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Jonas May 14
My past, the younger me
is watching, staring

While I reminis, judge and look back

staring back at me
Jonas May 14
I wanted to be healthy
to be happy, to be loved,

to stay kind whatever the struggle

None of that worked out
Jonas May 14
Whatever you'll say
whatever you'll do

I'll never be good enough
in my own head

Whatever happens,
that's not gonna change
Jonas May 14
Offer me a hand
or reach me the gun

either way help,
do something .
Jonas Apr 29
Do you ever watch yourself becoming someone
you don't wanna be,
don't wanna end up as,

But you can't help it, can't stop it
just try to hold on
because of other peoples actions?

I am the monster you created
Jonas Apr 27
Love to me, is like going to a concert

mouthing the words to a song that I don't know the lyrics to
with a voice that I don't have.
Tears in my eyes
surronded by strangers
who all feel the same,

but they're not the same.
Jonas Apr 17
If I used my camera as I use my eyes

you'd never run out of
you, you
and you again.
dunno, never been in love
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