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Damaged Aug 2015
I'm getting bad again
The sadness inside just continues to grow.
I hate breaking promises,
But can I please just let go?
Damaged Mar 2015
Give me a reason to stay alive
Give me a reason to not take my life tonight.
Give me a reason to not bring out the blades
Or to not shatter that mirror, the cold glass soothes the pain.
Give me a reason to keep holding on
Give me strength I'm not really that strong.
Give me courage to keep carrying on
Give me a reason to keep smiling, acting as if nothing is wrong
Damaged Sep 2014
Laying in the quiet you breathe out and I breathe in.
Our bodies pressed together skin to skin.
A tangled up ball of hot skin and sweat.
Sticky sweet cotton breath.

Out bodies moved in unison
My hands tangled in your hair
You squeezed my body right
Left me gasping for air.

This time was more than just a hookup
This was more than just some fun
This was me and you together
Two souls becoming one
Damaged Sep 2014
And even though the cut this time was an accident, it felt good and I didn't cry.

*And even though you always see me smiling, all I really want is to die
Damaged Aug 2014
She has many hidden talents,
She never let's anyone see.
But her biggest talent is hiding herself from the world,
She can't let them see.
Too tired and delusional that this probably only makes sense to me
Damaged Jul 2014
you know the last time you saw me
you told me to "Tell mama I love her"
you knew something was off
but to me you never said goodbye
Conversation with daddy today
Damaged Jul 2014
But I think I'm falling in love with you*

Gotchu on my mind when I listen to all them love songs
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