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Jonas Jul 1
Did you know?
Octopuses change colour when they sleep
Are you dreaming little guy?
And they punch other fish from time to time
Dolphins and elephants give each other names and orcas have regional accents
Crows never forget a face
Cats see us as  other ver big, very clumsy cats
Otters have a favourite rock and hold hands
And baby giraffes rely on the impact of the ground to draw their first breath?
And fcking platypuses dude?
That time and space has to be totaly different for an animal with a strong sense of smell such as dogs because when you're out of sight you're still very near to them?

Did yo know?
Vegetables don't exist in botany
That the maps they taught us in school are a lie
Distorted in scale from the truth, making the US and Europe look bigger?
That almost all 21 century communication technology has origins in the scientific attempt to communiticate with the lost dead in a grief struck world after the first world war?
That history is just a story full of cover ups and holes?
That Australians veterans lost their war with an emu overpopulation in 1932?

We now have 7139 languages alive in the world
The one with the most words is Korean,
The one with the fewest is Toki Pora which communicates in concepts
That we different from 23 emotions in humans and asthetic appretiation is one of them?
Just because they're there doesn't mean we feel them
No wonder communication is so hard

A world where grown man long for tears like children jump in Puddles of rain fallen long ago (in their minds)
We're so ignorant to it all
And forget to quickly
Sometime whilst growing up we stop to wait and wonder
Make way, coming through, full speed ahead!
Think abot your future!
It's so horrible and beautiful at the same time
You're just another waling curiosity
What is consciousness and what has it done for you?
I another second you'll be gone
So worry less and move along
Jonas Jul 1
Money doesn't mean much
I think
Against a lifetime lived
Between grief and happiness
Love and despair

I wished

Money doesn't mean much
Where heads rest at shoulders
In a world of morning dew and sundowns over the ocean
Where clouds lay down over the mountain ridge
Like white water turned golden

I hoped
Surely it couldn't

And when it all comes tumbling down
All gears stop turning for a day or two
I'll hold on to a thought
I once had
That money doesn't mean much
In the end
Jonas Jul 1
Geh weiter
Such dir einen Anderen
Wen besseren
Einen der dich lieben kann
Mit Zukunft und so

Ich bin nichts für dich
Kann nicht da sein
Nicht wirklich
Viel zu taub
Schon zu lange leer

Hoffnungslos ists mit mir, hier
Der Stecker ist gezogen, der Stöpsel raus
Laufe nur noch weiter bis  mir das Licht ausgeht
Nur noch wandelnde Hülle
Warmes Fleisch, ja
Aber kein Nährboden
Zumindest solange ich noch atme

Romantisch geht hier gar nichts mehr
Alles tote Hose
Jonas Jul 1
I've lost my footing
My feet ran away from me
Trying to get away as fast as possible
Abandonm ship
These waters are unfamiliar

I'm losing my head
Slowly coming undone
The everyday now is a fever dream
The good old times are gone
Yet each days remains the same
The same, same same all over again
I'm going insane
Can only pretend everything is fine for so long

Everything is changed and nothing changes
It's in the details
You could see it, feel it if you'd look
A change of mood
But people don't change
Fast enough
Who cares about history, the past
In present times?

It's happening again
Again and again and again
Right here too, but espacially over there
This isn't real, I'm not ...
What is? This
May just be the best way to live

Ignore, look away, zone out
Sedate yourself
Drown in all the noise
White screens in the dark, double tap
Swipe right, don't fight
back Shut yourself
away, become real quiet
And small
and Give up your voice

So you can stand the injustice
Double standarts all over
It's not fair
HA, what else is new?
You knew, you've known it since you were a child
All grown up now, a cynic, didn't you?
What damage a little bit of hope can do
To you

Living in a world of predesign
The system is working against you
Just a bunch of made up rules
Making us miserable
We stand divided together
Children will always fight at the school yard

Modern day cancer
Limitless growth in a finite system
Value money over peoples needs
What could possibly go wrong?
When you only matter as much as your numbers add up
Working for them, the few
Whoever they are
The big bad behind the picture
Behind curtains or office windows
Step out on stage, into the spotlight
Let me draw you
A pretty picture

The world is ******
And so are you
****** before you got here, not even a thought yet
****** while you're here
And ****** long after you're gone
Maybe, hopefully, finally
At peace
Jonas Jun 24
The fire in leaf and grass
Blazing green, it seems
Each summer might just be the last

The wind blows cold
makes leafes shiver
Each day goes by, a little quicker
Came to pass

A red salamander lies still
Frozen in the sun
Do you too dream?
Of a better life, a warmer place to rest and recharge?

Right now, at my mercy
I open my palm, let him go
Leave him free to find his fate

I can smell the fall in the breeze
May the next minute be my last
Jonas Jun 20
Freedom is a loaded gun under your bed
Plan B,C,D... Z
A way out

Maybe the scariest thing you can do is to become a parent
Jonas Jun 3
“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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