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Rockwood Jan 29
Blue, and cold.
He stares up from his perch
of raspberry and goji rose--
the neck of his resting place
hooked between my fingers, swinging.
And forth.
Back and Forth.
The rhythm of my stride
In time with his dance,
And entire existence suspended
Within the fringe of my hand.
Yet I trip,
I slip and his world
Glinting, Indigo, and
the bottle was so pretty--  a deep blue with bees on it-- but i slid on the ice in front of my dorm and dropped the bottle, bruising both my knees.
  Jan 24 Rockwood
you get one day to cry
but tomorrow
it’s time to fix your crown
Rockwood Jan 24
Why must you
Be like this?
Why cant I
Ever know where
You are?
Why do I
Miss you so
Really, you
are just a
Ideal, desired,
Nothing more,
Rockwood Oct 2019
it's truly Art:
the crafty way in
which you made me fall
so desperately in Love with you,
the way you knitted the strings
of my heart into careful knots,
that even with Time and
Patience and Healing,
they have not yet
come undone.

it was so Clever
when you stole my
Reason, and Clarity, and
Peace, and sense of self Worth.
when you made me feel so special
in turn to only make me feel so
Unwanted. Unnecessary.
and so very Unloved.

and it was so Charming
when you brought me flowers
and thought that I was going to stay,
even after how you made me feel like
I was nothing more than Disposable.
after you left me Alone on that
day I should never have
been remotely Lonely.
You truly thought
that I'd stay?

how Naive of you
to  believe  that  you
had  that  much  sway
over my Sad Little Heart.
you really did, but
I would never
admit that
after we
split, I

even now
eight months
later, sometimes
I still hurt.
Rockwood Oct 2019
I wrote you a poem
That you asked to read,
And I said
Maybe Someday
But i never let you
Anywhere near it.

I wrote you 37 poems.
And You only ever
Knew of one.
And You forgot
I even wrote it.
And I have forgotten what it said.
But five months later
I still fear it.

Crunchy, Bitter, sour, sharp, simmering.

Luminescent, iridescent,
Shiny, sparkling, shimmering,
Glitzy, glimmering, glittering

Rockwood Aug 2019
As winter faded, you faded away
And I floated away from you
Bright colors of spring against rainy grey;
Tearing my conscience in two.

The seasons, they whisper of change
But the hearts, they long to stay same.

Mellow adobe brick roofs
Lost in a sea of bleached blue;
The wind in the willow leaves blew
As I floated away from you.

All of the branches, they sway
Slow to a lullaby’s tune
As winter faded, you faded away
And the wind whisked me away too.

The seasons, they whisper of change
But the hearts, they long to stay same.

Crumbling adobe brick roofs
Drown in a sea of bleached blue;
On the wind, the willow leaves flew
And they tore me away from you.
april 7
Rockwood Aug 2019
you are so cool
writing poems that dont rhyme
with imagery
and similie
to tell perople whjat your terrible life is like.
april 7
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