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The Challenge (Day 21)

The reason I ended up in this ward.

The reason I threw away my self worth.

In whom I hope to find the strength to break free

The reason I must flee

In the beginning was the Word

When I was created I was made of God,
I was with God.

A ward of God until I lost my way
With my reckless abandon and the things I failed to do or say

I made a cocktail of truth laced with lies to top the mix
Believing my deceit was made up with just enough wit
With which I could make a deft bargain

With the devil, He said riches and wealth were mine to gain

I took the bargain.
Thinking I was smart enough to beat him at his game
Swift enough to cross the finish line without her burning gaze realizing I had switched lanes

I was rewarded with shame
The excruciating pain
Oh how this became the death of me!

My word!
Not the writ of law
This Rit must be an exception to the writ of law

STOP! The word that might've saved me from this castle walls.
The ward I war to break free from
Oh! If only I had listened
Listen! Whenever I was asked to be Silent..
These anagrams!
Silent a cause, Listen the effect
I never knew cause the only thing my eyes fed off were the sights my eyes heard on Instagram.

I had taken enough hits
I was deemed unfit
But the comments all read "lit"
No one calls me dope anymore in this ward
You dare not say that Word in here, lest you end up in ropes

280 characters are one to many to say "I quit"

Words sentenced me to this ward
Words showed me no mercy
Words made me
By words, my death I'd meet


roadtorecovery #everythingipretendtobe #realrawandsimple #welearnasweteach
The Challenge
(Day 20)

Reject me
Despise me
Ridicule me
Dear foe
Compound my woes
I'm in the throes of a reckless abandon
Be merciless, be brutal, this slavery leads to freedom
Cast the first stone, lay the foundation
Let me feel the burning hate in your eyes melt the ice in my soul and start a fire inside
Tell me I won't amount to nothing, tell me I can never be easy on any eye
Say all the nasty things don't mince words, be precise
Hurt me, throw me out
I'd thrive on your rejection, let me strive alone
I need your rejection to be the cornerstone


#roadtorecovery #everythingipretendtobe #realrawandsimple #welearnasweteach
The Challenge
(Day 19)
Something good/beautiful, joy has come to them!“
Something eccentric, something whose drama might be considered Oscar worthy, something unbelievably beautiful, something awesome, something amazing... for everyone reading this, you've got to be atleast one of this to someone, you've got to mean more than all these words to a couple of say the least.
So next time someone tries to be condescending or silly, look them square in the face, and then smile and walk away with your head high knowing you're beautiful!
And you owe no one an explanation cause your smile has done enough already.
Remember, sometimes you'd forget but try to remember as often as you can that no one else in the world can offer the uniqueness you've got!

#roadtorecovery #everythingipretendtobe #realrawandsimple #welearnasweteach
The Challenge
(Day 18)
What is it you stand to gain?
Playing with hearts like cards, is this a game?
This isn’t poker, this isn’t snooker, why you playing with these  hearts as if you’re playing soccer?
This pain my heart can no longer nest
Can’t believe I was a pawn in this game of chess
How did I get caught up in this mess
Believing you were pure good nothing else
Alas you are evil with the “d” I would belittle your cruelty if I called you anything less

Who takes a breastfeeding child from its mother only to dump it in a slum with no one to cater to?

Who cuts open a stitched laceration only to watch it rot so a limb gets amputated.

When did love become so merciless and unkind?

When has God ever played games with His likeness, their minds?

Why say I do before a crowd of witnesses only to act like you don’t behind closed doors?

Why promise forever when life with you makes a visit from death better?

Why pretend you’re gentle a dove,  when you’re a vulture, all claws?

Why wear a robe of integrity when the skin underneath is only known for breaking the law?

What’s the prize?
Why do all these hearts have to pay the price?

Are you ever going to end this cycle
Is this going to be an endless vicious circle?


#roadtorecovery #everythingipretendtobe #realrawandsimple #welearnasweteach
The Challenge
(Day 17)

The villain was once a victim
The abuser once was the abused
The bully once was bullied
The  hunter was once a prey

These are the ones who neither possessed the will power nor the required support to fight the negative effects of their experiences

These are the ones whose voices were drowned by the screams of stigma

These are the souls left to sail away in the rivers of anger and hate.

Who is to blame?
How do we break this cycle?
How do we end this vicious circle?
The villian, the victim must all be helped.

No one should be left out, all deserve to be helped.

#roadtorecovery #everythingipretendtobe #realrawandsimple #welearnasweteach
The Challenge
(Day 16)

I'm hungry! Famished! Starving and I don't wanna be satisfied.

I wanna always hunger for more

Yearn for more

Strive for more

Be more

Love some more

Forgive some more

Learn some more.

I hunger for more confidence

For prudence

For divine guidance

To lean on you alone.

I hunger to keep running after you

To bring to life that vision you gave to me

To inspire another

To try again

To breath again

To be great

And to in turn inspire another

I hunger to stand tall

To rise to higher heights after every fall

To look beyond the prison of my mind and to break down its walls

Walls of fear

Of pride, of anger, of hate

And to never get sated till this hunger becomes the death of me..


#everythingipretendtobe #realrawandsimple
I've failed you once again

I really am that wild one that can't be tamed
It's not you this time, I'm to blame

The picture of my dreams are too humongous to fit  your frame

Your excuses have long  become lame
I've found a shelter, a hedge from your cruel reign

There will be a draught from your abuses that never cease to rain
Your insanity got me wondering if I ever was sane
You and I cease to be, nothing will ever be the same
This time I choose me, I have trained hard enough to beat you at  your drain-game

I am the grand prize, I, will I claim

Never again with your toxic love will I remain

I'd aim to  fail you again
This time with showers of love I'd pour on myself to burn out your toxic flames

I"d fail you once and for all, rather than fail  myself
Never again!

What's there to lose when all i stand to do is gain?

I've picked me off of your shelf

This time I'm doing me, stop looking for flaws in everyone else

Find you again, do it for yourself

#roadtorecovery #everythingipretendtobe #realrawandsimple #welearnasweteach
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