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There are barbs that separate the shades of light
Windows to a world of ebullient dreams and utopian skies
Which sieve the crimson hue and squalid stench
These borders that separate the significant from the condemned.

The walls along this great divide shall crumble one day
Yet, the vestiges of this pain, etched shall remain
And though for those tormented, no healer, no cure
There shall always be raindrops that rust both sides of the chain.
They say I'm a fool, a cynic am I
Who wishes to stay low while they fly to the skies
Skies, where women are cut and ***** they tell
Alas! This hell, my home, their heaven hell.
Those twinklings that evade even time in its chase
Laden with tears drops and memories, they shine bright
And somewhere in those stars lie your dreams too, asleep
Fear not O my child, for darkness shall wither away to light.
These golden lights that dance upon
Cast from the amber montage of the autumn leaves
Through their colors they vivify us below
And with a graceful fall, sweet death they greet

And as they lie on their deathbeds
The vibrant bed they form for thee
This tragic beauty worthy of a tale divine
Their fate, our feet it meets.
Under the minstrelsy of the sprinkled stars
Under the blanket of rain suspended in time
I wish this moment was my eternity and you, my love,
You be my Valentine
Let me kiss you through the sands of time
Those golden grains sprinkled along your lips sublime
For time could never fathom what they withhold
Or my love for thee that I give you to explore
artwork of minced bodies smears the skies
Carved from the ivory blades of my vengeance wrath
As their juices drip into a crimson river below
Filled by the blood rain, from the red clouds cast

The parched lands growl for more
From the heaps of mangled bodies strewn across
And the red streaks glisten like sprays of a brush
This portrait, paradigm of the impeccable chaos.
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