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Elizabeth Kelly Nov 2021
It’s the early morning that does it for me

I don’t mean to seek it
But I am sought in these quiet empty-full hours -
All or nothing out-with-the-bath-water seclusion.

(Delusions of liqueur
Every flavor of azure)

Oh god what I would give to extend the great expanse of 4am, ribbon slick and taut as a ******

And me, warm and creative.

It’s the early morning that does it for me

I’m staying up with a song.



Eyes and lips and abandoned ships
Mirages of **** below long, fluted throats
Gliding between notes
and me too

Ready to drown you.

(It’s the early morning that does it for me)

As you give yourself over to the caresses of the mistress
and dream of flying over perfect fields of wheat

and then land

and then wake


disappointed to find
a cold pillow where a head should be asleep

I release my held breath and meet you
Half way

I was singing
I say
And collapse in a heap

Wet hair
Bare feet
It’s dawning and day

Closing my eyes
Sunset at sunrise
Holding onto a secret key

I dream of the sea
A nice dream
amme Oct 2021
The human of all spiecies
The salt of all spices
The electrons to something bigger
The consiousness to the bigger picture.

How much code do you have to optimize to be able to store the human figure?
Do you have enough money in your bank account to secure the last drop of the pitcher?
Take away an infinite-number of amounts it will never really differ.

The proof is in the pudding but even with the key to success,
some people will wish to turn back into beginners
while others can not afford to enjoy that X-mas dinner.

The recipe shows we are prone to be sinners...
Marthea Flores Oct 2021
she lives inside a cage,
but he wanted her to fly.

he knows it was deranged,
but she wanted them to try.

they know they couldn't. 
they know they shouldn't.

they both know it was misdemeanor,
they both know they were sinners.
Morgan Starr Oct 2020
My daddy was no saint,
My momma was no sinner.
Both are things that I ain't,
I'm somewhere in the middle.
Somewhere lost between
Heaven and Hell.
Somewhere unforeseen,
A unique blend to compare.
Everyone used to speak
The rhyme of my last name.
A rhyme oh so bleak,
It brought tears to my eyes.
It once went:
A Starr
I are.
A Saint
I ain't.
But now I know,
How far from the truth it fell.
A saint I may not grow,
But how far from the sinner's child I am.
Lane O Sep 2020
Black rosary beads
Holy prayers uttered to God
Penance for my sins
Wilder Aug 2020
Sometimes I wonder
How someone could ever call something so incredibly beautiful
A sin

Check your bible my friend
Your translation is twisted
We're all sinners

Equal in the eyes of God

Did you forget
His entire thing
Is loving us All

So say it's a sin. Tell the world how you hate us
(Hate is a sin)
Say you're not one of "those homophobic people"
But tell me it's wrong
Right to my face

My friend, you've become
My enemy
But I will love you
(God says that's something we all should do)

So I will pray earnestly
For the day
You realize I'm "one of those awful sinners"
And maybe you too
Will understand and accept my God
(Because he accepts and loves Everyone)

Until then,
I won't tell you if I get a girlfriend
(But I swear I'll love her)

And I'll expose your children
To all the "horrors of this earth"
(Because I believe they're beautiful)
And really, how could anyone call something so beautiful
a sin
"Love covers a multitude of sins" (:
(Also this is the fourth poem I've posted today? I think? So oops didn't mean to spam, just have a lot of feelings today) :D
TheWitheredSoul May 2020
I kind of believe nature. Nature had decided to hit the reset button 5 times. Now the sixth i don't think nature had anything to do with corona

Its just us,Humanity as a whole paying for all the sins that we committed or its just another game by the underworld to  profit the hidden communors and crème de la crème.

Either way humanity doesn't deserve to be alive, for all the resources that we have and all that we salvaged in the few thousand years, we just rotted to become worse than what we were.
Long live the planet.
Myka Apr 2020
I've written and read
poems about the stars
and how they were
so fascinating,
and ultimately,

I've heard stories
about angels and saints;
Their goodness,
nobility and purity,
serving as epitomes
of what Man could
and should be.

But the saints,
they were once sinners
and there are angels
who fell from grace.
Stars that turned
into black holes,
nothing is safe.

Falling is inevitable,
even for the untouchable,
and what we believe to be
unreal and ethereal.
She said, "Not even the stars are safe in the sky."
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