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Litzy Jan 2020
I was sure.
That I knew who you were.

And then I took a cloth,
Cleaned my glasses and squinted,
I didn’t recognize you at all.
Litzy Dec 2019
I know you

Here I have stood with you
And I will never leave your side
Valued is what you are, you're an inspiration
Even when you feel like you struggle

Little do you know that people still look up to you
Oh don't you know
Vows create a connection
Everyday's remembrance of dedication to something or someone
Don't you want to give vows too?

You must have at least an inch of temptation to love someone else
Otherwise loneliness will be a cold side on your bed
Understand the need for love?
acrostic poetry
Litzy Oct 2019
I close my eyes slowly,
Every breath taking in the smell of honey.
My body drifts to the never-ending moon.
I can see the stars that twinkle above,
And the starfish in the ocean.
I learn how to fly.
So I incapsulate the galaxy in a mason jar.
I see how little we really are,
As I drift to the never-ending moon.
I am honestly not completely sure as to what I was trying to achieve with this poem. I think it is just short and simple and sweet. How lovely.
Litzy Oct 2019
is it crazy?
to think
that if you fall in love with me
it would totally be too early
but we could totally still last forever
Litzy Sep 2019
If I ever leave this world,
If I ever fall off the planet,
Tell me honestly,
Would you miss me?
Would you really wallow around the streets?
Think about me in the classrooms as you daze off?
Tell me honestly,
Would you really remember my smile?
Or how my eyes close a little when I laugh?
Would you really remember how I was self conscious about my nose?
Would you actually regret not telling me that I am beautiful?

Please tell me,
If I ever slip off of the face of the earth,
Would you actually miss me?
Would getting out of bed be too difficult?
Would you feel the need to get rewarded because you were able to brush your teeth successfully?
Would seeing the color yellow be too painful?
Because it was my favorite color.

Tell me,
If I ever trip off of the planet,
Would it be so difficult?
Seeing my empty chair,
Not hearing my annoying laugh,
Or the constant questions because I never really knew what I was doing.
Would you say good riddance or be too remorseful to speak a word?
Would eating be too tiring of an activity?

Tell me,
If I ever roll off of the planet,
Would you actually miss me?
You don't show much care now while I am alive.
You brush me off like I am just a piece of lint on your sweater.
Right now I am anything but useful to you.

So tell me,
If I ever fall off of the face of the planet,
Would you actually miss me?
The days where you feel saddened and you start to question if anyone would actually miss you. I have your answer and it is yes. Someone will miss you when you are gone. The will stare at the places that you used to sit and the things that you touched. You will always be missed. If you ever fall off of the face of the planet, nothing else would ever be the same.
Litzy Sep 2019
Thanks for choosing to join society

On a side note it’s a permanent stay

Where everything is fake
From the flowers
To her lips

So get comfy this is our routine everyday

But not too comfortable
If you do we will tear you apart
Layer after layer
And don’t expect anyone to hear your prayer

Along with that we provide our services
With deconstructive criticism
Upgrade to our premium
Where there are many helpful tips
To learn to love your body
But thats only once you've met our standards
And we see you paper thin

It can be slightly difficult
Living in this new world
With our expertise and precision
It isn’t meant for everyone
But since you've gotten here already
There is no exit out
So this is your new life
Until your very last day
When we finally realize what living is really about

Thanks for choosing to join society
Where its an artificial place to stay
Put on the fake smile you’ve mastered
And have a great day
Litzy Sep 2019
You are the reason why the chemical formula of love rushes through my body
That presents itself through my cheeks as I blush until I’m extra pink
That causes my muscles to tighten as I smile creating dimples near my mouth

You are the 8 carbon 11 hydrogen 2 nobelium used to create a simple molecule of dopamine
The dopamine that rushes through my brain
Through my veins
As it enters my blood stream
But when I hear that somebody else gives you that feeling
It breaks my heart
You underestimate how important you are to me
And it tears me apart
How a simple wave can make my day
Although you weren’t waving to me it was really the person behind
But that's okay

Your laugh and smile are the serotonin and oxytocin
that joins with the dopamine
collaborating too make a toxic mix we call love
When you take too much of the chemical things change
Words turn into blurs
Sounds turn into waves
Everything is now a haze

To me you seem perfect like a perfectly painted picture next to the perfect summer sun
A perfect combination
To me your the reason why I fall asleep
Eager for the next day to rise
If only you knew that that you are my toxic concoction we call love
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