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uzzi obinna Oct 25
Consider it a blessing that you see the morning sun,
Although it might hurt, sting and burn,
Put on your running shoes and get set to run,
Go out to the fields and cultivate your corn;

Consider it a success that you hit a rock,
Those who sit and fold hands get hit by rocks,
Because you ran and hit a rock,
Is a clear sign that you are not stuck;

Running with tight shoes will definitely hurt,
Running without them will expose you to bruises and cuts,
In the end you will certainly find a worth,
For the pain endured, sacrifice and hurt

Consider it a blessing when you see the sunset,
It is a privilege for you to give yourself rest,
In whatever you may call your nest,
From the labour and toil of doing your best.
uzzi obinna Jul 2018
Sometimes I wonder if am an angel or another lousy fool,
And I wonder if am God's right hand or another one of his tools,
I once thought this world would end before I'll ever be a man,
Well here we are in this sick world but I guess it's his perfect plan;

When sudden daylight comes our way then we act like we've been bold,
We also forget how bad it was in the darkness and in the cold,
There's no shame in recalling our past while we focus far ahead,
Because then we are reminded to keep-on and not fall down instead;

So then I am not an angel and I am not a fool,
I'm only a wise man who likes to play it cool,
Although, this world may never end even now that I'm aman,
And no matter how sick this world may be, I'll always have a perfect plan.

So do your homework and do it right,
Because what is worth doing is worth doing right,
And unless you've got another perfect plan,
Don't waiver because you will and you can.
uzzi obinna Jul 2018
Everytime we go back in time,
We hung out there,
Everytime we rise up on our feet,
We begin to fear,
There are things worth remembering
There are also things worth forgetting.

There are pictures of our past and we are trying hard to erase them,
There are pictures of the future and we try to ignore them,
There are wrongs that we can't undo,
But there are ways to make it through:

In the end will you accept if I handed you flowers,
In the end if we win or lose, the quest is ours,
In the end there is no life with no past and a future,
In the end only us can decide what we want on our picture;

So come with me and baby be mine,
So come with me to the end of time,
Where we'll both build a world,
Our world With no righteous god.
This is talking about how 3rd parties can be damaging to relationships. Inasmuch as it's important to speak to someone outside a relationship it's also important to do so wisely
uzzi obinna Mar 2018
We write of the past and eternity,
We bridge the gap between gods and man,
We set the pace for the successful,
We work in ways almost impossible to decern;

Where is the love of my life?
Why is she hurting deeply?
Who has attacked her with bitterness and strife?
Who is it that will not let her be?

"We came eating and drinking,
You called us gluttons", he said;
"We also came fasting,
You said we have demons",he said

If only the joy of life could reside in your heart,
If only you could forget the pains of tomorrow,
If only your eyes are opened wide to see,
If only you can see that your words hurt more than an arrow;

We saw the light and brought it to you,
We broke the boundaries of time and space,
We lead the way for both man and spirits,
Yeah, We built pyramids to commune with the other race;

Love is everything but you make light of it,
Your voice is all i desire for my hurting heart to heal,
Your assurance of hope my spirit long desires;
A soft touch of comfort not a hand of steel;

We bring the angels to guide the departed,
We wipe the blood from their bullet wounds,
We give peace to those you have abused,
Yeah, we do so as your mortar resounds;

"I will not die today, in her last breath, she says
There lay she in her lovers arms,
I am coming with you, he says bleeding too,
I'll forever wish that i saved you from harm;

The angels stand and watch wearily,
What more can they do for you?
They have ministered unfailingly,
Endlessly watering i and you.

You can not be lonely where you go,
We shall walk on the streets of paradise,
Away from these bullets and guns,
To a place colored by the beauty in your eyes.
uzzi obinna Jan 2018
if only the world was as beautiful as the sound of these music,
oh, how peaceful we would be- just how lovely,
if only the expression of heart break in songs makes the pain easier,
singers won't take their own life- yes they'll become happy;

do they sing those words, screaming for help, for help from us?
all we do is dance, reminisce, criticize and fantasize for the satisfaction of our souls;
many have come, many have gone, their carcasses lying in graves,
yeah, some fans cry while others criticize as if mockery is their only goal;

if i was your lover, would you have died on me?
if i was your friend, could i have been of help?
maybe yes, maybe not or maybe you'll still think that dying would set you free;
or maybe yes, maybe not, maybe i would inspire you to make one more living step;

if only love could be as true as the love songs we hear,
we would be watching the sunset with the type of lovers we always desired;
if only, yes if only we had one more chance to make it right,
maybe we would go back to that high school boy or girl whose sincere love we defiled;

i wish that the world is as beautiful as these songs i hear,
i wish that we could all be happy and that our race wouldn't matter;
will there be a day when we will make living less complicated for one another?
so that in the end, when these songs play, our troubles would truly be over.
dedicated to all the wonderful singers and writers who took their on life and those who died of drug related circumstances. i love you all. only you understand your struggles. peace be upon you.
up at 11:32 pm in Brisbane, Australia
*these are just a few among many who have passed on
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