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A tavern built on misdeeds and insurrection,
House of rascals, whisky and imperfection
A hideaway for rebels and racketeers,
Where drinks are served to outlaws and mutineers,
Where the pianist plays for pirates and privateers,
Where the wicked and the wayward can be served,
And are respected however undeserved.

It’s a rag-tag bunch of outlaws and anarchists,
A cavalcade of rough revolutionists,
So come on in my dear insurrectionist,
Welcome to our lawless little band,
Welcome to the Tavern of the ******.

Come and join our banished battalion,
Join our cause, oh revered rapscallion,
So calling out to nature’s abominations,
We’ve got bourbon, bombshells and indignation,
Come and wait for imminent and sure damnation,
No matter what your deviance may be,
Come and join the drunken reverie.

It’s a monument to lost souls and deviants,
A shrine to every small disobedience,
A riotous, cathartic experience,
Where radicals are safe from reprimand,
Welcome to the Tavern of the ******.

Welcome back, my worshipped renegade,
To the place where freedom’s sweet as lemonade,
Where skanks and outlaws, sing so intoxicated,
The anthem of the unkempt and agitated,
The mantra of the evil and of the hated,
Laughing as they sing their merry tune,
Unified by their impending doom.

It’s a testament to chaos and anarchy,
A haven for the worst of humanity,
A house of lawlessness and profanity,
Welcome to our lawless little band,
Welcome to the Tavern of the ******.
my hand please
I can't let it be taken
Black around white
a single speck
static in my ears
can't take it. not my hand
static in my ear and lots of it
I see spoken words in writing
people turn away when hurt
I'm stuck staring
not my hand.
no noise to block out my thoughts
repeat each step without hesitation
listen, follow, no thinking allowed
I break it as soon as it's said
Frannie Jun 17
My mind is chaotic, I can't silence the sound.
Too late to back out, there is no turning around.
What's left what's right what's up what's down?
Too late to go back, there is no backing down!
Chaos everywhere, thoughts are racing.
My feet have their own mind, I can't stop them from pacing.
I want to run and hide but my feet are planted down,
Too late to go back there is no turning around.
Just hear me out, one thought at a time
Too crowded, too cluttered, too many thoughts for one mind.
My mind is chaotic, I can't silence the sound.
Too late to back out, there is no turning around!
Jace Joseph Jun 9
Is the world any brighter
    than what I can see.

    Everything is so dim
I'm unable to see any glee.

  Stuck sitting here wondering
how the world is suppose to be.

Silently crying my eyes dry
   as I'm lost to the fray.

Because the world is quite chaotic
     thinking what can I even say.
    Wish I could see some color
but all I see is this world of gray.
Lyner May 31
My thoughts could run a marathon
Faster than Usain Bolt
But they can't focus
All over the place
From here                                                                  
                                                                   To there
Up high

And down low
but they never stay GROUNDED
My words f l o a t away from me
Like balloons set loose by a child

"You don't care," they say
I care too much
I care to the point of pain
Am I enough yet?
I would cut myself open
Rip out my heart
How much of me is too much?
Mrs Anybody May 10
so many
are flying
in my mind

i am not able
to make sense
of them
also check out my other poems!  :)
Gray Dawson Mar 3
Help. I am unfolding.
Becoming the vast ******* bin that is my mind.
U n f o l d i n g.

Chased by thoughts, memories, and obsessions that need to be gone.

G O N E. G O N E. G O N E. My logical side has left with my ability to cope.
They were cheating on my poor little brain with
Depression, OCD, Anxiety, Diet Bipolar, and the rest.

M  y     m  i  n  d     i  s     a     m  e  s  s

Every thought the same. Every idea, a mess.

I    a  m    a    w  r  e  c  k

**** me. The waves of icky thoughts stick to me like wet sand.
I have become a tragedy.   U N F O L D I N G

Spinning in thoughts, dancing with death.
I've started to roll the 6 sided die, to determine my fate.
I'm waltzing with death itself. Don't get jealous. But we've kissed once or twice.
Hundreds of notes, notes that go to the fiery flames, when I don't use them.
Boy the book I could've written, with my U N F O L D I N G notes.
Tears flow like the river Nile enraged
Mournful embraces, as the joining feeling of a future lost unites a weakened family
A mother inconsolable treads through meaningful memories as the smile of her lost child still freshly lingers
A fathers rage distorted, hopelessly punches walls as the embrace of a perfect daughter still embraces his skins thought
A Family horrifically shaken, as even the stars sheds their mournful tears
Why? A question tread milling through broken down spirits and scarred souls
A eternally loved daughter’s memory, drowning in uncontrollable tears
Tear stained prayer reaching out with a healing hand, as reluctant sorrow pursues a numbing soul
Mournful embrace, the only solace in a wicked life’s tragedy
A promising future, with love in abundance lost in a sorrowful abyss
A life unnecessary lost,
not only the loss of one fragile soul
The world is unforgiving
Sometimes tragedy strikes
Its's difficult, but find the strength to keep on living.
Don't surrender, live for you
Let happiness Marry you and your future.
Marri Nov 2019
You are atrocious;
You are belligerent.
You cocky thing.
You disgust me.

You are revolting;
You are untrustworthy.
You are not deserving of my time.
You are worthless.

Don't you dare come back to me.
I won't let you in.
Don't you dare try for me.
I can't let you in.

You are idiotic,
And the least exotic.

You are flour in the kitchen.
You are dandelions blowing in the wind.
You are useless.

You're the puppet now, and
I hold the strings.

You're the bell,
And I'm the freedom that shall ring.

You are nothing if I say you're nothing.
You're something until I give you something.

I created you.
I designed you.
I gave you life.

Don't you dare make me take it away.
Because, boy, I will.
Somewhatdamaged Nov 2019
No proof needed, said God.
Just have faith, said God.
God is never late, always on time.
Said everybody!

But I'm here waiting,
for a very long time.
Waiting for the beginning
the beginning of the end
from all this madness!

All the hustle and rustle
I find it chaotic.

Said God created,
all of this.
Well what a wonderful thing to do,
bet he finds amusing in all our misery.

This is some God's work,
and nobody can run from it!

God are you enjoying this?
Watching us eat each other!
This diabolic situation you put us in,
Where the **** are you! I wonder.
I'm not a religious person but this poem is for all the blind religious people!
Please be offended!! ;)
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