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The choking universe holds you up to the sun
Your body dangles by its neck
Which is a thin strip of flesh

This is your reckoning day
Your blood
Will be served tonight in glasses

Try to stow this as it passes!

Then he plunged the sword and rang the bell.

The world was not cleansed

In flames of hell
The world is a crooked tower of precarious steel beams and glass
And people whose sole purpose is to infect and destroy my peace.

At heart,
Am just a mewling kitten.
"What's the matter honey?
Tap water not good enough for you?"

I see the ***** working.

I'm sliding past the mirror
To adjust
Today's arrangement.

The sharp scent of clove--
Cinnamon, honey and ginger
Will melt her nerves today

I will invite her into my home,
And offer her a glass of Perrier, or Fiji
As I humbly sip
A glass of tap water

She loves that ****.
She will toss back her head and laugh

We'll build our own distiller
And jam out
To punk rock.

I will be subsumed in her
With moans of approval and submission
And she
Will turn her head and ask:
"Uhh, you alright there?"
delicately, folds of skin
holding two cracked orbs of glass
write a poem about something else
don't just write
about yourself
thanks, boys. -.-
Everyday i get up,
Do one hundred sit ups,
And set up my fake soup kitchen
It's made of cardboard boxes
And construction paper

I even set the timer
And act like i am driving
And when i arrive, they're glowing just to see me

I don't want to get sick
Or play into this fake scene,
It should mean the same thing to you,
Girl, you're such a liar!

Cause none of this is real
We're all just gonna die here
If it doesn't mean the same thing to you,
Girl, you're full of ****.
Jay says that he has OCD.

I'm scared he might have plans to **** me.

Jay says

I'm scared

He has

He might

Jay says that he has OCD.
Sometimes Starr Dec 2021
I won this heart in a radio contest.
Something so beautiful, I should put it on display
It just falls apart, whatever the context
But it does it in this very certain way.

I thought that sounded nice,
But now I'm not so sure.
Sometimes things seem dark,
Like it's knocking on a door.
Sometimes, I give up
And sometimes I get scared.
Sometimes I erupt
But like a friend, you
Were always right there.


Well, they came knocking on a Sunday
Some stolen property, some terrible mistake
They told me I got time
Well, isn't life sublime?
I wonder who I'm stealing from today.

I guess I'll never know,
I guess that we're not friends
I guess I'll hold my own
When I meet the bitter end
Sometimes we find hope,
And sometimes we just go
On to the end of...
A nightmare!

for Mayday Parade :)
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