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دema flutter May 2014
We were on a road trip , on our way to meet the cousins of my father for the first time. I couldnt help but be curious about how they looked like. What they were like.  Year by year I'd discover more family members that I never knew about.

"Mom, they lived in Basrah?"

"Yes , they had."

"Huh..Basrah" I said sarcastically.

"Are they good people?" I asked.

"Yes they are, why wouldnt they be?" She said with a confused look in her eyes.

"When was the last time you saw them?" I asked, not ignoring her question quite much.

"Years ago." I was still confused because she did not number the years.

"How come I didnt meet them when i went to basrah with dad 2 years ago ?" I asked.

"Last time I had seen them myself was before we came to this country." She said.

"8 years." As I realized.

"I dont think so mom. People of iraq changed. A lot. From my latest visit." And perhaps the last visit it would be, I thought.

"Trust me on this dear." "Their father is as elegant and as royal as the head of ministry. He used to manage the biggest hotel in Iraq before he had retired." She said.

Suddenly the old images of iraq flashed in my head, and along came the current image of iraq, The comparison in my head between how great iraq used to be, how rich and beautiful the land Basrah was and how it is all gone. No admiration left, it's all an intricate matter.

The stories I hear about Iraq and the wars and the people of iraq, are close to infinity if you saw the destruction that occurred. The beautiful past, is all we have.

Sometimes, I feel like home doesnt even exist.
"Iraq". Those four letters , it's like thy dont mean anything to me anymore.
A home is a place that holds you, that keeps you warm. When did iraq ever hold me? Other than holding me backwards not forward. Other than leaving the poor cold and the rich hungry too. Where did all the blessings go? Where are the beautiful green lands? The River Tigris and Euphrates ? Helicobacter ?

It's hard to IMAGINE a country with such power, such good , such greatness , such grandeur,  magnificence, fall. But it's even harder, to WATCH it fall , and having nothing in your hands to do about it.

Such blessings, that got destroyed , on the hands of those who envied it once. The enemies destroyed the only thing that I had to believe was home.

"You know mom.. Sometimes I hate Iraq."
"Because it ruined our lives."

Silence filled the car for a couple of moments before anyone spoke. It was true, Iraq did  destroy us along. Iraq ruined our lives and everywhere we went our identiy was exposed but not lived by others. We once had a wealthy country, now the country is dying and the people are shattered. Mother knew it was true, even more than me, because i was just a child who couldnt remember and didnt live half the events mom had to go through. She witnessed it all.

"No one can hate their country dear, it is still your country."

It was true too, wherever I shall go, I will make my country proud, and not just a maybe, one day,Iraq will rise again, and I will have enough faith in my country that it will.
My country is not destroyed, my country lives peacefully in my heart. The people may ruin it, but it will always be as great as it used to be in my eyes.
Written today and posted today, from real life. P.s. I love my country no matter what.
kdpgrahi Dec 2010
The Far Away Resort

I want a place where sidewalk ends
The roads are straight and no bends
The Grass grows tender soft and white
The Sun burns gentle crimson bright
The moon-bird rests from its dreary flight
the peppermint wind blows
cool and slight.
It is a pasture wide and green
I am looking and looking for it
And yet to be seen

Let me be free and go past
from where the black smoke
rules the roost
Dreams are shatterd and
Hopes go bust
the streets are full of pits
the Potholes are allowed to grow
let me walk a walk however
measured and slow
Paul Pane Grimm Jun 2012
What a surprise...
Still sat here, with shatterd lines...

If only...
When I awoke...
The world could just explode...
Leave me to feel free, for once in my life...

No incandesent feeling, remose or smile...
As you all tell me how hard your lifes are, I squwerm with anguish.
I cry out "******* let me get on with it."

I will not be still...
I will not take shelter...
Because lifes to short, helterscelter...
Friends are needed...
Laughs requierd...

For heavens sake just retire...
So the young can improve, grow and aspire..

You who hold us down, saying "Your hopless go smoke some thing."

Is that what you desire...
Because when your old torn and tattard,
It will be me feeding you,
washing you down.
For this is the eighth time you have soild yourself today...
No more. No more...

For tomorrow is another day,
for you to point the finger and say

Your useless and ******,
go back to robbing homes
And leave these jobs to the bracket Grown'ups close bracket...
Paige Mar 2014
Its hot in here, unusually hot. Hot, like someone who has a fever of over 100 degrees celcius. Warmer then a marsh mellow roasting over the torrid heat on a humid summer night. As sizzling as the steam coming off  the children who cant seem to call to mind anything on the test.
The hushed voices of  every student pleading for help.
The uncooperative teachers blind and deaf to the children's needs
the shatterd and crumbled kids
that would do anything to pass the class
the one soft-hearted smile of a sweet short tempered girl
that is loveliness on the outside but is demolished on the inside

That is what we call Highschool.
All are welcomed but few are accepted
swarming , rushing, pushing, shoving, climbing jumping,
anything you name it, but there will be few slumbering

The rules to pass are simple; or so they seem
you either make it or break it
but nothing in between

be kind, be strong, be agressive, but laid back
dont be smart, but dont be dumb, and always have fun
walk fast head down dont smile at anyone
wave your hand say hello and then you will be done.

**You May Come In
josh wilbanks Mar 2017
As if i wasn't good enough at baseball
I threw one through your window
Last month i hit mine
Nothing killed me more than
Planning to smash through yours
And with these holes in our houses
All i want is to go camping with you
Tell you how much i want to rent a condo
And you can help me pay for it
We'd only need one bed
How i long to dream together

Yet i threw away
I shatterd us
First my heart
Then yours
Because we don't work together
Love and life don't always match
Our highs were space ships
Our lows were mermaids
Our hearts were perfect matches
Our minds were mortal enemies

You kept me captivated
You kept me intrigued
You were my intellectual opposite
You were my curiosity


We couldn't understand each other
We couldn't co-operate
When i said left you looked right
When you said up i looked down

Heart over mind
Mind over matter

To my greastest challenge,
My best accomplishment,
My favorite memories,
And my hero.

You made me,
You broke me,
You loved me,
And you healed me.

I miss you.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Heart over mind
Mind over matter
You broke me
You made me break my own rules
I had no other choice
She was my fiance, too.
Death-throws Jun 2015
Please don't
Broken bits don't get to go home,
Shatterd skulls no longer yaw
Skin cut and flayed does not fall.
Mearly drips,
The essence of my life flows.
I am in less control of this.
Then a river controls its bends
andy fardell Jun 2011
The open window

The open window showed no life inside yet a shadow fell
stooped over a desk the lonely man wallowed in the paperwork ..
that bestowed him for many years yet why have this honour
an honour of chains that gave many links to the time served
he looked as he always did into the outside world from once he did live
a life so far away ..a family lost in the grind of the day that was his dream
now faded away

The open window showed a life that never lived ..a chance once missed
a dream one wish.. yet paperwork came with money.. yet no fame..
eyes looked out yet no light shone ..all gleam gone a future done
the man shook his head as he remembered good time remembered the best
stooped over his desk as ink dried pushing his pen
a picture nearby that nearly brought a smile as he reached to touch
a ring that shatterd the silence in him another call another meeting
The open window closed as the cold wind washed inside .they say
fortune favours the brave
Nike Kaffezakis Sep 2010
Once there was a day
A simple, plain day
With a middle,
Beginning, and end
With a tea time
A lunch time
A dinner time too
The sky was cloudless blue
And there was a bubbly breeze
As only fits a simple day
As this day was

And enjoying this day was a boy
A normal, average boy
With a large smile
Ruffled hair, and ***** face
With two good hands
A strong jaw
Ten toes as well
The boy played happily
His imagination wandered free
As only fits an average boy
As this boy was

On this day, there was a rock
A dull, boring rock
With no real shape,
Color, or value
With a hard surface
A strong mass
And good aerodynamics
A rock that flew throught the air
And shatterd glass
As only fits a thrown rock
As this rock was

This day, there was a plague
A horrendous, devastating plague
With a death toll
Of six billion
With no cure
No treatment
No vaccine
Stored safely in a vile
Until it was let free
As only fits a bioweapon
As this plague was.
the lost soul Mar 2015
Who thought one day we would meet like this,
Who thought one day we would fall in love,
Who thought one day that you'd become an inseparable part of me,
Who thought one day with you night would seem endless,
Who thought one day a rose would mean so much,
Who thought one day you'd leave
Who thought one day the hands that once carassed my skin would slap me,
Who thought one day Ill be shattered,
Who thought one day no one would gather shattered me,
Who thought one day Ill be left with nothing else but to be strong,
Who thought one day all scores would be settled,
Who thought one day Ill leave you shatterd just memories of me to gather?
Just Me Jul 2016
It's times like this that I believe there's no such thing as love.
How can an emotion so wonderful be destined to be accompanied by emotions most tragic?
At one moment your heart is so full and sure...
Then at any other it's beauty is stolen, and your left lonely with only pain and tears.
What a cruel way to live...
With faith that your love is genuine.
You feel as powerful as this love is, that it can't be broken.
But the very person that makes such a miraculous feeling possible is your enemy.
Now something so fragile has become hardened and cold.
Revenge sits in your heart with those tears and rather then drown in them, it basks and laughs.
Maybe only I am cursed.
That would be fine, for something so special shouldn't be stolen from everyone.
Surely other's deserve this amazing comfort, undisturbed.
And not even my damaged heart would wish this trick on anyone.
But karma is my friend, even though revenge fights to be freed.
If only I could be as ugly person as he...
The public would be amazed at the treachery I'd blaze.
And the devil would smile with pride.
If only I were a little weaker...
I'd thank Satan for his very existence.
And I'd make myself home in hell as this so called lover is shattered as I have been shatterd.
If only I were weaker...
I'd be the perfect storm.
I'd shadow my every thought with evil and release such a rage.
It would be glorious and such a film it would make...
All of the viewers could watch him watch and run from his faith.
And they would shed tears, because they would feel his heart break, like my heart once broke...
Still I'd be such a monster with tremendous ways of destroying a heart...
No person could look away...
My pain would be art.
If only I were weaker...
If only it was true...
If only I never fell in love with you.
If only I were weaker...
The things I'd do, if only I could be lower then you...
If only love didn't exist, or at least if I knew nothing of it.
Even the slightest thing is called betrayal
Jindomess Nov 2013
The house is a mess
Ripped rug
Flipped over chairs and tables
Shatterd glass from the now broken window
My kitchen floor soaked
Lying here in a pool of my own blood
Unable to move
Looking up at the man that had done this to me
Actually I don't even know if he is a man
Looking up at the thing that had done this to me
Black singed hair
Bright white skin
A smile that was carved across his face
And his cold dead eyes
Those eyes never blinking
He got closer to me
"Go to sleep"
Those are the last words I hear before he jabs his knife into me
The last words I hear before I die
Akash mazumdar Sep 2014
I know i am devil bad,
but now am very sad,
sitting on the bench thinking my own sins,
and a hollownes in me it brings,
warm droplets of salt realising
what i've done and what i am doing,
still sitting ideal but unconcious mind is running,
the clots of shouting waves in my head.
I just want to cut my hand,
let's bleed it way for me it's not made,
smile for clicks are all fake,
am drunked and dont want to do any thing,
want to leave everyone dont mind please,
am tierd of doing efforts to being alone,
because i cant stood up my own,
it's hurts to be fallen,
all i know that i am broken,
dark lines under my eyes,
all dreams are shatterd now which always flied,
in my mind,
all i have but  still it seems to be empty,
all around there is love and am still thirsty,
habit of lossing made me a liar,
i wish but i know i can't fill my desire,
i dont want to broke other's hope's,
because i know how much it hurts when it brokes,
i dont want to fall in depression's trap,
just only i cant feel how i am sad.
The Ghost Oct 2017
The trust is broken,
Shatterd like glass,
And gone in the wind never to be whole agian,
It flys in the wind out of my reach,
I try to grab it put it back together,
But it's all in vain,
And all I do is to feel the pain of what ones was whole,
But ones the trust is gone broken it can't be put back together again,
Please give feedback i wanna get better
A-McIntyre Oct 2017
How many
Must I have shatterd

           How many
           times did I
           Cross under
            the ladder

Why did
the black
cat choose me
to intersect

            I can't believe
            I put the
            Noose around
            my neck

I shouted please,
Begged and cried

            times I lived,
            times I died;

Because I was
the mirror,
The shattering

            I became the
            Made of steel
            and brass

I befriended the cat,
And sealed my fate

            And as for
            the rope,
            I always
            it could
            hold the
The nights where my head is full and breathing is hard to do.
Just Me Jul 2016
I have no one to talk to.
I have no one who knows.
I don't feel sorry for myself, but I need strength.
I fear the future,  because of the past.
And I embrace the future, because I know it brings this moment to the past.
What a disgusting person I must be, because broken never looked good on anyone and pathetic is how it reads on me.
So stupid to have not realized I was in a game.
I was caught off guard and its not about losing...
Just the fact that I didn't want to play.
It's amazing the things I didn't see.
It's ridiculous, what I thought I saw.
Now there's a path before me.
I need only to prepare for the trip.
With a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes I need to accept that this is good bye.
Friendship is forever in some ways, but lies taint it and sometimes there's nothing to save.
All this time, I've been alone.
I don't understand what makes it so hard to make it final.
Me being me and you being you is what I thought made us, us...
But I guess to much of anything is way to much.
And our special friendship was fun when I thought it was real.
I feel hate in my heart, but the sadness consumes it.
And my heart stings.
It's the only way that I know this is real.
I dare not be bitter.
I dare not be conquered.
But nauseous and shatterd is what I can't deny.
So I'll talk to myself not knowing if it will do any good.
Myself is all I have at the end so I might as well get used to it.
I wonder what kind of friend I'll make myself...
Will I be honest like the real me or will I try to convince myself that this is nothing?
I can already see that I'm the greatest friend a person can have, always honest, always there...
But this great friend thing...
I don't think it applies to me.
Not enjoying life right now.
tufa alvi May 2014
why are the locks of your hair shatterd
why are your eyes lost
this moment of grief will pass away
a new cimpanion will walk away.......
Eddyn May 2018
dancing on my tippy toes,
staying silent
never smiling
crystal tears
broken hearts

dancing on my tippy toes
i can not speak, my voice is lost
i can not smile, its wiped away
i always cry, why do i always cry?
this love broke my heart

dancing on my tippy toes
because the shatterd glass all spead out
on the cold, tiled floor

dancing on my tippy toes
who knows?

getting pricked, poked and impaled by the glass,
downing whats in my flask
its just my way to mask
whats left of my broken heart
alima Mar 2018
you can't have it all
but you want it,
you see it with someonelse and wish it was you inplace of her
and never letting it go from your arms holding it tight.

you get shatterd and cry behind walls
but you try to run from it and not face the truth
cause you think you will shatter into small pecies which will hurt you deep inside.

so you move on
try not giving a **** but inside you were
slowly killing yourself.

- alima
rainy days and heartbreak is all thats left for me
with a broken heart thats full of misery
you walked through the door said that we were through
you just walked away broke my heart in two

nothing is the same as it used to be
since i dont have you now i dont have me
only memories of the days gone by
and a broken heart that only wants to cry.

now all i have is heartbreak since i dont have you
shatterd dreams and memories a heart thats broke in two
all the love we shared you took all that away
all i have is dark skies in a world thats grey.

nothing is the same as it used to be
since i dont have you now i dont have me
only memories of the days gone by
and a broken heart that only wants to cry.

rainy days and heartbreak is all thats left for me
with a broken heart thats full of misery
memories i have of how it used to be
since i dont have you now i dont have me
I have a story to tell
It lies beneath a teacup.
pouring endless nightmares
leaving a trail of misery
a pain of shatterd memories
The stain on the Windows
Echoed every thought.
She lay in her bed
exhausted with tears
She had almost given up the fight.
When the sun shone from the skies
and carried her away to a river of life.
Beda Flores Oct 2017
I'm shatterd
I'm broken
I can't be fixed
I know that
Pieces of me are everywhere
Im like a glass
So sensitive that if you let it go it will
Break and soon you will regret letting go
me who you shatterd into broken pieces with your hands
karin naude Jun 2017
When the time comes
Will you be there my love
To hold my hand
And speak words of encouragement
To watch over me
Afraid something will happen
To pray for my recovery
The thought of life without me
Rock bottom life crippling fear
Will my dear one be present

Or will i be at the mercy of strangers
Family i have not
Close friends, yes
But they always return to there own lives
I am merely a pit stop

Left with only memories
Broken dreams
Shatterd wishes
Will only they visit when the time comes
Troy Dec 2017
I was broken and i stumbled  and i fell, all was taken in in a whisper, a moment in time never forgotten.
Only a story to tell...
Like a Phoenix born of the flames I rise above it to be released.
My life is new again in time the pain will end and memory's will cease.
life is strange that way. What more can I say .
take it all I will not fall.
my past you can have..
.I'm picking up the pieces from a broken mold..
tossing them in the flames to be reborn..
I choose a life I make for my self
And leave the shatterd pieces of my past to melt.
I am reborn stronger than before ..
amazed at my new world.
Eyes wide open, and the future knocking at my door....
I was broken once but not any more ..I choose me..
as I walk through life's  door.
My past is not my future.
.. I will not walk alone...
the world is new and beautiful without you in it .....

remember me ..

I shall not stumble I will not fall.
I spread my wings and soar above it all ..
in the end I choose not to be filled with hate .
I have stumbled and I have fell.
In the end love prevails...
runningIntheDark Apr 2020
***** hands
Broken teeth
Shatterd eyes
Shocking glare

Broken pavement
Bloodied soul

These cards are not your own.
You use me,
Then abuse me,
I loved you,
But now i wanna leave,
You know it is a pet peeve,

Why use me?
What have I done to you?
None of that matters now,
You wanna know how?

I'm re-broken,
You shatterd who I am,
But all you care about is yourself,

Don't mind me I don't need your charity,
You will just use an abuse me
Wandering poet Apr 2018
I open my eyes,
But see as if they were closed,
I felt that I was alone,
Some days my eyes decide to open and allow me to see,
Other days they are kept closed,
I cannot see what you do,
I am not calm or colected,
I am a stained glass painting that has shatterd into millions of pices,
I see that glass,
No one else does,
Because i'm alone trying to glue it back to together,
I see...
Me, In those stained glass walls,
throughout the empty halls,
Maybe one day you'll see me too,
Just as I see you...
I see me in that broken glass,
I see...
something i'm supposed to be,
I see me.
Yancey Dec 2018
Sensing a sixth

so I went back to the place where it happened

where I had believed.

I'd started over.

A new beginning starting with the end.

I want to laugh

but I need to cry.


I couldn't tell you how I'm still here. How I'm still alive.

I lost everything I never had.


wanting something

I cant explain why

I wanted nothing so bad

Chasing death

but he ran from me.

Good things come to those who wait. In my experience bad things do to.

It seems different now.

I can feel it.

Aurora of everything that surrounds me has been colored over.

Even the leaves the wind blows are ending up in the wrong place.

They don't belong there

Just like i feel I don't belong here

it isn't right

and in a way it isn't't wrong

Falling asleep

I'm walking in a memory.

Sitting in the company of my loneliness.

Wondering if my words are still there.

I know I wrote but most of that night is a blur.

I do remember the paragraphs left on the back bedroom walls.

The holes in the ceiling from the chair

after it shatterd the mirror on the vanity.

The crack in the bathtub from stomping every piece of electronics that had value.

Turning on the water ruining everything.

They were never around.

They didn't deserve anything.

Standing here in a coma-like trance.

Painted paragraphs on the walls
Bic pen around the window above the sink in the kitchen.

One is the reasons the other apologies.

Walked out the door that night That morning woke up next to a gas station out in the middle of nowhere

Now I stand here reading the suicide notes that bled through.

These messages I left for myself

I didn't expect to come back

This scythe tickling my neck tells me I'm right

Probably the worst day of my life

The closest I've ever came to death besides tonight.

Staring at these walls

warm light sets on my shoulders

A black haze creeps at my feet

I can see the shadows on either side waiting for a decision.

it's a game to them who gets me

Still I don't turn around

continue to stare at these walls

looking between the beginning and what could be the end

what did I miss.

Had i at all.

Knowing they see my thoughts

I ask them nothing

eacth pulled me in a different direction making my choices justifiable.

I was never good enough to be good

never bad enough for the bad

feel like I've died a thousand times

I've given enough

so much I ended up slipping through the cracks.

left in that small space

.life is easy

you two made it difficult

I don't want to see your faces

Do not want to remember them

you do not deserve to see mine.

my decision is this empty space

this little place in purgatory

this is my home

— The End —