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Ashmita Agrahari Nov 2017
After thinking long
My mind came across
An idea to engulf
the reasons to have fun
As the life is long
but they say
its short
Deciding my slot
Pretentiously Prolonged
To attract maximum emotions
Of which Happiness I keep
to spread smile & laughter.

-- A.A.
Ashmita Agrahari Oct 2017
Here comes the end
Or the start ?
The beautiful journey
That's still barred!
Across the faces
That i walk
Mesmerise me
"What for"?
Insane it is
Or a start?
That time has brought
Still not passI
I wondered for so long
Wandering on the road of thought
To figure out the right direction
When actually I understand my intention
  Jul 2017 Ashmita Agrahari
Anne Molony
you know the look
the look
when you feel eyes on the side of your face
but you're not completely sure
so you turn
instantly catching them
their addictive
ice blue eyes
and then quickly they're gone
looking somewhere else
like the floor or  
out the window or
pretending to be deep in thought
you know that they've been looking
because you've caught them twice before
Ashmita Agrahari Apr 2017
Remembering how I survived
22 years of my life
Regretting the opportunity missed
In understanding sweet and spice
But now on the ides of April
The month they say which fools
Is teaching me the sides of enigma
Which rules
Still the anxiety
Grown from 12 to 22
Where did the magic go
I can just find it on my soul
But in my soul?
Reluctant or not
Talk wisely or not
Right decisions or not
Right person or not
Drop the curtain or not
Taste of life or test of life
Done with dramas
Gonna flow with saga
Miss the childhood dreams
That now has taken over
Giving it a chance
Because one day i wanna grow my wings
And fly high and sing
Because this new tech-gen world
Tastes me like a glass of wine
Ashmita Agrahari Aug 2016
Empowering the synergy of this day
70 years ago
That called for the times
When unity had all the faith
And transfer of power marked the Independence Day
Since then the nation has evolved
Talking about Samvidhan
Which taught the art of Self Pradhan
Creativity talked about Democracy
That we walk shoulder to shoulder
That all Humans are equal
Be it cast,religion or ***
Everything creates a nexus
Time elapsed and things changed
Here we move in 21st century
With the heart full of victory
Where in a developing country
We fight society
To win over society
Instead of ironical criticism
And in the ambit of feminism
I look forward to wonderful creatures
That so blissfully
Compliment each other
To move along from place to place
Work in their own pace
Explore according to their grace
And Live out of their mind's cage.
To 15th August 1947 : India's Independence Day

The blue shining sea.
The orange autumn leaves.
The simple things in life,
that make us feel complete.
The warm rays of sun.
The white shining moon.
If these thing ever left it,
would be to soon.
No emotions to feel,
no colors to see.
What would happen to people,
like you and me?
No sadness but also no happiness,
No pain but also no pleasure.
These things go together like,
Two birds of a feather.
Without good there is no bad,
without bad there is no good
You need two of everything so
It can be understood
Ashmita Agrahari Aug 2016
In an era of duality
When you smell the aura of serenity
You tend to immerse into that immense
That's when you know you click
With how that person flick
Enjoying the company i was flying
With never ending time
But soon you know it will end
That's the time you know
How that person in your life trends
It's not the time which tells
But that aura which fells
Lying on the back he talks
Would stare the stars he talks
And that's when you know he's beyond
And you don't need much time to assure his crypticallity.
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