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Jan 2013
A spark lit up a thousand skies
And the world stopped in its tracks to watch by

It sprang up and leaped to freedom
A king was born and with it a kingdom

Some hopes were born and some dreams came true
And some pureness crafted to fill the ethereal soul that brew

An idolization of an impeccable being
Was moulded with the best of abilities one could see

A utopia was created for her to dwell
And for her victory came out of its shell

Life greeted her with high spirits and charm
And discovering insight, in a vista she ran

But little did she know that the bitter truth would come to light
The dark times would lurk around and everything fade away from her sight

She was thrown around
And her soul fragmented when a stranger was crowned

Some blood was smeared and life hated upon
When defeat was tasted and a loss great inflicted upon

Some comrades dearest to her left
But innocent was she to realize that in her heart they did rest

She was trampled upon
And with abomination with life was created a deep, strong bond

And with a vengeance she came back
To make life repent for the defeat she had

But soon she realized it was not life's fault
But it was the hardwork that had proved short in her vault

She worked hard and victory she did see
She matured into the impeccable being one had seen

In determination and perseverance she now believes
And now finally the waters of her mind lay at peace

That girl is now so lively
Isn't it you who i am referring to Vahini?
Written by
Archit Srivastava
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