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It’s us on high
Our lips toasting
As our eyes wink in with smiles
Check my knees grumbling for position
As feet twist over each other
Don’t call for caption
The union furthest the top beneath
Those waiting for me to fall. Huh it’s a long journey as you stare at me, you may triple over. Just to alert you I have fallen over and again but I still get up, cleanup and head forth. #herdsmanofprogress
She is beautiful with no price
Her beauty is worth a daily commission
If I ever run broke it will be the accident of starring over your beauty
The face has drowned many into tears but her heart has left me a bet man to have best bid

Hash her eyes have said all I thought of
her admirers lining behind me as their commander to glory
This battle of winning a forever lottery to wake up to beauty from the most high
I am ready to go blind to see you as the last rainbow in the skies of my eyes
I have an alarm
Rings in my head buzzing louder than a swarm of  bees
I am so hungry, hungry for success
Has anybody seen a door for I need access
I promise I won’t disappoint, I will destroy poverty with my hands
I really hate him, hate him or her
The hate is with passion for if I finish him the next generation will be happy
It will be glad with tidings.

That monster is heartless, it feeds on the less privileged and swindles their opportunities but I will crash him and rather strangle her.
**** you mr POV you are a lavish spender at the expense of the kind and hard work. So now see my fist, how I am going to twist your neck back and forth and you won’t believe when you see me succeed

I am in the rain in the middle of mud sawing my seeds of succeed
This time, not this time I have a roof for your scorching hurdles to but my seedling efforts
I have a canopy of water to rain the sun of your defeat
Yes I am an investor, investing in good friendship and and lending a helping hand
Investing in a selfless life for the next generation, teaching them not to surround themselves with disruptive friends like time wastage, rumors, conflict and bad decisions

And now that I am an investor
My seeds and germinating through my blood, my children fear not raises for it’s a path to winning poverty
They dance even when they are sad for you are a temporary memory POV
You disguise amongst believers and later disappoint them
I have found a pill to success
I kneel before the maker every little time I get and I throw my hands to every passion
See how unfaithful you have been
It’s almost tens in these past two years
If would denounce your friendship you would still have my days numbered

You chose the days longer than the nights as much as the weekends short as a mini-skirt
The year one when your mother was in labour, it must be the pain she had that makes hours rush through the rain.
Seconds keep running away from you only to meet minutes, as 60 minutes battle it’s already an hour most of which we loose and you never grant it back to us
You’re not ashamed that made many days in a month than the months in year 28-31 against just 12 months
January has always been for the streets carry the hustle for 11 months only to meet December every year
Could you make 365 days of light separate from 365 days of night

As we run to sleep the month ends by the time we wake it’s a new month
And so it shines like it never rains and rains like it will never shine
You’re a complete bully as you steal our beloved years, you mark them from birth and watch them  til death
You walk with them all their lives and never signal them about the end of their days

You must have divorced your partner, for so much pain you bring when you close up peoples dates without a single notification
Do you some times take bribes, to bless more days to the less fortunate and the society torturer’s than the those at heart and kind souls

Oh calendar, rewind my watch to the beautiful memories, erase bad touches of fear and stigma
I have seconds to read but minutes to write and the writ to last longer than my memories in the 10th generation
Rewind, my calendar 1991 has seconds unmemorized, unwritten
Let me paint my future on you calendar for my dreams to become legacies to the future
Note me with pleasure
No one is responsible for the things you’ve failed to do
the “price of failure”
haunts deep but the zeal  to “succeed” is a daily doze hope prescribes us to
Dear Mama & Papa,
I am now a grown up, crying to the hustles of the world
If my childhood-ness lacked I wouldn’t be here for you never let it happen
From the berry of Mama to the laps of papa. I so miss your touch
From the cries of crawling to the laughters of my age the world all over me. I pray for your hand to teach me how to maneuver

For the blessings of who I am are the prayers you have said
For my wins are victory to you and my sins are your grief
You have bore the pain of my actions but still cherished me as your own, I thank you can’t be enough I bless the Lord for you

So now I lay in adulthood thinking how you made it with me that I am almost a burden to my self
But then I smile for you guided and still accompany me in my journeys. I feel so lucky, loved and blessed

now my heart is happier and I am focused to making you proud
A child to shine your legacy and rain blessings to the next generation
Gods glory is going to shine through me and the fruits of your labor shall be harvested to the world
For let thy tears shade over me roll through your cheeks as a fountain of smiles and let Gods blessings grow on your heads in thousands of folds of uncountable Snow White hairs of wisdom as we live to shalom the past and dance to the dawn of our family’s future Glory
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