain?
Take a leap,
Or are you too cheap?
alecia Sep 2018
shaped by the madness of adults
and a lingering scent of chocolate and cigarettes,
built from the violent night tears
(they were almost silent
but i could always hear her.)
i tasted honeysuckles,
sweet nectar rests in our backyard.
i became the leaves
the leaves became Me.

shaped by quiet and dusty corners,
brought to surface with a “dad” and a mother.
assembled from heavy addictions and soft rain.
i am Me
from empty meadows with
            brave horses, Sunset and Snickers
where i hid from fierce tones
            high atop decaying trees

shaped by end bedrooms,
empty coca-cola cans and a cluttered kitchen.
held together by the seams
of my mother’s work clothes.
my dad’s eyes still burned.

a photobox rests in mother’s closet,
scattered polaroids.
a fluid reminder of the bad,
but also the good.
i am shaped by memories,
i am shaped by lies.
i won a scholarship to a community college in mississippi from this poem. very proud of it and myself.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018

The Dame stands before me,
droplets of sorrow falling
from her eyes

A sad, vulnerable beauty...

But little did I know that she
was a delicate calamity

whose body is made from
screams of the howling

A false crown made from
a long dead sun

Eyes as cool and cold
and cunning as a viper

And a heart long since

Thank goodness I've cut out such people from my life....
Lyn x
Tanay Sengupta Aug 2018
Everything is falling apart,
It is too late to see.
No one is left to trust.

Crumbling into ashes and dust,
Lost in a meaningless sea.
Everything is falling apart.

Turn away if you must,
But it is too late flee.
No one is left to trust.

Fight for a fresh start,
If you are too blind to see.
Everything is falling apart.

Escapism is an art,
The world is too chaotic to me.
No one is left to trust.

Moisty eyes and a broken heart,
All I wish is to be free.
Everything is falling apart.
No one is left to trust.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
Just a thought that I wanted to convey via words. Hope you like it. Happy reading!
Fxrz Ramirez Aug 2018
Livin in that enthroned slum I'm dancin like a mischief creep
Steady mobbin arriving sometime-ish, I roll deep
I got a hot skull, I cause an eruption, everybody tweeked their nobs
With vices of virtue, I dont wanna hurt you shifty switch we mob
In chaotic bliss, what did I get myself into this time?
All of this grand design, the full experience
Go get some wisdom, it makes no sense. I wouldnt get myself out of this one
Except from a song a recorded with my band Hyperslugz
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