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badtaste May 6
there something in the way
a part in a destructive path
that blocks pain but starts to drain
the colors of your personality
Desire Mar 8
Help me
to obey
You more
and share
Your word
with others.
May what I say mentor to them and reveal Your many wonders.
Give them faith to trust in You as You reveal Your many truths. Transform our hearts to love all others the way love was shown by You... All
but God
his own
love for
us in this:
while we
were still
Christ died
for us.

[Romans 3:23... Romans 5:8]
Scarlett Feb 3
I'll melt down my fingerprints
smear my identity across your face
embedding lines of original blueprints
I'm there in the wrinkles of your disgrace

              ­         what
                                             ­ ----t-a-k-e-n---
a       w       a         y
melt and harden, disfigured like my soul
Deb Jones Jan 4
When I was a child

Some of the most judgmental and unkind People I ever met were on church pews
Every Sunday with a Hymnal
And a Bible in their hands

I didn’t know how some people
Were able to disassociate their own Shortcomings and cruelty
From their religious
Obligations and convictions
But many were able to do just that

But as a child I couldn’t reconcile
The child abusers
The pedophiles
The rapists
The drug traffickers
The thieves
The alcoholics
The cheaters
The liars

From the people that stood at the pulpits.
The ones I was told to emulate.
The minister
The reverends
The deacons

The word minister embodies
Loving protection

The word reverend invokes
Reverence and inspiration

Doesn’t it?

I was a young adult
Before I realized
Church is for sinners
By that time organized religion
For me?
Was black and soiled.

Here I am now.
I fling mantras out into the world
Of love, hope, compassion,
Good health

I recently walked into
A cathedral in Ireland and cried.
I felt the weight of time and
Countless generations of believers.

Working in the medical field
And specializing in pediatrics
Holding a one pound baby
In my hands
Months before even
The parents were allowed to touch them
I sincerely believe in miracles
I see them almost every day

My church is in my head
Buddhism is in my heart
And in the actions of my hands
The words in my mouth
What my ears hear
The soothing of my soul

The meals I help serve the homeless
The blankets I spread on their cots

I bow my head and listen to prayers
Wherever they are offered
I quietly whisper
My wishes
Into an unknown ear  

I don’t judge many people anymore
My childhood is past
I learned valuable lessons
And peace is mind at last

That doesn’t mean I trust
Easily or broadly
It just means I am an adult
And am responsible

There is some good
In almost everyone
I don’t say that out of naivety
I have danced with monsters

But that’s another tale...
Beanie Dec 2018
oh, sinning girl,
bless me in your image,
cup my face in your hands,
pierce my soul with your eyes.

oh, sinning girl,
you put a spell on me,
took me into your charm,
wicked and sly.

oh, sinning girl,
i’m on my knees for you,
you’re holy to me,
more divine than heaven itself.

oh, sinning girl,
place your hands on mine,
they say palm to palm is a holy kiss,
and kissing you can’t be a sin.

oh, sinning girl,
you’re from the house of the rising sun,
deep down in New Orleans,
but girl you’re just a sunrise to me.

oh, sinning girl,
they’re after your head,
you aren’t holy to them,
you’re made of fire and brimstone.

oh, sinning girl,
touch me one last time,
let me remember your holiness,
oh, sinning girl.
message me if you know where the line "palm to palm is holy palmers kiss" comes from, it was the (obvious) inspiration for "they say palm to palm is a holy kiss"!
astraea Sep 2018
today is this first time i’ve ever really,
wanted to pray.

i’m so afraid, because you’re all i can think about.
it’s all you, and the other things,
they’re important but you, you’re there.

and who would answer me?
what would they say,
when they found a girl, who always wanted to pray,
pleading and asking for clarity.

what would heaven say?
the ground beneath my feet,
seems unstable,
so take my hand and pull me up and let me see the clouds.

help me run, help me fly,
and rid me of these feelings
-this confusion. because i want us to just love.

and if someone else answered,
i’d walk all the way down and ask.
maybe you’d give me help, or i’d find sinners along the way.

we’re both sinners, because our muses (not us) told us we were something else
-beyond the way humans believe. beyond belief.
so, what would think of me my knees,
just wondering something about you.
sort of inspired by supernatural and my curiousity
AntiFemale Aug 2018
The rise and fall of your chest
Is a fluctuation that puts me to rest .
I’m at ease when you breathe .

Your body is a temple
And I’m tempted to yank at every angle
I want to birth sin in this home.
The art of constancy in change .
A persistent fluctuation.
“Honey, let me fix that -
You've got your perfidious smile buttoned up all wrong
I couldn't remove her lipstick from your shirt,
Unfortunately it's on your heartless sleeve

This is your last tie, don't cut this one as well
Refrain from wearing these pants again, just give it to her
Maybe that way she'll stay out of yours
And here's your socks, your feet has been cold for a while now

Put on your new shoes, I hope it fits,
Since you can't place yourself in my shoes
I wiped your glasses this morning,
Maybe that way your wandering eyes won't mistake her for me

Your integrity is in the last drawer of your wardrobe
It's been in there for a while now
Oh, and I see your watch is broken
Maybe that's why you don't have time for me

Don't forget your coat of sympathy on your way out
I put a bit of empathy in its pockets
There, now you're all dressed to succumb to sin
Have a lovely day, honey” ~ Demi.M Potts
For the adulters: Imagine you're on your way to work and your wife recites this poem.
Arcassin B May 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

The heavens could not see the poverty stricters.
The Heavens could not see the one percenters.
The heavens could not see the astral projectors.
A man has to be what he is and go through this ******* with
geo storm weather,
where does your purpose come from?
Do you have a future goal on what you wanna be , something that you elevate from?
easy to be ridiculed for the passion of ignorance,
the negative wins thats why the world preferenced,
especially in race,
I love every race just as much as you do, If its hate in your mind,
then you can do you,
A man has to be what he is,
a God fearing man with more or less to give,
even all the weight he can lift,
There's not enough men in this world to make a woman feel like she
needed to live,
but must never ever ever forsake our gift , curious  to know
and wondering if,
wondering if,
  The heavens could not see the poverty stricters.
The Heavens could not see the one percenters.
The heavens could not see the astral projectors.
A man has to be what he is , better get it together.
sunprincess Dec 2017
A hypocrite is a hypocrite
and a sinner is a sinner

I believe a sinner does what he wishes
seven days a week

And a hypocrite does what he wants
six days a week
and goes to church to repent on Sunday

And then we have those who call themselves

In their own eyes they are Christians
They can do no wrong,
only find fault in others

And you ladies call yourselves Christians
I'm not so sure when you speak
of the pastor's wife that way

I believe she can wear anything she likes
including those tight leather pants
Cause it's her perogative
Jealous women at church speaking ill of the pastor's wife

Shame on you
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