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Angela Baerthel Feb 2020
You're the one who saw me through all the good
and most of   the bad.
A summer's rain. A winter's kiss.
All of these things I would never miss.
You're the one who held my hand.
Through the times I laughed.
Times I've cried and all the times I thought I would have died.
Your smile makes me wonder. But then again you also bring the thunder.
My love for you is forever and true.
So please baby I hope you are never blue.
I stand with you as our lives go on.
A spring time love. An autumn hug.
As you fall to sleep.
I'll be within your dreams,
And remember I'm here to please.
Have no fear. I'll always be near.
I know you have the cure.
To love you is grand.
I will always be your number one fan!
Angela Baerthel Dec 2018
Just one sip.
The taste on my lips.
Just make it quick.
Don't make yourself tip.
Just one ****.
Make a joke.
Just say nope.
I've got hope
I'm no dope.
I've learned how to cope.
2 years sobriety
Angela Baerthel Dec 2018
Everyday she wakes with a broken heart.
Everyday from the very start.
Everyday she lays awake.
Everyday she wonders why?
Everyday she cries.
Everyday she tries.
Everyday she says goodbye.
Angela Baerthel Nov 2018
I asked if i could kiss your lips.
You reply no thank you I'm good.
There went my heart.....rips.

You kissed me before.
You touched me before.
You made love to me before.
Now no more.

I stare at the floor.
I look at the door.
I hurt to my core.

If I would have know.
If I just let you go.
If I ..If I...If....

Oh how I long for a kiss...bliss
Love ***** ya ya!
Angela Baerthel Nov 2018
Today..I'm not fading away.
Today..I am ok.
No tears rolling down my face.
No sad thoughts running through my brain.
Oh..come on who am i kidding.
My ups and downs and rapid cycling of emotions are terrifiing.
Smile on my lips.


Today my mind is making up stories that are not real...or maybe they are.
I am too far gone.
Singing to my self  some songs.
Oh long..
Bipolar disorder is real..
Angela Baerthel Apr 2018
I am not beautiful.
I am not careful.
I am not hopeful.
I am doubtful.
I am comfortable.
fully aware ......
But who cares.
Its still me and all this I must bare.
I am hurting
I am sad
I feel like a small speck among other specks.
But as the adage goes.
"It is what it is"
I am greatful.
I am thankful.
I am wonderful.
Because I need to become.
I need to push through.
Although I do not want to.
I will keep walking.
I will keep my head down.
I will not open up to anyone or anything or give it my all again.
It's  sad.
But I am glad.
Fading out fast....
Of course built to last.
Angela Baerthel Mar 2018
She fights every day to get out of bed.
She fights each day with the demons in her head.
Looking back she's glad to to see how far her lessons have lead.
But still fighting to get ahead.
Let go of the past.
Let it go..let it go.
She tries.
But something always stops her and says no!
I just don't know.
One day i will see..
One day i will be finally free. ..
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