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Gavin Barnard Apr 2015
Conkeldurr, bisharp,
Clefable, Heatran,
Flying washer named Rotom-Wash
And a god of the dirt called Landorus-T
Make up my team of pokemon and me.

Lead with Lando, nicknamed Konietzko,
U-turn back and set the tempo.

Super-speedy, Choice Scarf needy,
Crazy hasty heatran known as The Heat
And his sheer nuking power of overheat.

Clefable, also known as, well, just Clefable
Is the great fairy in charge of turning the tables
When something twists my team to be unstable.

Rotom-wash is a magic floating washing maching
That manages to poke at the creators creativity.
I named him Rubix Cube
For how many heads he can abuse.

Conk isnt just some fluff,
He can do great things and stuff
And goes far beyond the *****.

Bisharp has become much less obsolete,
For enemy teams he rushes to deplete
By embedding a whole lot of deciet
Without causing somebody to click delete.

Offensive pressure is our strategy
Cause stall teams hate you and me.
A volt-turn core and nothing to lose
Makes me the strongest, don't refuse.
These people made their own pokemon league, which I am the champion of.

This wasnt meant to be a good poem, just some fun thing.
Kassie T Sep 2014
Tired eyes.
Tired of the cries.
Tired of the lies.
Sick of the deciet.
Sick of the defeat.
Taking no for an answer, but I've still been beat.
Less beats to my heart, a slow and rapid start.
The faster it goes as the pain begins to show.
Can't cover it up no more, everything is out.
Wired mouth, cant speak the truth.
Trapped in a box. But I'm slowly gettin loose.
Bull dog, I broke out.
Never Give Up Even When Things Get Tough !

By: Kassie-T
rained-on parade Apr 2015
Sleeplessness is a lonely kingdom.

I could promise myself discipline with the daylight,
but what if I told you that I lied under the moonlight?
Sinners never sleep,
sinners never sleep.

They lie awake and talk
with the wings of Gabriel.
They don't shut their eyes;
there are stories in the picture houses of their own.
Of lie and deciet.
And guilt and anguish.

They'll never sleep.

They'll howl with the night
and forget why they were meant
to darken their hearts to match the sky.

They'll never glow. They'll never beat.
I'll never sleep. I'll never sleep again.
From a sad pathetic journal entry. 16th April 2015, 1.59a.m.
louisbergin Mar 2010
I toss and turn  to erace the memory
Focus on something delightful
A sunny day
A moonlight night
Flash, and freeze frame, my brain explodes in pain
The pain of deciet
The sight, the smell, the taste....of your deciet
The tears threaten to drown me
As our special child sleeps, unaware ....of your deciet
No anger yet,  just this deep pain filled night
Questions without answers
A name without a face
******* ...Why? long the lies?
The bedside clock reads 3 o clock...
The hour of great mercy!
Another lie...
midway between 12 and 6....
dark and light...
and another tird day thinking,... wondering
of you and your mistress.
Warda Kashif Feb 2014
The crowd sits patiently
For magic
At the hands of this

He smiles at them
With every soul
The first trick of any

They prepare themselves
To not be cheated
By this intriguing

He entertains them into
His every act
Reassuring the conniving

The crowd goes wild
The magic on stage
Erupting from this

He smiles once again
Knowing the deciet
Of a trap set by a

The audience has been made
For believing
In this insincere
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
Hush!, he approaches,Rush!, here his coach is,Try to tame the loud thumps your frightened heart makes,Stop!, or he'll see you,Chop!, that's what he'll do,Dismemberment of you, and just a moment it takes. Come! let me show you,Run! this you must do,Evading the sharp strike from his long and shiny knife,Look!, keep your eyes peeled,Shook!, that's how you'll feel,If he ensnares you, he will bleed away at your life. Oops!, i've decieved you,Nice!, how i played you,Enticing you right into my masters eerie lair,Now!, you grow weaker,Vow!, i must seek her,I must satisfy his lust for more maidens so fair... 
Arcassin B Jul 2017
By Arcassin Burnham
Original Lyrics By Fleetwood Mac

Situational views with over determination ,
I don't need a judge or a saint , thanks for consideration,
Poked eyes don't see the evils that go on in this country,
Some people could hear them calling from hell , it must be comfy,
Plant life can't even really get a stance without people building buildings
Over them , there ain't a chance,
But nothing to a country boy that just works with his hands,
But not in a country so doped by wickedness , do you understand?

Listen As My Heart Grows,
Watch us all rise.
Running towards the Meadows,**** deciet,
**** your lies

And if you don't love me now,
While your heart is dipped in sin,
I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain",
Never break the chain)
You've broke my soul somehow,
We can't just sit here and pretend,
I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain",
(Never break the chain)

Listen As My Heart Grows,
Flowers all in sight.
Running In The Meadows,hide the dark,
Embrace the light,
Your Love is stricken,**** deciet,
**** your lies,

And if you don't love me now,
While your heart is dipped in sin,
I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain",
Never break the chain)
You've broke my soul somehow,
We can't just sit here and pretend,
I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain",
(Never break the chain)
And if you don't love me now,
While your heart is dipped in sin,
I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain",
Never break the chain*)

Never break the chain,
Never break it with your family,
Never break the chain,
Never break it with your friends to be,
Let the link be stronger like protecters,
Keep your enemies,
Closer, in world full of broken hearts and a lot disclosure,
Is a lot to be saying for a kid that lives Florida,
We need closure for these posers that make greed a rare exposure,
Ain't no,
Signed sealed deliver **** when it hits the fan,
And nowadays being a man that dies is mostly a black man,
My opinions just stirs up so much conflict in comforting someone about the
Truth and it's allegiance,
Killings happen , it repeats and,
Don't let them open up the season.

Chains keep us together,
(Run into the shadows)
Chains keep us together,
(Run into the shadows)
Chains keep us together,
(Run into the shadows)
Chains keep us together,
(Run into the shadows)
Chains keep us together,
(Run into the shadows).
Devin Bardot Feb 2014
Behold the ringmaster of the reindeer games.

The trials set - all ****** to fail.

Hateful and manipulative thing

Champions shall ever prevail.

Bring this monster closer to god

And near your own martyr’s pit.

Sallow in self-pitied sorrows.

Take to your gold crucifix.

Build ‘em up - your epic disasters.

Spawn the grounds of the grandest battle.

Tyranny’s backlash not in mind

Subjects worshipping you like cattle.

Angels fall such tragic heights

Suffocated by this ruling *******.

Now these erinyes come to slaughter

Their manipulative treacherous master.

Concept of praise and deceit

Dire as death and defeat.

Build ‘em up - your epic disasters.

Spawn the grounds of the grandest battle.

Tyranny’s backlash not in mind

Subjects worshipping you like cattle.

Angels fall such tragic heights

Suffocated by this ruling *******.

Now these erinyes come to slaughter

Their manipulative treacherous master.

Appeasement of this demigod

Now all that is of consequence

Nothing else brings comfort now

All that exists is this false repentance.
February 2013
Katherine Laslie Sep 2015
In sadness
I smile
In sickness
I push
In trials
I wear a mask
So no one has to
Know the horrid truth

I once was bare
For all to see
There were no secrets
Hiding underneath

This is the cost
The innocence of our youth
That is why when I speak
All you hear is the truth

So full of deciet
But it's all an illusion
Don't take off the mask
That I'd molded so carefully
It's the only thing that separates me
From my true identity
Dougie Simps Jul 2014
I place my wildest dreams in a system where I can contain
To avoid judgement in a world full people to name
As I learn to drop my pride and forget my fears
I'm still afraid of a woman, I can't name that I'd love to get near
Time ticks so why waste minutes on a bad trip
Of allowing your mind to go and travel through all the bullish
Of evil that tries to deciet you as you drop down to the lords knees
Keep attracting princesses when it's a queen that you truly need
Would you die for peace?
Bleed to survive?
Take the answers off another's test or actually try?
Why lie?
We all creatures of a bad habit
I tend to carry baggage
Still kinda afraid of average
Just felt I needed to express through this hallow pen
To The Lord is the simplicity of my minor thoughts in which I'm tryna send
Please don't resent
Honesty, the truth
Pain doesn't come unless you allow the pain inside you
Whatcha tryna do?
Will fight for what you believe ?
Will she love me unconditionally?
You promised me you wouldn't leave.
My imagination has grown but first it had to die
The terror of the nightmares
The sleeplessness of a lie
Release what you have inside.
I promise it'll set you free
Take a look at your blueprints
Before you go and try to fix me.
Blindfolded knowledge
When a baby is born
When a baby came to into the world
When they came into existence in the true world
They came with joyous sound
Yes people say they cry
Thats a cry of joy
They came out singing for joy
They came out with different tones and musics
The lyrics of there songs is unexplainable
They music only defines happy moment
They sing and dont warry
They propagate and catalyses the happiness of there parents
The only true definition of the music is happiness

Oh the joy of a baby
As they are born
They dont know pain
They dont know sorrow
They dont know deciet
They dont keep malice for people
They had no enemies
They accept there parents for who they are
They dont care if they are rich or not
Tall or short
Black r white
Blind or not
Deaf or dumb
They came out with total acceptance
They are true definition of been innocent

All they know is sing for joy
All they know is smile
All they know is shout of joy
All they know is play
All they know is that the world meant happiness

They dont have any problems
But they are solution to a problem
They solve problem of barreness
They restore joy and happiness to there parents
They dont hate
Rather they love
They dont discriminate
Rather they accommodate
They dont course
Reather they bless the family

As they grow day by day
They got prettier,handsome and beautiful
As they grow
The joy of the family also grow
They sing with passion
They cry out with loud voice
They they cry out saying.....
Describing how beautiful the world is
The joy of a baby is the greatest joy ever

Sometimes i wish i could turn  back the hands of time and go back being a baby
Sometimes i wish i could go back to my mothers womb and be born again
Just to enjoy the feelings of been a baby
I wish i could turn back the rotation and the revolution of the earth on its axis
Yet all this are impossible
If am given three wishes
First is to go back as a baby
Second will be going back as a baby
Third will be going back as a baby
The joy of a baby is the greatest joy ever
Love swells
And portrays
Her voice
Whenever it smells
And betrays
Her choice,

To established a place
For the serpent of love
Is to finish a pace
To repent for prove,

Otherwise, nothing
Can be said right
Without something
Being paid bright,

I think I have found
A love’s stone
But no, it is the sound
Of a dove’s tone,

I need to give
Up this race of grieve
So I can survive
This grace of love,

Indeed, love is not clear
Like a clean glass
But its dead is dear
Like green grass.

Allyson Walsh Sep 2015
Carrie, how does your garden grow?

Are the souls of your enemies
Buried beneath your personal cemetery?

The victims on their knees
Begging, beseeching, pleading

Praying to you *and
the same God for
Things to be as they were before

With silver bells, Carrie?

Are your nails sharpened to a point,
Itching to break bones at the joint?

To snap my wrists and tie
Them up - your peace of mind

Tortment me, ****** Carrie
Smirk and laugh before you bury

And cockle shells, Carrie?

Are you seen as a pleasurable fantasy?
A mask of terrible daydreams?

Your body caresses the loaded gun
He swears that pain is one with love

You are an instrument of pure torture
Who is viewed as a delicate sculpture

Are your pretty maids in a row?

Are we in a straight line
Waiting to be punished for our crime?

Your foolish prey meet the guillotine
One swift motion - sliced clean

Hail Carrie, the ****** empress,
Queen of deciet, and ***** mistress
For Carrie (obviously).

My words are my weapon. Here's to hoping they cut you like a knife.

(Just as his did to me).
Brea Brea May 2013
I wanna kiss it
but its so hard
not sure how to bring it against my lips
and then my fingers up and slip
So soft
the place you make between my shoulders as they stand
the truth in your presence
the defautl in your eyes
unlike the lovely demise
in the powerful
but full of histories of deciet and self succumed lies
in a cloud on a pillar high
this is where I thought I might die
but death isnt the only escape
when beauty surrounds you from your mistakes
filters in through your insides
it leads you to a moutain top so high
the snow fall cleans you of your ***** hide
kiss you touch ouy
never call you mine
because I know better

not to contain higher things
clip thier wings

I gave my heart, I gve my soul
to the wronged of those

may I rest by your side
my ribcage exposed
to the love you know
from my touch
from my gental spirit
the light from behind my eyes
that reaches and finally does it touch
you heal me inside
you slip your sweet medicine between my lips
you swindle your breateh of life
I dont fight you with my hips
into my worried eyes
I fear not
not any more
so long as you are here
I can let go of this rope
lay your worried bones next to mine
and I'll do my very best to buy us this time
may the clock stop
as it does for the dead
because we are heaven lieing in your bed

kiss me once
kiss me twice
and I'll kiss you thrice
my worries drop as does this plunder
my thoughts roll from us like defeated thunder
I hold you whole
I hold you tight
I give you the same freedom, I give you the same rights
I heard you speak
of whats in your head
I'm smilling for the things you dont know that of which you said
fumbling in your sleep
you craddle my crown
as I dose myself in the sweet silent sound

I am fawn white
I am pure irridescent light
cloaked in darkness
hidden from sight
so that the goodness might prevail
even during teh trials of night

You, with orbs in your antlers
with moons on your tongue
you dont chase me
I realize I mustnt run
The power with in you
sends me still
even so, I am reeled
for the dangers I've met
for the dreams
I stir
I feel the safety in this allure
you sparkle in my eyes
from inside you
I see us side by side
standing tall
for authority we call

together we are safe
and with tired eyes
I will keep you warm and safe
to any and all expendeture
we are fair
a deiety in of itself
we are desired for being rare
when times are good
everything is as it should
when times are hard
revealed is the hidden card
from the deck of life you were given a hand
play it right or it crumbles like sand
one can bluff or even lie
but the truth is known as it meets the eye
be true to thyself or or none can be true
as the life you build will fall upon you
based on deciet a heart can grow fond
but over time you will lose that bond
as with time it will show
the thorns as they rigoruosly grow
truth will consume the you, you think you know
because all the lies will suddenly go
when that moment of judment demandingly calls
and the castle of your lies built suddenly falls
to each their own and to thine own self be true
reap what you sow as it is cast upon you
jeffrey robin Jun 2013
****** certain!

(What can change?)

Poets plot the course of love


With surgical precision
Pornographic clarity!

Haven't you heard?

****** certain!

(What can change)
I saw a face in the misted

Missed opportunity
I thought of you


And your promise

That you would


Be here
Neal Emanuelson Feb 2015
Another heart waits
Amongst the fields and meadows
Time's a pleasant lie
Ricardo Jimenez Mar 2010
When the world fades
I am all alone in the
nighttime with no one
to guide me
Through this dark abyss
of the apple of my eye
I give to you the secret of my life
Im better thatn those in whom
you place your trust
dont lie to me
I can hear your soul
It rings of deciet
Mary Alexander Jul 2016
My generation is swarming
With new kinds of witches.
Some will be obvious,
Lurking and spitting, throwing
Daggers from the corners of every room.
But on occasion, one will be covert,
With sweet dresses and
Beautiful hair cascading down her shoulders.
Greeting those around her
With a charming smile and wide, bright eyes.
But she weaves a web of deciet and triffling words,
And as she speaks, she clouds your mind, speaking
In foreign tongues which are not
Of this true world, until you
Are caught unaware, for her spell has been cast.
You blink, confused, and look down at your hands,
Trying to ignore the impending sensation of insects
Creeping up your arms
Until you realize.
You realize that her spells are not those of darkness and horror,
They do not come in forms such as toads, dark clouds, or anguish.
Her power, her only power
Is that of one way time travel.
And when she casts her spell, her words take you back
To when you were simple, childish,
12 years of age.
Her words come out in flames,
Painful, cruel flames that scortch your heart,
You fight back, begging her to stop
And realize the pain she is inflicting,
Until you suddenly notice that the words are meaningless.
Words, painful words,
But from a child's mouth.
And you stare at her in horror when your past self
Flees your being while her's remains.
Her words, still shooting from her mouth, now
Small, plastic bullets from
A child's gun.
They sting your skin, but no longer scortch your heart.
She then flies away, charming smile back in place,
Leaving you swaying in utter shock, praying
That her next victim will posess your same
Awareness, and sense the truth behind the flames.
It's terrifying.
if you tell the truth and never ever lie
you can walk through life with your head held high
never ever fib be honest and be true
as you walk through life this will guide you through
lying is dishonest and fills you with deciet
so never ever lie and keep your life is sweet
Jamie King Feb 2015
With eyes that renewed love when she spoke my heart screamed in joy pounding hard to escape my chest and be within her hands.

As the night is born her colours of truth are revealed.
Her lips intertwined with those of another man.
Salacious sordid heart-stealing thieve, dicephalous daughter of deciet
from smelling like a rose to overwheling cold corpses in morgues with odor of decaying maggots in coffens of rotting hope.

She welcomes me with a kiss my hands around her neck,
I squize she chokes gasping for air,
I squize her eyes seeking to escape their sockets,
I squize out of breath her oesophagus snaps.
I vision her in a sarcophagus as the light diminishes from her eyes.
She speaks, mastering but a few fading words I am so sorry, I am so sorry.
Another one of my Pure imagination writes I hope you enjoy. This one is abit dark
Lorraine day Apr 2014
I do not fear the earth I tread
Beneath these darkened skies
My quest  is to walk in honesty
Escaping deciet and lies
Each day I am reminded
By this challenge of mine
It's like scaling the highest mountain
That man will ever climb
Mahesh Hegde Jan 2014
I met him, he smiled,
That smile which he had given to me when I tried to talk to him for the first tym,
And i felt thoughts and ideologies of us rhyme.
And then gradually we became friends,
Everytime I told him something, he used to smile,
I came to know it later that smile was just used to bluff,
My trust on him ripped cause, werent holding it strongly, his eyes.
At first we were best friends but then this change of behaviour came,
And friendship kept longing for the origin in him.
Collided Stubbornness and Deciet to create implosion,
Which none of us wished, but time to bring the surgeon,
No surgeon not because he has regrets but for removing my wound with root,
Cause remains there no friend in him, All I could see is ignorance,
Then it was over after a couple of short wars and the other time a constant cold war.
Now I met him after long time in my mobile, its screen carrying his pic,
He smiled, Once, trustworthy, I thought of which.
Emma Price Jan 2019
tied to you
every day of my life
your face has changed
but your spirit hasn't
fake friend after
fake friend
its time for this to end
I'm done
get out
and don't come back
~much love
Have you ever held so much of something that causes the things you wish not to see in those you love?

Have you ever held a pain that isn't even yours in some cases?

have you ever held on to it so that it doesn't slip and take out such a beautiful tragedy of those you love?

That if you slipped and allowed just an ounce of this pure and refined substance to hit the open air that it would be instantly absorbed into the psyche and physical bodies of all those around you , thus causing them to convulse in agony and gut wrenching pain?

Have you ever felt this could be even close to how you have felt before?

As if once they get the tiniest taste of their own creations and manipulations results, they would fall, so far and hard they would not see the way out of such dire deeds and sad and abusive ways and pains of the causes and causation's, the outcomes of the thrusted busted, go away's, leave me be's, the I don't care about you's, you are a fool's, you are stupid, stop annoying me's, oh here watch this one, they will break , so laugh as loud at them as you can's? can you see what I am saying?  in short all the truly horrible things we all , including me, myself and I, do, when we hurt, are confused, or some how, loose our way in this confounded maze we seem to find ourselves lost in.

Is it enough to allow them to taste the fruit of their leaves of the trees they planted on our mother womb as our father feeds them lovingly, knowing these seeds are wrong?

is it enough? would describing it be enough to cause the pin to be realized if only an imaginary trend of a friends busting the illusion for a crafted grafted second, in hopes to say, stop and look, we are all dieing if we continue this way...... but so many of us, carry these pains like a badge of **** honor, like we are singlehandedly saving the very souls of those whom we don't even know, at times, that is... when the pain and isolation isn't too much to bare, and we don't end up lashing out and creating sorry *** little seeds of trees we then drop along our mothers womb as father lovingly tends to mothers needs, as if we are johnny apple seed in the garden of plenty and abundance all like where is my coffee!!!!????? like i have been a time or two?

Would it be enough for me to change, much less you? maybe, seems we are all stuck on a revolving Russian roulette of, "you first jack, then we will see if my *** antiees up all in..." for we all seem to be in this oh so, silly Mexican stand off as illustrated by Marshall Mathers in the "*******"

Cause this silly little thing, is ME, and it is You, yet, am I holding you correctly, by saying ***** it, its me and not you? or is this **** thing on backwards and in roman numerals? cause situation is all jacked up, from the floor up if we fail to see that , I and others who are pain eaters, or, what ever you choose to call us, for we are all full, just look about you, and see all the love is flowing but some of the most daring and beautiful ones are slowy fading, falling, wasting away cause we are too **** pridful to say, **** this not today, I will not hold your ****, this is your **** you take and feel it, I am rather in the clear and am shorting myself the love I truly need to breath, but, I am such a freak and a lover of you all, that I ****** this crap back up denying you the ability to even grab your **** from me, and I horde it hide it and die in it faithfully, for I said I would and my word means everything. but, Now I find so many begging me to release it, let it be, let it go and even if fools fall the **** over dead from the shock of the shame and pain they have graced us all with but we have not had to bare, do go dropping like flies, then that is okay, as I stand shocked, appalled and *******, cause we are to save them all **** it. yeah... says who, son? is all I hear any more. says who son? who said they could make it to such a place of pleasure, leisure, construct, invention, visionary, oh, my how we are to truly shine , shine, be and play? who told you this anyway? and I stand silent, speechless, and rather dumbfounded in my lack of afraid. for they are right. ****, it,, they are right, again.. for to be able to truly and finaly bew able to grasp, grokk, totally and truly rock this truth of movement and this transmogrification of station and situtations where we oh so are to truly play and live like life truly exists, we must let go and let bare the being that was, is, and wont be there. yet here i am, still stuck in a silence of judgement pending, standing in a hall, holding up the line cause I refuse to let go of this which is holding me from the true garden and my possible real soul mate, whom ever they maybe, all because I am so affraid of feeling the lose of even the hated, and hatful of thee, ?.. and why? why are so many of those bauetigul people like me, doing this very thing? so many of us became sin eaters simply out of need, and we eat the sins of others, and eneded up, sinning ourselves, simply to deal with the burdon of the pain... what , in the world were we thinking? , well, we were thinking, what a shame, and we were thinking, why do we not know how to help or deal with all this over whelming pain, why atre we burdoned so? and why must , i let go of the only think I have ever known, eating this sin, that became my identity and my reason to be, and now you ask, me to strip myself of me, of this child laid bare for all the world to see, as I fall apart, is that what it is you wish to see? for this is what will happen when I no longer bare the sin of you and you and you, for mine have been forgiven from what I understand for laying no blame upon no man for the sin I consumed of man, and I am not alone in this endeavour or relieaf, that is if I can muster the foolish courage to let it go, and watch as you all, fall, fall, fall, of your own pains, but I say this, as I have said before, as  child I said it and thousands of times in my life, you do not have to fall so far, just except what ypou have caused and bare it and do the equal and truly triple the opposite and love, see, for me to take such a chance, such a leap of faith and risk, my falling by my creations of feeling watching you fall from your own pains, in turn causing me to fall the same, , but I say, you do not, for if as I said I do this, and risk, then you do the same and love again, as you did before you remembered how to hurt..... before you learned how to hurt inside, before you realized, you die each time the pain lives inside... for you were never a sin eater, but I can and am telling you how to digest your sins, so you don't fall, so far and possibly fail and well, bye.. you must bare you harm and except it as real and them manifest the loving and caring truth that nullifies the harm and corrosive acridness and become, alkaline a base , so base your love in truth and harmony, and resonate out of the hate and misery, for, I do understand what it is I must do, but it all truly, like I said a thousand times, depends on you, and yes there is a possibility that you could bring me to my death by focusing on never getting out, but lets not kid each other son, I will not be loosing, and why risk the guarantee of you never being with the life of us, only so you can attempt to bring me or others down? for it makes no sense, and is not of the flow and growing of life and is not abundant, so, swallow all the fear and doubt, that pain and acid that you spit out, and except it for it is the reality you created and we sin eaters swallowed and held so as to limit your harm, and many of us, did this from birth and never truly knew what we did wrong to end up with such a work load if you get my drift. but my soul is clear, on this, and wqell, I must start laying this down, and by doing so, I need not grace you with a sound or a jot or tittle, but the facts that you may or may not find life get a little different, but This is not for me to say, for it is simply close and time for me to let it all go and look for the truth as my ownn naked frozen child deep inside shivers , but, I know this, no matter the loss, no matter the cost, no matter the choices that will be chossen due to tempral placement and how limited the view is from where we are, that I will be okay, and most of my people are already across, in fact, I think I am one of the few still stupidly here, begging and causeing such a scene, but, I suppose they are right, "if you have not chossen your own ways, by now, then what makes you think anyone should wait for you to realize there is no tomorrow once we move forward.. and well, I hope to wake and each time I wake, love be closer and closer to me and this horror and this lies deciet and hate, be a none existant, reality, for me, or anyone else ready to make that change. and you still can, but, um, if time is running out on the elect, then um, maybe time is running out on you and me so, we better get this thing going, and make a stand , a choice, and eat out own **** and swaet out love and all things worth growing and knowing. for the information is a seed that is the key, if you know, then it is time to unload, that seed so it can be a tree, for spring has sprung and we are about to be leaving and blooming some **** fine leaves, and flower, ohh, so, unless you are the dead and decayed bark that we are about to shed, litterally, then it is time to become a blossom, and swallow your own deeds and devulge the information that setts so many others free, you will be saving lives, and the livfe you save might just freaking be your own. no I mean this jack. and, I love you, but I can not keep holding this, for most of it is not mine, and I soon hope to be resigned from the possition of rather high ranking in the sin eating department, "Jesus is number one there, and I am not in the tier, but you can beat me, so swallow you sin and push out the freedom and love, the truth that sets the rest of the tree free from this infestation cause we wont **** the tree, but we continue like this and the tree of life we wont see either, for we will fall away and away to never be again, make your choice, cause I have Purple Hearts to Bloom baby, and blue and white stripes on my flower, for I am a full purple blue moon, , hope to see you there, and if you hurt son, sorry, but it is time, so, take my advice and swallow and shed and do deeds that save lives and loves.  Yes I know I am slow, ven my mother said so, in the scanned images, see, poems, though he is"slow?"  yeah, thanks ma.. lol, smile, I hope I see here , she, finally free of all the harm done her and forgiven, for I forgave her long long ago, I love and respect my mother, for she gave me these bones of gold, and at 14 she did better than many, with such a prize package like me.
Candlebox-Far Behind
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yes i just might be that high in my sin eating ways and abilities, but then again only the fool hearted care to dare all and any attempts to find you thinking and living and not seeding an evil tree, so, don't , love, live, and finally remember and be free.
if you tell the truth and never ever lie
you can walk through life with your head held high
never ever fib be honest and be true
as you walk through life this will guide you through
lying is dishonest and fills you with deciet
so never ever lie and keep your life is sweet
Micheal Wolf Feb 2014
The imagination can be a weapon of mass destruction
When running riot and exploding
When jumping like a kangaroo to conclusions only a fool could make
To always see the worse case scenario and never see the good in man
The paranoid and self gratification eventually took over a nation
When thoughts of all are out to get us invert to our most personal issues
The people then see nothing good deciet and cheats in all of us
The only end in this end of days is to be yourself for pity's sake.
nabdallah Sep 2009
A marriage of distrust and fear,
anxiety over what’s to come and what is.
With each sunrise, I hope and pray,
that it will set and the nightmare will end.
Your word play is a delicate deciet,
a slow romance with evil itself.
I can’t image the end,
But I imagine it’s more beautiful than,
what has begun.
Devin Ortiz Nov 2016
Golden eyes drink dry
Goblets of sunrays

Swallowing gallows of Greed
Guzzling and Gobbling

Like fat cats gazing
Down upon field mice

Gallantly waiting for
False Gods, redeeming
Envy's green deciet
uzzi obinna Aug 2016
Take me to the place called tomorrow,
Show me what will become of me;
Will it be a place without sorrow
A place where i'll be free from misery;

Take me to the bank of the river,
Let me throw away the pebbles of my pain,
Hold me close more than ever,
Let only pleasure and passion fill my brain;

Take me to the park where the air is cold and serene,
And whisper sweet words to me;
Let your warm palm take hold of my chin,
And kiss my lips to extreme ecstacy;

Take me for a walk on the streets of berlin,
Where the reflection of peace shall be on me;
A place where a true lover for me might be seen,
Let my tears seize and my spirit be happy;

Take me to the exotic paterres of France,
Where i shall inhale honor from the fragrance there;
Bring to me the nightingales of romance,
That beautiful songs be sang to take away my fear;

Take me to the victoria falls of Zimbabwe,
Where i will watch my past sink to the abyss;
Let my regrets be forever washed away,
That i may return home with a heart of peace;

Take me to a place called tomorrow,
A place where my past mistakes will not repeat;
A place where i will look forward to another tomorrow,
where my loving heart will no longer suffer deciet.
They danced
gods praised them
fire lit burning high
flames embraced the dark sky
engulfing the moon and
swallowing all who played

women marked for ceremony
white passion making new
beginning a life without a past
vowing "I do"

Raging wars never cease
no bed or room offers peace
anger guilt lust betrayal
all behind solid walls
eat away
pride then the fall

getting back up on their feet as
another fire lights
dance and let go
of the lifelong chance

passing in glance
eyes see the deciet
heart pumps the shame
guilt warms the flesh
lust takes over
and the burning consumes you again.
Mahesh Hegde Jan 2014
Treading down the steps of your heart,
A string of wire holds itself from breaking,
A neck is forming in that string so dart,
And this action of fate, my soul isnt taking.
You came to me for a friend to seek I know,
Now what can I do If, my soulmate inside you, your eyes show.
And this is not at all **** what I am trying to say,
Folded are my hands to almighty every night to pray.
My mind counts numbers and alphabets to get some sleep,
It does so to console my heart, wound embossing in it is so deep.
Is it my fault that I have found true love in you..??
Yes I think its mine, cause you werent wrong, your feelings werent of deciet but of true.
But what can I do now if I cannot live, without talking to you.
If not love, would u give some minutes of your life.? please, only a few.
So that I can show you, what I used to say were not just words,
I want to marry you. Hey please dont pick up ear buds.!
When I try to forget all the time I spent with you, this cruel heart starts to murmur you name,
Oh **** I am unable to control myself, its such a shame.
But I am not a bad guy and wish for you to live happily with the person you love.
While Agony spreads from tip to toe and my heart gets freezed to see someone else with my dove.
Lorraine day Feb 2014
So many days and years gone by
So many times I wondered why
You went away
No words were said
Didn't know
If you were alive
Or dead
Other People
Played their part
In trying to remove you
From our hearts
They sewed the seeds
Of lies deciet
Hoping to severe
Our desire to meet
But they underestimated
The power of love
That guides my life
From god above
No fear of man
Nor mountain high
Can force us
To say
A last goodbye
Too much time spent
Too much love spread
For us to accept
Your long gone
We've found you now
We've met today
So much we found
We had to say
We held you close
We took the time
Lovingly placed
Your hand in mine
We've cared for you
From the start
A love that's difficult to part
Held you close
In heart and mind
Remembering this

(All who seek)
(Shall find) , !
Today I found my stepdad that had been taken away from our family at the age of 89 due to finance by his biological children who never visited him for 30 years not realising money means nothing to us compared to genuine love he was overwhelmed to see us and we had to track him down   Love conquers all in this case
Reina J Morris Jun 2013








**Creative Writings - Reina J. Morris
Joanne Berger Oct 2013
Tis a dark hour when the moon rises
Casting its cold shadow over our bleak house
I sit, resting in its pale aura
But unlike the cold moon my heart beat of a raging fire
One full of hatred and deciet
With every pulse I grow farther and farther away from my faith Because sitting in this moonlight I can hear him calling,
"Come hither"
"Come hither"
Through the fire within I race towards the moonlight
Only to be stopped by the lord himself
In this moonlight I cry out, "I am not to be stopped by thee, lord!" Tis then I jump
From the balcony railing I sat upon
Falling the Lord warns me of my fate
But I am not worried because the fire in me is starting to die
The torment would Freeing me of the burden of second chances As the ground comes near I can't help but smile
Even as I displeased the Lord
For the moonlight knew what was best
Njunju boo I adore you I do
Was it all written that you'd have me smitten
The ugly beautiful shows me the lies and deciet
The beautiful ugly shows me naked pictures of your body covered in sheets
How can my hands touch the hologram of you?
Is your heart a see-through?
Can I walk in and fill the room?
Shower you with warm aura and clean off lust odour
Busk in the moment of being in the ocean of love
Swim in the constellations, we'll be the stars
Our souls singing, music coming from our hearts
Journey into the far away, never see the end of day
Make love in eternal sunset
And sleep well in the colours of romance
Carried by the muse that keeps us in tune
I, me and you.
Lucanna Jan 2013
If I were a poet
I would know the
to describe
how it feels
the moment I open my eyes
and realize
it was but a fleeting dream
I don't even remember what you look like
in this physical world
only a blurred image
residing in REM

If I were a poet
I could print the whispers
and wonders
and describe with diction
The raging burning battle
with my conscience
that created such
bruising and anger and irritation

the scars those thoughts have left me
They rise
with each moment of intimacy
even after forgiveness
has been mouthed over      and over       and over again

If I were a poet I'd
have the most beautiful acceptable

But alas
I am no poet
or pious princess

Nothing ceases
It's always there reminding me
a personal private world
of pain

I beg you
Die with all of
last years deciet
do not                                         follow me.
The burdens of a heavy conscience.
It doesnt make you a man when you raise your hand and say look baby im bout to make you understand because she opened her mouth and used her voice and yall didnt agree or make the same choice doesnt make you a man when you go out cheat honestly homeboy you just accepted defeat you tell her your sorry there wont be a repeat she falls for your lies and all your deciet baby open your eyes and begin to see that hes not a man he truely is weak he'll try to cover it up by being all sweet he'll do things he never does like rubbing your feet and youll fall right back in when you need to retreat kuz no women alive deserves to be beat
Tammy M Darby Aug 2013
Costumes though they be many
A changeling you will never be
Your world is that
Of shadows and ghosts
Bearing down upon you
Revenges weight

Of hearts blood spilled
In rivulets of red
Sadness and fear
A shadows tear

Laid low
Forced to bow and kneel
Your king
Took your hand and led
You followed blindly
As the dark ones began to sing

Now you regret
Deeds without thought
In the web of deciet
The souls you caught

Bitterness replaced the need of covet
The rewards of cruelty
Lives laid to waste
Sipping the wine
Turned to vinegar
How do you like its taste

Voices of the shadows dripping sweet with promises
It will be the sounds that take root in your mind
Now full of coin you have attained the status sought
How truly little you have gained

So shall your life
Pass through hells gate
The game is over
The shadows await

This poem is copyrighted and stored in author base. All material subject to Copyright Infringement laws
Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S512(c)(3), Tammy M. Darby

— The End —