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The world is an oyster at best
Love tranquility as the heart begins to beat inside your chest
Hold dear those who love the best
Do not abandon but encourage the rest
Love one another its just a test
Who then leads if not from within the crest
Life is precious and the wind is calm upon the waves
Love never fails to free the slaves
Who then controls the mind
One can say we must be kind
Touch the soul and remember the real gold
Its never bought or even sold
These are the legends that have already been told
This is why the world is never cold
Learn to love what is lost
Because there is no cost
Regain the faith of the words in deed
These are the heavenly seeds.
Johnny Apple Seed had an axe too.
I often wonder why winter tastes so sweet
yet then I fear not the summers heat
If I faulter how can one mend
or how then will I find the ways to bend
Try not the things we ought not
but embrace the things often sought
Feeling felt we sometimes ignore
fearful of what might be behind that door
But cherish what you never sell
for it's value only time will tell
For Corine
There are no words for the love I have for you. An emotion I thought was familiar suddenly has become unfamiliar and brand new. If time were a language we could express I would know the words to paint such a masterpiece in my mind as beautiful as you. If the future could be told It would only spoil the time it takes to portray a life perfected spent with you. Although I have taken few moments to watch the sun rise I know none of them were as beautiful as the sparkle of life I see in your eyes every time i wake to look at you. You reach deep into my heart with every warm embrace. A place i reserved for company only such as you. Only in my wildest dreams would i ever have thought love was unsettling as I find I could never truly settle for anything less than you. If only my mind were as vast and spacious as the home my heart has built for you. You would know just how much I truly love being forever in love with you.
I felt you in a space that no one else can find,
Expressed things that weigh beautifully upon my mind,
Touched by your thoughts I can barely comprehend,
I find myself exposed to a brand new kind of friend,
My mind silenced by the sound of my heart beginning to beat,
I felt lost and yet found while attempting to find my feet,
And as you revived the parts of me I never knew,
Or maybe even forgotten waiting on something true,
How can I express what I've never known,
Or begin in what I've never been shown?
Without question the answers sought never to be found,
Without words you gave me something more profound,
Wonderfully written upon my heart I find them everyday,
Yet still I search for the right words to say,
Now I reflect in the wonder of how I could be so small,
Realizing you showed me how I need not words at all,
Without question... One day I opened my eyes and began to see,
Your heart was beautiful enough to finally find me.....  
  For the love of my life ... Feb. 2 2017
When my eyes can not see I will listen to her heart
When my soul begins to feel what hers cannot express
when my tongue is tied and can not speak
to what sometimes my arms might not be able to reach
when a loving embrace can not cut quite as deep
when the fire burns yet yet the path is steep
when direction has become a mystery and has no place
and time has forgotten everything but this place
when destiny calls but has been delayed
and life has left you feeling tricked or betrayed
when sadness has blinded you in distress
and everything seems as if it's a mess
when the troubles of the world have fallen upon your path
and wont let up till it leaves an aftermath
when our words are clouded and didnt quite come out right
and paradise is missing and were alone somewhere in this night
when fear has hidden what truth is already made known
and 2 souls carry what cannot be shown
It is then I will be reminded love withstands throughout any storm
because with a little rain everything is made clean taking its previous form
when passion rises and love withstands
sadness can never withhold from love's demands
and the beauty of for better or worse
isnt what some say is a blessing or a curse
the truth is that no matter what today might send
tomorrow were still lovers and together in the end
sometimes life might bring you flowers or maybe a memory of some forgotten discourse
but cast aside your fear and remember love is the strongest and most powerful awesome force
if today was tomorrow or even tomorrow was today
I might even know what it is I have to say
but since sometimes our words might not come until tomorrow and not today
Ill just love you in silence kneel down and pray
because the Lord already knows what we want to really say
'I love you baby and its all going to be OK"

Lets just chalk it up to one of those days.
there will always be pain passion and play
but what really matters is what you think about at the end of the day
finding hope peace love and tranquility
call it lucky if you have that ability
but practice daily with humility
as without it there can be no civility
life is not taken given or achieved
never close your eyes or be deceived
life is always changing and growing
life is practice as you could never become all knowing
so keep a smile as you continue growing
and remember there's never enough practice to ever stop showing
something you cannot see or touch but still feel
so keep your chin up and keep it real.
Is that a sparkle I see in your eyes
or the fire of your heart's desire
is it the smile on your face that takes me to that place
or just the warmth of your sweet embrace
is it the cold of winter that draws you near
or something else without words that speaks so clear
without eyes we notice such an extraordinary thing
when one's heart and soul begins to sing
a tender touch not felt but felt so deep
its these moments we desire to keep
when the mind joins in harmony a symphony starts to play
and the sun rises to a brighter day
burning with desire it all begins to melt
all together now with that eternal moment seldom felt
a treasure so precious how did i ever find
that special moment eternal upon my mind.... J.P.K. 1/20/2013
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