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If for one second you thought I forgot about world war 1
if for one second  you thought I forgot about the war of Vietnam
can't we see that war doesn't solve none of our problems
so while you sit at home saying how great your country is
take a step back and look at the destruction we give
if for one second you thought I forgot about world war two
if for one second you thought this poem  was about you
then you hear what I'm saying and I'm calling on you
this ***** gotta stop
but wait it's fine its not happening over here your just apart of the problem and while this **** still here
I use serve my country and realized I'd be come a killer that every bullet in my quiver would rip through a body causing shrapnel splinters
I have no faith war because It hasn't solved ****
its just a money making scheme and our taxes play a part in it
if for one second you thought I forgot about 9/11
if for one second you thought I forgot about the war in Iraq
cant we see that this country doesn't have our back
Were next on the list and I really hate to say it but this country ain't **** but someone had to say it!
Had to say it!
The things I see with my own two eyes
I mean to me its really no surprise drugs and prostitution to my left and my right
cops killing people in the  middle of the night its a  crazy crazy  world and I can see that I'm blessed
can't really let my mind be frustrated with stress
I see people in the world putting there life to the test
and I'm just out here sipping on my drink trying to figure out what's best or if I am next on the list to give in to the stress
body all sweaty but she thinks I am fresh
don't think of the past keep those feelings compressed
I see world full of unlimited possibilities so who really knows what's next
so do I see or am I blind and in the future moments what will I find
I mean in this moment I am feeling just fine just on a quest to claim whats mine  
couldn't stand the military or stand in a line
I seen a path  for my feet and it was all just mine
chasing after life is one hell of a climb but at the top will I be satisfied
two promises in life which is you live and you die so how do I wanna spend the rest of this time
so many questions I ask and the answers are mine my philosophy of laugh now cry later is what I have found
so many people shake your hand with the daps and the pounds
only in the next few moments they are putting you down I'm king of the world but I'm not wearing a crown
so many say there happy but inside they just frown
I see a world with a square table but with me its round
i don't know where I'm going but I won't hold you down
I knew this was coming just didn't know how
Now it all makes sense and I just gotta let it out sometimes I just sit around and laugh at myself because we'd all just be lying if we said we didn't need our help!
Books to be read but they just sit on the shelf  people say there real but most are just ELF's
we lie so much because we've been lied to so much I mean cant we see enough is enough!
Jah be with you!
the fright to not write is what holds me back
but this gonna stop imma let the pen go let my thoughts feelings expression flow
let it be my muse my love my ups and my downs on this pad imma let y'all ****** know
if its me myself and I then **** it imma fly
just be me  with no need for reply
I feel I'm more of an observer on this planet
I dnt hate the world or the people that are in but it seems everyone's out to use you or change you to there advantage  
honestly I can't stand it
something in me is jus repulsed with the  our current society
am I apart of the change or am I just like everyone else
I mean we all are the same but different in ways every person is unique with so many talents displayed
I hear people talk about being a part time slave and in this day in age its the politics and mass corporations who are our owners but all this has had to happen for the new chapter of life
I will not bow to a man because of his stripes you are not my ruler I mean how could you be
I'm looking for a god but **** no one can show me
so imma just do me my spirit is calling
I dnt know how I got to this place but I believe I have purpose and a calling
to love again is not something I see in the future
because looking at people is like watching an animal show on discovery we are wild ****** passionate emotional  beings teachers and learners  
but easily brain washed by what we see and hear on TV
I dnt see democrats or Republicans I dnt see white black Mexican Chinese gay straight or bi with my eyes I see human beings
I see one race I see one love I see culture but in this world all we see is the color of someone's skin or there sexuality and if it's not like us then we judge them relinquish the judgement and open your eyes to the human race and realize we are all one!
We are 1
Life is a journey with so many hurdles sometimes I wanna hide in my shell but I'm no ninja turtle  
wet these ****** up like squirtle breaking out like fat hidden up under a gurtle
looking at life in amazement when tree comes around yeah sometimes I wanna blaze it
poetry is passion so my life I dedicate it they can take away my freedom but not what I write nor what I think  
I'm going crazy say I need to see a shrink so they can shrink me down to agree with what they think
you have your version of the truth but then again everyone does so who can say I'm wrong just me kuz I'm the one who made it up
Me the pen and whoever else wants to join in
I dnt know what it is about her but I'm hella intruged I can't put my finger on it but for some reason I'm  amused  
its like she knows what I'm thinking without me reveling the proof
I'm trying to think of the next move as if I have a plan but all I'm doing is over thinking
I gotta ease up and jus let things fall into place what is meant for me will be mine without the effort of thinking  or judging
I need to open my eyes wide and just be grateful  life will flow relationships will come and go
I just need to be graceful with the life force flow
I am strong enough to handle everything that comes my way
so although im trying to figure her out there's no need to stress no need to wonder kuz whats meant for me will be mine no matter what I'm thinking so its a relief to know that jah is in control!
You got me outta my element going to library's and reading books
dam you may be some sort of heart stealing crook
but that's OK if I'm being robbed at least its by you
I'm smiling as I write this said I need inspiration to write and everyday I've been with you it flows like the Nile  
I can be myself around you I feel as if there's nothing to hide you wore my  hat and that's something so small but I really I liked  
you've  opened up to me and I've opened up to you  and that's not something I normally do
funny thing is I've only just met you.
People stared as if I'm not suppose to be with you but that only draws me closer and makes me want you your young but
I would think your my age
I dnt know where we are but it feels like the same page
as we sat at the park and geese came up I liked how you ran to me and climbed up my arm
my thoughts were racing and I just wanted to kiss  I dnt know how else to put it but I think I  like this
the weird thing is your not really my type but then again what is my type it really doesn't matter kuz it just feels right  
and i haven't had these feelings for quiet some time!
What are you up to do I really wanna know or should I jus not ask questions and let the feelings flow  don't wanna be hurt again or be cast in the snow I know how it feels when the flowers won't grow
but the little things you do I really  like  

who knows what's coming

I guess that's all up to the father of time!

Omw from class we stopped at the park
the geese were out the sky was blue
we swang on the swings it was jus me and you
now I dnt know where this going but everything is cool you make me laugh and your smile truly compliments you
I held your hand but it wasn't my plan hope she doesn't feel that I'm going to fast
hearts been broken but that's somewhere in the past you made me realize I was never important to my ex
I met you day ago and you've already helped me so much but I jus wanna take my time there's no need to rush
when you read this poem I hope that you blush  
you seem like a girl with whom I can entrust dam
I guess its true I may have a bit of a crush
now I dnt wanna be a fool but if so its cool
I mean I'll still see you around or maybe at school
If you couldn't tell I'm a Lil shy holding your hand did make the butters fly but I don't know what that means but at least I tried
Didn't see today nor yesterday coming but it feels right!
To someone of importance!
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