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A question was asked.
She answered.
     There was interest.
     Another question.
She began talking
about a presentation
that she was going to do.
     There was a response
     about the fear
     of public speaking.
She agreed, and both laughed.
     (that was social
      ******* with
      no interruption and
      neither person
      talked too much,
      or too little)
     (both felt better).
Win a wham of crusty
bangles, dripping in
sugary zoo cake for
the zimmy of rocko buster
tootie with
a booper of sock fish!
goofus poetry
Chromium, selenium, and
copper, potassium, zinc,
coconut especially,
water lost in minerals.
A the good replace
source to of important
potassium. It's nuts.
Sweating seafood,
excessive whole following
grains, body and the
legumes of generally
functioning, contain
optimal (relatively) for
high essential doses.
Minerals of contains.
Zinc sweat.
The have ability harbor
to inner **** up, up
plastic cleaning bags
interceptors, styrofoam
trash containers, hydro-
powered cigarette, and
butts. Solar and the
other wheel, debris, trash.
The professor waste and
is wheel burned trash
to Mr.
So how might our nation
give more global warming?
Watch your world as to
what is wrong, then they
might not approve. What
is wrong? Such a person
more profound is to judge
awakened consciousness
when he freed no thing
very good. Rather than
events, give more than
the universe. Knowing
versus wants and nurture
the energy. These are
not normal times. Events
are happening like always.
Improvised poem from a magazine
Life or their for for
what thing is no
transpiring or in one
the no world blame
they would know experiences
it life is their up of
to creator them the
to as to power change
their their claim
thoughts would when
person they a do such
their blame life no
will is change there
A dissected paragraph from a magazine. Intentionally written with unintentional meaning.
I had predicted
did not realize that
not remember or
things they did
recommend highly and heard
which I
taped psychic session
listened to the
this when they
accurate they realized
future predictions were
me that my
report to
of my clients
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