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Jindomess May 2016
Smashing the bottle on my head
Gives mother even more dread
How could she marry such evil man
Especially with a name like Dan
"Stop, Stop," She screams at the top of her lungs
But after she said it she bit her tongue
As he throws her into the front door
Wanting to **** that, "*****"

Though I've never tasted another's blood before
I think tonight will have an encore
As I beat my dad to death
Running to the kitchen goes dear old Beth

With a knife in my hand
And my feet in the sand
I rip open his insides
To replace my frown, besides
Spilling all over the floor
The guts fill the room
Squeezing through the door.
I hate that I don't know how to make stuff look better. Please give me suggestions. Idk how to fix this ****.
Jindomess Apr 2016
What does it take to smile and say
Everything is okay?
I've learned it's easier
To hide and fade into darkness
And be reminded that "this is hopeless"
Than to fight

There is more fear hidden within us
Then there is within us wanting to fight
All that we have inside us will still
Push our happiness into a frown

I have fought to get to where I am
Yet every time I get myself out,
I am pushed back again
I fight and push to get up out of the darkness
Just to go back to where I began
Jindomess Oct 2015
Sticking me with needles again and again
Taking even more blood, need a pen?
To write down that you can't find the sickness
Well here's another symptom, Stress
I'll just leave I guess

No answers
No gain
No tests
No pain

Except the pain is so unbearable
Only another parable
Of doctors not knowing the cure
How many more weeks do I have to indure?
Of this sickness that won't go away
Maybe it will just have to stay

Oh great I'm feeling more pain
Maybe I should go to the doctors again....
I'm getting cut from a disease
How many more times until I appease?
Just get rid of the pain... Please!?
Jindomess Jul 2015
Welcome to my humble abode
My story is often retold
People come all around to hear of my scarring
But only the brave and Daring
Would go out of their way to find me,
But only in death will you truly know
What you can't see
And here is the gift I will bestow,
You have always been alone
Only in death will you really atone

Yet through all the efforts
You still try to prevail
Searching for friends and loves
In death you will find the doves
You are always going to fail
Don't even try to give me retorts

Even when you do find friends
They Will always be there
But, even then
Who really knows when they really care?

Although, some are better
You can rely on your bettor
There will be people who love you
And even care for you too
Jindomess Jul 2015
You hear it
Outside your room,
Almost like a whisper.
You lean closer
Knowing no one else is home.

All night
Things have been
Out of place:
Moved, scattered, tampered
You keep looking
Over your shoulder.
Is someone there?
You ask yourself.
But only darkness
Awaits your gaze
Until now...

A figure, almost golden
Yet, you know you are alone
Only the stranger outside your room.
Again, you lean closer,
The breathing now a faint whisper:
The voice says
As you turn on your flashlight.
Shia surprise
He lunges towards you.
Slamming the door,
You are now safe
From Shia Labeouf
I wrote this after being inspired by KreŇ°imir Kocijan's comment on Markiplier's "THEY'RE RIGHT BEHIND YOU... | Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - Part 2" video.
P.S. Thanks to Kagami for proof reading it
Jindomess Jun 2015
One by one they fall
The ones I thought
Were my friends
There they go,
Distancing themselves
From me,
Until they are completely gone
From sight
But not from mind

Every night I remember
The fallen faces
Once friends
Now death eaters
Devouring my
Malleable flesh

"You will never lose me"
The newest one to the
Fallen faces said just the night before
She lied, and stole my friend

One less from my already
Tiny group
Of people who "care" for me

I never know what I do
To deserve this from anyone
Maybe its my tone
My anger
The demons that let themselves loose
On the page

Or maybe it's the things that count
The things they know and see of me
The kindness I give to them
The love I give for all I care for
Or the horrible, despicable, evil
Things inside themselves,
That I protect them from

My malleable flesh
That they currode away
The flesh that
They know is weak
And know they can walk all over
Because of my overwhelming kindness

I don't know
Why I keep believing
When people say they won't leave
When they always do

My mother
Gives me my kindness
My father
Gives me the rage I throw
On pages and pages
But never show

My mother
The reason why I'm so malleable
My father
The reason why I have the dreams
Of killing, of yelling

My depression

My mind now
Reworking all that has just happened
In it self
It organizes my thoughts
Replaying the events
Showing what to do next time

Re-Awakening itself
To now know
Not to trust those who
Show no effort
Who pretend to know
Who eventually, will be the others
In my dreams,
Of killing
In my writing,
Where all of my demons let loose.

I want to love all
Even thought I know
Not all will love me
i ******* quit... I probably have a lot of mistakes... And I would love thoughtful criticism.... I hate spelling
Jindomess Jun 2015
A sea of flames surrounds you
As it get engulfs you
By colors of
Red, blue, and yellow
First like a flame from a lighter
It grows
Eating at the flesh
What was once pale
Now glows a bright red
Or decaying black
Ashes fly
Now so loose from the heat
It peels of in chunks
Showing the meat and bone beneath

A faint whisper
Off in the distance
You hear as you draw your last breath
Of the boiling air around you

ha... Haha...
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