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Matthew A Hansen Jul 2013
In a midnight shiver, I woke from the sweating, forgetting quickly what started me.
Back into my routines, the function returns, and I lose context.

It's alarming, but yet I'm not alarmed of every broken thing I've made to distract me.
So down, I reconnect with my conceited selfishness,
grasping for a breath of life, I'm willing to take it right from you.
Still, there you are, attacking my naive dog heart.  
It's confusing.

Ignorance seems ever elusive, and as I stretch to embrace her, she eats me whole.
Here I am not bound by any contrived rules, and no one could tell me the future.
Matthew A Hansen Feb 2013
And we built them in our image as they had done before us,
fractals of habit.

In this endless endeavor toward the path of least resistance,
we produce the democratic image of humanity.

This is a call to arms;
digital soldier brings the digital war.
Matthew A Hansen Jul 2012
love is not permanent
it will wash a way if you let it
so she wrote it out every day
on a wrist marked with ink
Matthew A Hansen Jul 2012
Does she think before she places her feet?
How unique.
Matthew A Hansen May 2012
The pattern keeps repeating most attractively,
but its the patterns in the pattern that shape our destiny.
I find comfort in forgetting that everything is nothing,
and all this beauty makes me happy just to say I am something.

Cloud my eyes, i’ll be alright.
Cloud my eyes, and i’ll be fine.

Why is everything that i’m feeling nothing of who i am?
Now all the love I'm needing is going up in smoke.
Is there nothing for this daily dying that's lived inside of me?
Can't you tell the only thing I’m feeling is "na na na-na-na"?

The pattern keeps repeating as far as i can see,
and there are patterns in the pattern quite recursively.
But, i find comfort in forgetting everything is nothing,
and all this beauty makes me happy just to say I am something.

Welcome to the world of the depressed,
where the lights and motion take interest.
Welcome to the hour of decay,
where the lights and motion take you away.

I don’t want to wake up from this dream.
Run away from reality.
Dying inside of my memory.
Story of a living casualty.

I think i might just sleep this off...
I think you should just write me off...
Matthew A Hansen Apr 2012
my love is a cactus,
and i am a dog.
Matthew A Hansen Dec 2011
imagine me what you want me to be
i’m yours to mold, i’m yours to see
shape my thoughts that haunt my dreams
imagine me, malleable me.

am i everything you see in yourself?
you’re always right, so surely you help
inject your beliefs that brought you wealth
imagine me, my malleable self.

fear what’s wrong, tell me what’s right.
help me become what you thought you might.
i disappoint you, a pathetic sight
malleable me, i’ve lost my fight.

i’ve known it before, but never so clear
the less i talk, the more i hear
all i am is what i’m near
malleable me, don’t shed a tear.
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