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You call me a girl,
You call me a young woman,
You use she/her pronouns,
Hearing that, makes a little more of my soul die.

Oh you ask why?
It might because I'm a f*ing guy,
I may look like a girl but I'm not,
So quit being such a thot.

I am a male no matter what that paper says,
I came out to you and you throw me down,
You said I could trust you but you lied,
But I'm supposed to confide,

I come out as Trans and Pan,
But you refuse to call me a man,
I try to explain,
But all I can hear is you complain.

I'm getting the hair cut and the dye,
Maybe then you will see a guy,
Just in case I'm getting a binder,
Just so you can see the reminder.

I'm no longer your little girl,
Nor am I your daughter,
I am your Transgender son,
I am your little boy.
I came out as Trans to my father and it didn't go well
I wanna disappear,
I fear I'm not wanted here,
I feel the need to run and hide,
Those are the rules I abide,

My fears now set in stone,
I ended up alone,
I should have stayed hidden,
But I just had to play in the rain.

But hey who says thats a bad thing,
I'm now part of the single club!
Look at me now bub
You were right.
Who is this person I see in the mirror?
I can't identify their familiar face,
But I don't have her name,
She seems to stare into my soul.
She won't see much, it's really dark
I wish I could find out who she was,
But she is behind the mask.

Everyone seems to like her,
She is the loved one, the one everyone wants to be
Unlike me,
Who is this girl behind the mask?
I don't recognize her,
But yet she stares back to see my soul.

My dad seems to like her,
My boyfriend madly in love, head over heals
My family loves how she is,
But yet the don't see me.

She doesn't have scars, the big tummy
She is taller and so very cute,
Her smile is like the break of dawn in early spring,
But I no longer exist.

What do they like about her so much?
Oh yeah..
She is pretty, like a freshly bloomed water lily
She is cute an rather silly,
She is thin,
That makes all the boys grin!!

I don't exist,
Why does she stare back at me?
Why does she seem to mock me so?
Does anyone seem to know??

I guess not....
The girl in the mirror seems to have my face,
No wonder I'm a disgrace.....
They like her, not me
Austin wants to marry her!!
But bury me.

She is the girl everyone wants to see,
But all they get is me......
I feel like I don't know my own reflection anymore. When I look all I see is a stranger
I don't recognize the people I see,
Everyone looks like a stranger to me,
I can't hear what they say, I can't read their lips
What do I do?

Normally I'd hide behind a mask, but at least you saw all of my face
I want to see your smiling faces,
To see the lil dimples in your cheeks, all your crooked an jagged teeth
But all I see is a mask,
Used to a mask was invisible, but now it is made of fabric

I don't like this, I feel like I can't breathe
Masks ****, used to a mask signified sickness
It told others to stay away,
But now it says yeah come talk to me,
Why do we have to wear a mask?
What does it protect you from?

Oh thats right it's suppose to protect you from this virus,
But what if you have asthma? What are we to do?
We can't stay home all day, everyday
But we also can't breathe with the masks on,
Wearing with the masks don't do good, they mainly do bad

I used to know the people I saw in the halls, on the street
But now everyone looks like a stranger to me.
The virus has restricted all of us from a normal an healthy life, it completely *****.
  Jul 2020 Ethan Asher Adams
another day
I swallow my tears
all I want to do is scream

set me free
what must I do
to erase all my mistakes
I don't want to remember all my regrets

what must I do
I want to start over
every time I lie
I can feel the truth behind me
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