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Jeffrey Nov 13
We are the poets

The lovers, the fighters,
searching for truth, gasping for air
Tearing down walls, dancing through sorrow
Working our way through collective pain while standing on the edge of the cold hard mouth of the world

We are the dreamers

Pen in hand, heart on sleeve
Laying ourselves bare, tattooed with words
hearts beating in iambic pentameter;
wounds bleeding ink
Almost broken, nearly ****** yet driven by the indefatigable resilience to heal, syllable by syllable

We are the brave

Shining light in our darkest rooms
Stories of our catastrophic follies
Revealing in verse our deepest secrets, our greatest fears
Standing naked and wet on ice-cold tile in front of an unforgiving mirror yet unwilling to break the stare

We are misunderstood

Hopeless romantics in broken-hearted clothing
Teary eyed but vision clear
Laughing together, crying alone
Gnashing our teeth but holding steady our hand on the rudder, gently guiding the soul of the world

We are the witness and the witnessed

When the story of the world has been told
And the sun has set
a record of all that we have written will be discovered
And in that sacred text, the story of just how inexpressibly beautiful every single moment of our lives have been

We are the poets - never. stop.
with love for you all
Jeffrey Nov 7
IF I allow myself to perceive even the softest of sounds
so ever fleeting and far flung
I can hear that which would otherwise, unobserved,  
have ceased to exist

And how untrue a life it would be,
if not for the quietest moments
when silence is nearly upon us yet escapes, hat in hand, through the open window
through which the gentle sound
of a mighty sparrow
discovers me discovering myself

and either observer or observed
how we yearn to find the sacred
without seeing that it is in front of us
like so many sparrow songs that go unheard,
lost under the din of thought -
perfectly knowing nothing of that would otherwise have shown us great glory and places which we would never see. -

Yet I, sitting ginelrgly on the edge of my soft white comforter
know that in the sound is the entire universe
summed up in a single wave.
Jeffrey Nov 6
I dangle from the letter J
holding on with a single hand
to the soft curve that leads
to a gentle *****

Then reaching for the dotted i,
so round and firm
I pull it close
and find my way in to U

O escapes your lips
and I,
I can taste the T; we sipped
ginger and orange slice
both hot and sweet

W would be too much
I know not Y yet you C
that which I never share
but desperately want you to know
Jeffrey Oct 29
A soft glow emanates from the place where
there is no longer you and no longer me
yet brilliant shards of light, slowly fading,
still buzz and hum  

Never would I trade your memory
in exchange for hole left by your loss
as I found this morning, by my bedside
a needle and some iridescent thread

And being reasonable,
I can only assume
you left for me whilst sleeping
that which I needed
to knit my life anew
Jeffrey Oct 17
Like so many before,
sure that you will resist
when the tide draws high

Once across the line,
too deep the swells
and how quickly resolve weakens
in the face of desire

It isn’t wine that you are drinking whilst they prey like dancers, on your unique brand of insecurity as you give yourself over now oh so willingly as if to say ‘I am no more than what you tell me that I am or that you want me to be’

Until you are drained of all that is you, and left floating beside your potential

When they call, and they will, simply turn left and head toward the shore on the higher ground

The view there is quite lovely
Jeffrey Oct 10
The one you didn’t get
But I know you always wanted
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