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Troy May 5
I saw an angel yesterday
Beautiful and broken
Her wings had been clipped,
Unable to soar .
Troy Aug 2018
As I gazed upon you standing on the deck ..the evening sun, setting casting your  Shadow till it steals your gaze from me. As the sun sets, now all  I see is your beautiful  Silhouette,walking towards me..
Troy Jul 2018
Your lips so soft.
Your touch so soft.
Your eyes gazing softly.
Some things are intangible.
Troy Jul 2018
I see this beautiful mask that you wear.
and I see your fear of letting someone in...
I see such strength in you..
The tenderness in your eyes.
The kindness in your soft kiss...
I see the deeper beauty in you ....

I see every curve on your beautiful face.
I see where your teardrops filled with love and pain fall from your cheeks ....

the Gentle curves that guide some tears to your lips...
I see where every Tear helped make you this beautiful person you are..

I see you when you smile...

I see the kindness and love behind your smile ...
I feel the kindness and love in your gentle soft touch so soft..

I see through your beautiful blue eyes
I see through the mask you use to hide behind...
And I see the woman in front of me ..

I see what others have failed to see..

My eyes are wide open and

I see clearly the beauty in front of me...
Troy Feb 2018
what is a kiss
What is this thing that brings to lips together
It stirs emotions deep in the soul.

I kiss you because I love
  I kiss you because Of my loathing for you
I kiss you because I care for you
I kiss you because you are gone
I kiss you because you are here
I kiss you because you are kind
I kiss you because I can
I kiss you because you draw me near.

what is this thing this kiss I cannot hold in my hand
something I cannot put to pen.

What is in a kiss
It can cost you your very soul and last only a moment in time.

Others will cost you nothing yet
last you a lifetime
I'm told.

Some will bring you happiness yet
some torture you throughout an Eternity.

Some will be forgotten never to be again
And yet some like the first can never be free from

What is this power that lies beneath A kiss so gentle and soft yet bearing on every press

What is A kiss that binds contracts Of love

And some leave you wanting

But yet it tears the heart from a lover as death takes the other With only One last kiss to give.

And What of a mother and her child who has scraped their knee
with a kiss upon the wound the pain is set free.

What is this power this thing a kiss

If Alone in this world without it
I tell you truthfully
it is the only thing you will miss
The gentleness
This thing
Troy Feb 2018
Some things I can't unsee

A  Moment of times

The love I lost
The  Beauty in
My dreams

This thing
The beast that builds
In me

The guilt of your loss,
A Loss made by my

Some things I can't unsee

Time and time again
I wish it was me

You come to me in my dreams
As  Beautiful as I've ever seen
I'm Haunted
by what can never be

I beg you set me free

My love
That night
I beg you

This moment in time haunts
my dreams

Some things I can't unsee

My love
It should have been
Troy Feb 2018
All i feel is time passing.
Just Moments ..
Blurred images..
Of my life..
Where did it go.  
Im Lost in a sea
Of  Turquois dream,
Waiting drowning
In its Color
Hopeless against it's
I'm constantly being
Pulled against the tide
Swimming to stay alive,,
My mind is not my own.
Like most
My heart ripped and torn.
In my
Moments of  Clarity
I See the beautifully  Cruel
Sculpted hand of God
In everything.
As I drift alone in my turquoise dream
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