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Ricardo Jimenez Apr 2010
There’s a reason why I’m scared,
It’s because all I’ve done is be unprepared,
If I fall down now, it would be the end of my repair,
So I fight it all for the time when I’m born again,
Right now I’m in a place where I don’t want to be
Without a trace of pride or humanity
Stuck in a place that doesn’t suit me
In this situation it’s true that I’m afraid
That each day that passes is another day I’ve thrown away
I look around myself and all I see is the waste that I’ve created
And turned into my grave
It’s so dark and lonesome it makes me full of self pity
But like I said before,
It’s where I don’t want to be
So I fight for the day when I’m free from myself
A day when I’m happy and free from my hell
It gives me hope to see all the future will bring me
And that one day soon, I’ll be free from my  animosity
Ricardo Jimenez Mar 2010
Here is where I am
in a body disproportionate to my mind
and I don't understand
why I cant leave that behind

I still feel like a kid
in my sophomore year of school
just laying in my bed
and feeling like a fool

and then doing the daily grind
from four to eleven
always working my *** off
till my soles start bleeding

come back home
feeling tired and abused
just want to be left alone
and watch some cartoons.
Ricardo Jimenez Mar 2010
To enter into my world
close your eyes for a second
fill your ears with laughter
and picture a green pasture
filled with long grass and tall trees
create a perfect blur sky above it
then make perfect white clouds just below it
now picture a city tall and grand
with people and street lamps and cars and such
now it's being overrun by sand
flames the size of great buildings
burning the green to a wasteland
dead bodies strewn about the floor
a tap tap tapping at your bedroom door
a large axe crashing through the wood
you get up, run, and jump right out the window
you're falling now, through the empty black sky
you don't know how to save yourself, then suddenly a light
appears before your very eyes, then wham!
you hit the floor, you don't know how you survived
living in this burning wasteland is your life
surviving in it is your strife.
Ricardo Jimenez Mar 2010
I have a lot of scattered memories
of me hanging out with you
You are the first person who helped me to open up
and you listened to my views

mostly our talk was inconsequential,
just chitchat between friends
we'd be on the bus or in the park
just talking into the blue

but in those talks
there was something more for me
you showed me I was worthy
not a worthless human being.

It gave my face a brighter smile
and my life a whole new meaning,
I am truly grateful for that short time
that i was friends with you
This is about a girl I knew during my Freshman year of high school.
Ricardo Jimenez Mar 2010
When the world fades
I am all alone in the
nighttime with no one
to guide me
Through this dark abyss
of the apple of my eye
I give to you the secret of my life
Im better thatn those in whom
you place your trust
dont lie to me
I can hear your soul
It rings of deciet
Ricardo Jimenez Mar 2010
I was brought here upon a cloud of unfairness
a cloud which I tried to undo
with hammer and pickaxe I toiled away,
but then I fell through
Into a sea of despair
which the cloud had brought down
in torrents and waves
it forced me to drown
I was still, and unbreathing
Like a dead person should be
emotionless and unfeeling
thats how they described me
This was done a few years ago, I don't quite remember when I wrote it,
but it was a time when I was feeling down and had the rare impulse to
let it out creatively.

— The End —