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I can't decide,don't know what to do,
I look around but I find no clue.
Is it some other quest of life too?
I can't decide,I can't even move...
Longing for answers to all of the questions related to life and future...
Aisha Nov 2018
Like a ferris wheel,
It all moved real fast.
With an effort that only time could tell
Making every eye that falls on it, last
But in the end stayed stangnant
In a place where the end was always another start  

Inspite of the mindless pace and run
Inspite of the beads of sweat that fell
It lay in a motion of stillness
With no fruition of the struggle it dealt  

But inspite of all this trouble and toil
There rose an unstoppable spirit
Fueled from the quenched desire of shine
Did it keep the raging fire inside lit
Everyone experiences it,
In various shapes and forms,
School. grades. friends. Life,
Lots of frustration,
Hard work and dedication,
But still failed,

Endless studying,
Overworking oneself,
Thoughts of achieving success,
Like trying to find a needle in a haystack,

The dream of getting the test,
With the BIG A on it,
Feeling the ease of the heavy stress,
Uplift off the shoulders,

Knowing that they did it,
They made the dream they were striving for,
Having the joy of saying,
I have succeed.

But the dream fades away,
The feeling of coming out of a coma,
To see yourself in class,
Doing nothing, but daydreaming,

You realized upon that,
To be doomed to the fate,
Of failing once again.
jerelii Jul 2018
Life is a lesson
full of adventures to ride
it is a product of achievement and joy,
suffer and pain
but there are a lot of test
that you will take
some challenges
to test your patience
and perseverance
hardwork that you should try
but after all, you’ll still
get through all of these zigzag lines
to the path that you will never know
what consesus would it bring into you.
Whether you labor it in
each continental parts
of living the success in life.
your choice is your destiny,
your will is what makes you.
& so you create what you become
and you become what you think
simple, but people always
choose the easy route
rather than the hard route
that will only makes them
overwhelmed and uncomfortable.
though uncomfortable things
will only let you G-R-O-W
once you give it a G-O-
To C-H-A-N-G-E
is a M-U-S-T
and so is to be a better self.
because to be a better person
means to suffer
to be a better person
means to change
and to be a better person
means to be kind and to be grateful for.

quotational marks that you carried in you
all along the way,
it will guide you
to reach your dreams and goals
in life.

this is the presentation
to make an impact to the world.
July 28,2018
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
You are a sailor if life is a vast ocean..
Here sail-n-surf,very thrilling notion..

Heart does trade with silly emotion
Desires ditch reality,if you lack devotion

Trusting too early is not so very wise..
People turn strangers in their uprise...

Be an artist not the tyrant of ur life
Anger at its apogee, cut like a knife

In dejection time,even silence is noise
Enduring other's hatred is a better choice

Speech is razor-sharp,can easily slice
Before making a decision,think twice

Eyes turn coy when the truth is caught
Just keep it simple n filter ur thought

Like weather, experiences are cool n hot
Hardwork is perennial but luck is not

Deeds are examined,so keep the token
Progress is still when hopes are broken

Pain is felt when own soul is shaken
Just believe in God when all is taken

Pearls come out during ebb at the shore..
Money gives gold but manners shine more

Success is urgency,patience is the cure
Nothing stays forever,expiry is for sure

Life has its fragrance,life has its taste
Laughter is healthy, worry is waste

Love is water, dilutes colour n caste
Polish your soul,skin goes ashes at last
Fathur Abinaya Dec 2018
Don't give up for what you want.
Maybe it seems impossible at the first, but at the end you will get a precious gift, just keep trying.
A doctor's sorry for birth complication
A sea of CP cases in physiotherapy centre
Siblings, twins, triplets
All with defects

Advice of

unheard names of unknown place...
Children I never thought existed
Parents I couldn't believe laughed
Joy in the eyes of kids with severe disability
Waiting for acceptance but yet unknown..
Blanked eyes of a mother
Whose 4 yr old child can die any day
Income reduced expenditure doubled


multiplied many folds...

Coz they are the chosen one
God believed in them

And so God sent to them
The special gifts in
to make them
Sparkle In Wisdom
Sep 2018
Shreya Dristi Jan 27
I am awake

alive. aware. tired... but, so awake
ready. content? drained... but, ready.
ready for what's next.


soak while enveloped in His cloak of soundness, of serenity inconspicuously emerging from the crossfire

come to an understanding

a consensus with Yourself


stay here... in this fractured moment of freedom, of belonging, of peace

A breakthrough.

Gasp for Air before descending back into perplexity.


know the Answer

Believe in the Answer to all those unanswered, unanswerable questions

Love the Answer

Thank the Answer


आप पूरी तरह से ठीक हैं
आप ठीक हो जाएंगे
आप ठीक होना पड़ेगा


Helloooo, this is something I've written after years of inactivity, life's been really busy guys...

P.S I can understand Hindi but, I have never studied it, forgive me if I have made a mistake... I just love the impact Hindi has. My mom speaks Hindi so I just have an unconditional love for it huhu

Btw the title is 'Zinda hoon yaar' - which means I am alive, my friend

The poem is quite vague but, I think it perfects sums up what I was feeling when I wrote it
MUNCHY Sep 2018
This is what freedom
told me :
You are wise!
Wiser than most
You are magnificent
You are caring & compassionate
You are calm yet aggressive
Only to those
that have used you
Lie to you
Over & over again ; repetitive
But out of all the hurt ,
Pain, & suffrage you endured ,
You still stand strong
& continue to move mountains .

Once was a seed
Now has been sprouting
& multiplying your growth
Into the multiplicity
of your own heart felt words .

You have a gift
You are unique
You see beyond things that you should & should not see .
Though you know who you are
& you know what you want .
It’s easier said than done .

You know
yet still practice it
& it will be done .

You are not lonely anymore
There is no sadness
Love is not an open door
But it can be
Yet choose to be cautious .

You are an angel
You have the sauce
Whether it’s spicy or too hot
You have the flames to burn all the witchcraft & propaganda
Into pieces whether it needs to be cut or died off close by or from afar

Transforming each day
Getting better in every way
It takes work
But hardwork is your middle name .
& there is no sadness
&there is no emptiness
You are no longer a boy
There is no hunger
There is no thirst
Your are no longer the puppet master’s toy

You have daddy issues
You recognized your flaws
You said goodbye
to those couldn’t accept you
& hello
to those that welcomed you
& there they are .

You ; a whole book
The pages get thicker & thicker
No longer hard
to turn the page though .

Maybe  hard to read
Though you still read into people
Even if they or you can’t read in between the lines of what that they may or may not understand completely .

You are love
You are honor
Skin ; chocolate
You are brave
You are famished & full
From the abundance of God’s love
You are everything
your mother wanted you to be .

The peasants that are here
sit & scold
But you are bold
You can’t hear them
 If God can do great things with
Helen Keller ,
Ray Charles,
Stevie Wonder,
then you’ll be alright to
Ignore nor here
Nor see their presence
Their non-existent .
So it doesn’t matter if they walk out right now or still listen !

You are optimistic
You are fine as hell
Little do straight men know
Some girls want a bite of you
But since you’re a
*** and flamboyant
You might as well let them know !

You are beautiful
You are honest
And there is no depression
And there is no depression
And there is no depression
You have God
& there is Forgiveness
& there is forgiveness
& there is forgiveness
You are almighty
powerful & wonderful
**** & plentiful
Blessed & humble
Loved & capable
God is so Good !!!
You will be great
You didn’t know you had this in you
Until you let God into your heart
& start to work inside & heal you
& create more gifts & talents
So you can showcase them on other stages & this stage .
You’ve accepted this stage of life

He is almighty
The way
Of my ways
My truth
My life
The healer of my pain
My ghosts
My days
My lies .
He is mine
He is mine
He is mine  
& can also be yours .

If he can help change a Munchenburg
so he can  help others,
Imagine what God could do for the rest of world.

This was indeed his creation
I’m just using my words he spoke through me as a tool
For new innovations
to come soon
While speaking it into existence .

Ode to the fixing
I feel complete within myself
If I hadn’t stop to help people
I would have never thought to
restore my inner fixing & healing .

Ode to the *****
That used to run deep inside of me
I’ve gotten better with my control of tongue knowing I don’t need to cuss to prove my  point though I just used it as an ode

Ode to me
To me & what I’ve become
I’m undone from the pain
Free from the strain
Negativity poured down the drain
Took a drink of deliverance
Then came acceptance
Swallowed some
Self  appreciation
Then came
Respectable acquaintances

Ode to the fake foolery
I was blinded  by your falsity
Saw the heavy truth
But the weight is off my shoulders
You’re the one that’s
now carrying it boo .

Ode to freedom
Freedom has been key
& since God has been challenging
my mind & what I think of everyday ,
I thank him because now I can say

I am at peace with myself
& now home at last

Mentally in his arms
while being on this earth
until I can see him at last on
Judgment Day .
When he calls my name
& I’m welcomed into his
heavenly place
I’ll be to hug him
& say

“God I love you !
looking  back at my time on Earth
You have made feel even more full
& happy to be your son that was able to finish the race with you in my heart & steering me until it was time to come up here & stare you directly in the face .”

My spirit up above is filled with
Freedom in his Kingdom

While my body on Earth
Disintegrate along with
Forgiven sin that has also decayed.

& there is no sadness
& there is no sadness
& there is no sadness

Cuz I
I may or may not have made a name for myself on Earth
But the lord may know my name
Because when I’m done on this Earth
I know I’ve made an extra space
In his heavenly place
& I am welcomed home .

However on Earth,
I think I found my calling
& that calling will remain
in my words.

~Jordan Munchenburg~
There is poet that inspired me to write

That poet is Tonya Ingram

Check out her poem
“ Here is what Loneliness/Love tells you “

She has been the inspiration for this poem & the reason why we all should find self love
& feeling wanted .

All my poem that I write & share is because I went through all of the doubts pains & suffrage .
I found love
& feeling wanted.
I hope you all can find it as well ❤️.
Sahil Sharma Aug 2018
Time is supreme, erases all with it's flow..
Upgrade yourself, time doesn't get slow..
It's like see-saw, sometimes high sometimes low..
The flowers, the thorns you reap are the seeds you sow..
If experience is bow, then hardwork is it's arrow..
Expand your vision, and your comfort very narrow..
If success comes, don't let your ego grow..
If you lose, don't let your passion bow...
Fear escapes when the lamps of faith glow..
Lust dies when the winds of struggle blow..
Your journey is a noisy brook, learn to row..
Make your own script,life is a messy show..
Kimman Oct 2018
The draught's resilience,
The moon's brilliance,
Those magical springtide nights?
Sneaking past the old man's
******* dog?
And on the counter bringing forth,
My older twin brother's card,
For a shot or two of tequila?
Those eves,
When our naiveté personalities and classicalities,
Drowned in a vast sea
Of dreams and wishful thinking.

And then there was,
That shady autumn break,
That threatened to wreck our happily ever after,
Do you recall?
The hisses and ******
The pieces of glass strewn all over,
And our three little angels beneath the drawer?
As we tossed our rings,
And called our lawyers,
"Prepare for court, for I am ending this contract."

Now comes the golden age
Jon, Jim and Abby have moved away,
And am looking at all that I've manage to save,
Do I really want this breathing space?
To go on journeys,
And spend my money,
Just 'cause I deserve it?
A good ol' pat on the back for my hardwork,
Yet I have nobody to pack my thundies?
Well, ***** it.
Am about to leave this world anyway.

Came my fading heartbeat.
On the white deathbed I lay,
Around me my kindred stood still,
I can barely make out
The large horde
That claims my final say.
Above I see
Bright and hazy,
Floating maidens,
Angels With arms outstretched.
But its not over yet, for in due time you raced in
And held my frail, wrinkled and bony chin
And there came my final say, " I love your touch, my sweet."
Teenage years.
Marriage years.
Retirement years.
Twilight years.
Look to the person on your left
And to the person on your right
And pull out your phone, and look at yourself through the reflection of your screen

Each one of you has been affected by toxic masculinity

If you looked and saw a woman,
You saw a victim, someone
Who's been tied down and told what to do
To stand in the kitchen and do the dishes
While the man stays in the other room with the TV
And has an affair with the sofa

I hear the two of them are happily married now,
In fact, the couch and the man are inseparable

The man becomes the couch, and the couch becomes the man
defiling that once holy entrance to that place you used to be able to call a home

When you were younger, you couldn't have known what the world would tell you you are
But now that you've grown up, you felt the pains and gained the scars
Now you know where the world wants you, and what role you play
On this stage, where the director's decrepit creaking hands come and defile you,
You holy sacred place.

He sits there and pays no attention to the hardwork going on adjacent to him
His thoughts are confined to whatever pretty colors and captivating sounds float across that screen
His eye lids shut only to keep from having a drought because he does not contemplate
He just sits there and waits for you to be done making his dinner for him

And what if he's working in the other room, and you can't see it, is there some sort of redemption for this man?
I cannot say, but he cannot expect to stand to the side of his life, pretending he has no emotions, teaching his sons that this is acceptable behavior,

Stop sinking into oblivion!

And when the woman speaks up and expresses these buried emotions, hurt ones, she is antagonized, like
Isn't this just another ***** with her crazy feelings?
Like shouldn't she be watching so that the chicken doesn't burn on the stove?
Like what happens if I let my guard down and let her in
And acknowledge that she is a human being?

The man says he can't do that
He can't lose his power in the situation
So he tells her those feelings she has are invalid
He makes her feel like the antagonist of the story of this man's life
And the only reason she stays with him is because she's developed Stockholm syndrome
And she doesn't want to be alone
And because if she's heterosexual, this version of a human being is the only one that's so readily available to her,
The kind that treats her like garbage, disposable, unable to have her damnable emotions redeemed

But a critique of something doesn't merit doubling down on that ideology you grew up with,
It merits its changing

Men in the room, hear me now

You are victims too!

You are told to keep it in, keep the tears back
To stand up straight, to provide, to not show any weakness,
But you are most strong when you acknowledge those weaknesses openly
And possibly discover that some of them aren't even weaknesses
They're just a part of being human

And this trend is so hard to break, so hard to crack through stone that was laid 22,000 years ago
But here we are
The buck can stop with us

We can stop antagonizing
We can start acknowledging
We can stop treating people as subhuman when they express emotion
We can start skipping in the streets and holding each other's hands

Because there's nothing masculine
About treating other humans like ****

We can eventually reclaim that word, but first it has to be exposed for all the harm it's done

Look to your right
Now look to your left
And look at your phone again

Each of one you can be a part of the solution
Not a part of the propagation of bad myths
This is the script to another talk poem that I wrote but never published.
Gods1son Mar 8
Master the art of
Flipping your L's (losses) into lessons
Because more often than not,
They are disguised blessings

If they sort of set you back
It's for you to bounce back
Like a catapult or slingshot (or Big Sean)
But never lose sight of your mission

The flying beautiful butterfly
Once crawled as a caterpillar
Think about the trees,
They never give up during the wintry days
They only shed their leaves
(For humans, drop the extra baggages)
But trees bounce back during spring

Sometimes, you just gotta
Take a deep breadth
And exhale peace
Ensure to keep breathing
And you'll sure get back on your feet
Calm the nerves,
Take a deep sleep
But don't sleep in the deep

You didn't fail
You only found ways that would not work
Credit to the man that invented the lightbulb
Take the blows but get back up
Very soon, the hardwork will pay off
Put in more work
And relent not

Naysayers will always talk
Don't be discouraged to put in work
Your success will soon prove them wrong
There is light at the end of the tunnel
As there is light within your spirit
Flick it on
And you'll be on a winning spree
Big Sean is a rapper, he made a song titled "Bounce back"
soul Aug 2018
Loosing is not an option
its a choice
sucess is not permanent
it is a roller coaster ride
goes up and down
slide left and right
at the peak or at the bottom
sometimes high or sometime it clatters
someone cries at the end ,
someone got it a lot better
aftermath,they got wobbly legs
can't stand straight
or enjoys it before it ends.

thrill excites but never resides
fun is  transitory but still entertaining
hardwork is persistant and challenging
Tears become companion in the journey
happy or sad eyes let them flow

choose as per your desire
because there is no turning back
never saw turns that left behind
chasing the speed
to overcome the distance readily
we all do need some motivation to keep chasing our dreams
Linda Tay Oct 2018
In the  golden times of his age,  no one ever sought a way more beautiful,
Because no one taught them that their path,
Was different.
Days,months ,years were all full of unexpected happenings.
Besides we were all born the same way.

He woke up , dashed through life just like his elders.
Laid in the midst of a beautiful middle sun,
He watched his skin dry, with no earning for his hardwork
Besides life is for living

Just a walk home, he rushed his memory through,
A series of his lineage and realised it was a whole
Miserable pattern of dreams shuttered.
Running for a ward or two , he paced to his next neighbour

Just to see if , thoughts could match into a hope.
He lost it all, because neither did they understand his feeling.
He changed direction, and sought for rescue in this unknown land.

Just like heavy pours through a stream, he has never looked
Back, because his dream was his own.
Running at a faster rate, he wishes all the sunrises  would remain to replace the dead ones ,that left him poor.
Today, he is on a strange path,  which only him can relate to,

Because dreams don't have shadows, you either walk with them or remain together with no one leading.
Priya Dec 2018
If life is a tree, i see it has roots, branches and leaves.
The root being the ambition you have in life.
Motivation that you have is the water that is spread on it.
The trunk is made in par with your practice and motivation.
The branches are the different experience you have in your life.
The leaves being the desire you get.
The flowers are the result of your hardwork
Fruits being the answer to your quest of life.
What did you ask for ? Happy marriage? Well settled job? Friendly environment?
Family togetherness? Having brilliant children?
Living in the place you desire?
What you reap is what you sow.
Finally what matters, are you happy with your tree of life?
vel Jan 1
there are but 2 reasons to be an educator;

one is to teach them about your successes,

to tell them how much you have conquered through perseverance and hardwork

about how you climbed the tallest of mountains and explored the deepest of waters

the other is to teach them about your failures,

about how you were beat down and how you lost everything

about how you were pushed into the dirt

that sometimes gritting your teeth and putting your all amounts to nothing

but you stand tall, in a room full of unlimited potential

helping along thirty unique personalities in the span of a year

how they can learn from your victories and the times you were forced to concede

so that one day, they may strive to be greater men
Pacing back and forth
All in empty space
Going in endless rounds
Can be my nightmares
Can be your daydreams
Can be sad beautiful fears
All the dreams, all big things
All the thoughtful prayers,
Wishing countless blessings
The little voice I owned,
I wish you would hear.
Crowds would scream your name,
Trust me, millions love you.
The crowds are your sea,
Sparkling in glee...

And I know, I know...
You might not return.
Hardwork equals to victory
That keeps me happy, too...
Right? I should be, I thought...

Difficult are the days
As I get space
Tighter it gets
To suffocate,
You're a ghost
Haunting me everyday,
Thinking I might mess up
But I'll tell you,
"Don't worry, it's okay.
I'll be just okay."
Fearlessness, I will show.
I fooled the world,
Worse of all, I fooled myself...
Of masks and shiny smiles

Perfect masks never match broken hearts
Cause I just miss you and I wish you know.
Repeating to myself,
" I know you'll come home.
I know you'll wait for me."
Hardly could wait for your return,
As this pain will vanish into air
As I get to meet your eyes once again.
Darling, it's 11:11pm...
And all I wish for everyday is you.
Before the sun sets,
I'll find myself right beside you.
My closest friend, this is for you.
I love you so much and I just really miss you...

— The End —