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soul Feb 2021
Hey stranger,
I hope everything is good at your end because after you i got to know the meaning of relationships,
i questioned myself because you said i was not good enough without even saying those words
i was having nightmares of your comeback
but do you know what i said to those haunted nights,
that i am again strong enough to fight you and  your unsaid words
the words made me question the love everyone in my life had for me
i was insecure, insolent, insufferable because i was running behind you
but now i am standing far away from you because i have wasted enough of those precious tear that never you never valued
i am openly blaming you for all the miseries i had because i am accepting the stupidity i did to keep you with me
i was stupid enough to say that you were my best friend but you didn't even know the meaning of friend.
i was the bad guy in every situation even when i was the one who was going to suffer in the end,
not anymore,
now i am the girl who doesn't even give a **** about you and your memories.
i am THE girl who will face the world with courage and hope.
This is the end of everything,
soul Mar 2019
I keep my books open infront of me
Only to see the words flee
Zig-zag dancing with some circles around
Your thought kept me up to see the darkness surrounds
Trying hard to erase your memories from this stupid heart
But the pop-up notification lit up and your thoughts knock again!
soul Mar 2019
Ha ha ha ha ha
Sound echoing in my ears
Voices are so much clear
From the ones who were dear
Your laughter sounds shrilling
Hoping it to not to become a soul killer
Happy hours from ten to ten
Then your so called brother only yelled
Then the Clock strikes eleven
Not able to recall whom i talked to even
So many attempts to call you,
Just to hear machine voice telling the place i fear
Call to messages i tried a lot
Only get my heart to blot
It was really you who talked so sweet
But i guess, i got too late
To see the flags flying in sky
With bold letter imprinted with ‘cheat’
Mind is not letting the moment to flee
Were you the really one put on speaker??
The one speaking the words from ‘his’ mouth.
Or the master mind of the whole scenario
Only the walls know the real culprit
But I am not really crying
Coz I became neutral to the pain all caused
‘Friend’ you considered me as,
Now strangers are more reliable pass
Tossed from one to another
Like I was a rugged doll to play around
Trusted both of you
But without any clue you broke my heart  into few
Hour hand again strikes at ten
This time by my precious gems.
We uttered all the nonsense came into mind
And danced on the silly tunes and the sadness flies.
Those guys are the true treasure of  happiness
Other than them everyone is just *******
Infatutions sometimes teaches you a lesson which is to never let your self respect down. And the true friends are always there everytime you are down
soul Mar 2019
I never loved
i never cared
but for you dear i am changing my ways to take care of my hairs
Loving you had consequences!!
soul Dec 2018
Let me tell you the story of a mirror and the shadow, at night they were discussing about their owner and the mirror said I always shows the truth but my owner doesn't like it! shadow questioned why?? mirror replied HE DOESNOT WANT ME TO SHOW THE DEAD HIM shadow said I always accompany him but he chases me away mirror asked why ?? BECAUSE I AM THE CONSTANT REMINDER OF THE NIGHT WHEN IT FALL IT TOOKS AWAY THE ONLY FELLOW THAT IS 'ME'
Moral of the story- shadow and mirror are always with u with it lies within how u see them
soul Nov 2018
Those who promised to stay forever,
Took the first chance they got to leave!
Think about it!
soul Nov 2018
Get up in the night,
In my mind to find the light
Holding the white candle,
But Darkness was getting hard to fight
Lost in the narrow woods,
No space between the tree to peek outside,
There goes the stars shinning  bright
moon being the cheater snatching all the lime light,
In my heart I feel a tide
Of emotions that wants me to hide,
There lies my injured heart
With a arrow along the middle side,
Something blinds my vision
Like it doesn't want me to see ,
The picture of the site that had fleed
All my sense comes to stand still,
When their happy memories comes to live
With champaign in one,
And the knife in other
That they used to stab me,
Multiple times without a hustle
For moving on you have to let go, then how come I am not able to let it go?
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