Styles Sep 2016

Feeling your hands
on my skin
is when living my life
started to begin
so it was a struggle
but you let me in
i wanted to breathe your air
and you became my wind

There are several ways to earn that loonie,
Or even that toonie,
Just got to look for the right opportunity,
And it is never easy,
But that is the harsh reality.

I know that sounds heavy,
But keep listening to me.

I have a drive that pulsates within me,
And it wants to set a vibe around me,
You see,
I want to make the life,
So I can spend it with a wife,
And buy her the right ring,
And pay my parents back their earnings,
So keep watching me,
Because I am going to make sure,
That barrier will shatter,
Into forgotten matter.

caitlyn renee Jun 2014

i drank wine from
a glass bottle when you
left me hanging onto
the last syllable of
every shattered
word you said. the shards
slice my gentle skin
and allow me the
peace of

bleeding to death.

Kai Aug 2014

the loneliness in my heart screams so loud
it shatters me inside and out


The other day
I stood outside
thinking to myself

All the pain came flooding back
from past times all alike
pain I shared with others
and pain all of my own
pain that brought knives rope
and pain that brought some hope

Then my sorrow came flooding out
in tiny shiny drops
with a name we've  given
that is so simple,
harmless teardrops

Yet as they fell towards my palm
they turned to hardened ice
falling down to my open hand
behold my frozen pain

I reached up my trembling hand
to catch the falling silver
only to see both pain and hope
shatter in my palm

Adelaide Dec 2014

im a window
people can look right through me
and see beauty
or moonlight

but if you hit me too hard
i will crack
if you keep hurting me
ill shatter
and then i might hurt you

so please
be careful with me
i will crack very easily
and shatter
and be useless

i havent been feeling very positive lately

the poem is a metaphor for people with anxiety or bpd. you have to be careful with us, or we will shatter like glass.
Lady Bird Apr 2015

hummingbirds that flutter in my chest
can't see the broken pieces of my heart
each and every piece  did shatter
with the hummingbird's chit-chatter
my poor heart it just fell apart

Stephen Purcell Nov 2013

Dancing in the wind, quite literally.
In the beginning, you danced in the rain,
Your fire doused by the weight of the world.
You spluttered and your glow was crushed.
The expectations of society held you down.
Your movements were feeble and your light was dying.

It began with a touch of innocence, that harmless naiveté that age withers away.
Such a fragile essence of youth is pounded by the harsh reality that is life. Broken.
This acidic reality consumes all; Innocence, hope and simple idealism.
Maturity is a merciless awakening to a ruthless existence.

She drowned you in standards of beauty and perfection.
Did you not realise we are all beautiful?

The moment stops, stands in turmoil
and caustic, sarcastic scepticism.
It builds, climbs and crashes around you.
You fall, die and are swept away.
Only a spark remains.

‘A will to shatter stars.’
Your mind snaps, is reformed and strengthened.
Apparently, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

The darkness of your father’s death;
and the morbid beauty contained within that blood-stained image is glorious.
It drives you to new heights and drags you to more depraved depths.

Passion unblocked, and lo, it lies on lofty heights.
Luminous, boundless, binding.
Your smouldering coal bursts into flame anew.
A curious desire for life is born;
Its candle flickers alongside a raging inferno.

A rebirth ensues.
Complete eclipse of restriction cycles from new moon to full.
The lunar light darkens shade by shade, shadows lengthen and the sky descends.

Lightning arcs though strong clouds.
Pulsing energy razes the heavens in its purest form.
This is the ultimate representation of your freed mind.
This chaotic rolling mass of fury, built up over years of restrained frustration.

Inexorably intertwined, our threads on fates tapestry weave over and over.
A ghost of echoing sentiment remains, one that must be guided, lest it is forever lost.

Gently nurturing a recovering mind is a tedious process.
Great perseverance and patience are required to preserve both its sanity and your own.
‘Tis a far reaching and noble goal, yet one of the most arduous of all to pursue.

This explosion of your psyche and subsequent downfall leaves a dangerous dilemma.
A block, if you will. A redeeming light remains from your rapid release of consciousness.
The key, is in finding that light.
Unlocking this matrix of memory produces a spectacular result.
This web of twisting thoughts spins in the air.
Dancing in the wind, quite literally.

Amber Bowen Sep 2014

There are only a few things I want more
Than slamming you against the floor
Wanting to hear your skull break
Pain far beyond what you can take
Don’t cross this fine line
Or I just might shatter your spine
When your bones begin to snap
Know you’ve fallen into my trap
I have this lust for your blood
And hearing your body land with a thud
Maybe this time you’ll learn
Once your world begins to burn
If I were you, I wouldn’t dare
Because I don’t fight fair
Pushing until you’re broken
Your suffering is a lovely token
Of course, until you’re dead
With everything stained red
I gave you the chance
To walk away without a glance

It’s too late now.

And then it's over.

If I could shatter
into a million pieces
I would spread myself across the world
So that there could be a part of me
Settled in every place
Maybe then I’d find a home
For each little broken bit
Because if I don't belong
In one place
Then maybe I can find
Safety in many  
Maybe then I’d finally feel whole
For if no place has all of me,
Then nothing can break me

But that's not exactly true
Because there is still the Earth

And perhaps the wind will sweep
A fragment of me up
And drop me in the ocean
Maybe the ocean will take it
And work me down to nothing
Maybe somewhere else
A fire will burn me up
Or maybe the rain will come
To wash me away
Maybe a storm will pound me down

Maybe I will turn to dust...

Dust that covers this earth
Dust that will spread
across the Universe

Rose Nov 2016

and just like that, you float away
a single feather adrift on the wind

the shell upon a crab's back

the petal of the flower
farthest from my grasp, swaying
in a breeze untouched by my
broken hands

a shell amongst thousands

something other than
the person who left me empty

with no explanations

just silence

and then there is the sound
of my heart, shattered in two

one for me

and one for you

© Rose 2016
Courtney Nov 2012

Tear drop
Fall down
Stare at
The ground

Broken mirror

Shattered reflection
In your eyes
Such disappointment
Isn’t wise

Forgotten dream
Lost in the light
Another day
Another fight

They watch so rapt
With empty eyes
Shards of bright hope
So many lies

Are you so blind?
Can you not see?

Be on your way
You don’t know me

©2012 Courtney Perry; originally published Spring 2011 with This is a new revision.
Lady Bird Apr 2015

screams, lies, denial, and deceit
love lay shattered at my feet
broken grief, bitter anger, and despair
hope it just vanishes into thin air

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