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Sweetheart Oct 2017
Sweet darling,

I've always known
but lately I've been feeling it more
I have never been more sure of it
than I am at this moment

I want to be in your intense love
for the rest of my life
I want to feel your passion
with every touch
You are the love of my life
and the one that I want

Making my heart feel like its summer
when the rain is pouring down
is an understatement
My heart is on fire
in this cold cold winter
and the reason is clear

its you
its always been you

You are so clearly
meant for me

So be mine
for the rest of our lives
be mine
and we will light up this world

I am here for you
and you are here for me

we will come home to such a warm house
filled with our undying love and passion
Sweetheart Mar 2017
I feel as though my life is not moving
as i indulge in these meaningless tasks

it is after these life pushing efforts
that i feel my future getting brighter

and not staying dull.
Sweetheart Feb 2017
I see you and
my heart drops
my mind stops
my soul jumps
our souls bump.
Sweetheart Jan 2017
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

I really love you a lot.
Sweetheart Jan 2017
You kiss me in such a way
that i can tell that your souls has been searching for mine
for centuries.

You kiss me in such a way
that I feel every ounce of passion
in each little embrace.

You kiss me in such a way
that pulling away from your lips
makes my heart ache for more.
Sweetheart Jan 2017
my eyes are tired
my hair a mess
and yet each morning
i wake excited for my life with you.
Sweetheart Jan 2017
there is nowhere I feel more safe than
in your arms.
you value me
you cherish me

you support me
you respect me

you love me
you complete me
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