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Anne Cameron Jun 2010
I be the shadow on your wall.

Look in to my eyes.

Are you ready to play?

Save your breathe.


Open your mind to me.

Allow me in.

Only the strongest will survive me.

I will go beyond the surface of your closed mind.




Till you show me the way in.

You scream my name.

They echo within your head.

I play a horrific game,

   and it has yet to begin...

Be mine, let me in...

Anne Cameron Jun 2010
Thoughts roll in my head.

Uncontrolled and mixed.

A heavy darkness surrounds me.

Calling out my name

Complete fear, tears are falling.

My eyes are sore and red.

Lost.... Confused.

Feeling dead.

Pulled from all sides.

Broken in the middle.

Why should I be in fear of my own thoughts and feelings.

My point of view is different...

Why must it always be questioned...?

Lost.... and Confused......

Anne Cameron Jun 2010
Day by day
Night by night
Kiss by kiss
Touch by touch
Step by step
I fall in love
A love so vivid
So unique
So wild,
A passion so deep
A need so necessary
A want so strong
The universe would not handle
I love you today
I’ll love you tomorrow
I’ll love you forever

Anne Cameron Jun 2010
Your voice in the air calls to me...
It is time to sleep.
Rest my weary body.
To calm my soul and spirit.
Arms around you holding you tight.
My head rests upon your chest, listening to your heart beating.
Feeling your body stir.
A smile upon your face.
Your eyes bright, but sleepy.
A kiss upon your lips brings an unexpected glow to us both.
Want and need over takes sleep.
;..; V ;..;
Anne Cameron Jun 2010
You forget your friends Dream Weaver.
Forget us all and be alone...
We have always been here.
You have never been truely with out us.
Yet you leave us...
Remembering us only when need suits you best.
Your strength and power means nothing when your alone.
******* I know...
But Dream Weaver your wanted,
   you must know this or feel it?
Remember your friends.
We are only a step away.

V 03/22/10
Anne Cameron Mar 2010
Evil lurks within…
Something you may never see.
I am the good girl, you remember me!
All smiles and happy…
Kind and gentle…
Always a sweet and loving word…
Giving my all and never asking of much.

What hides beneath the cracks of this gentle face.
Is something most don’t know of.
Without care for your pain or your sorrow.

I cover it well!
I protect myself!
I let no one see within.
Why should I?
No one wants to see….
The evil that lurks within!

;..; V ;..; 03/08/10
Anne Cameron Mar 2010
I try…

I try to react  to what is happening.
I try to listen to my beat less heart.
I try to breathe, there is no air to pull from within.
I try to cry, but all that flows is tears of red.
I try to smile; these pointed teeth make me bleed.
I try to think, my mind is mush.
I try to see, there is only darkness and shadows.
I try to feel, there is nothingness
I try to love…
          They run… screaming.

;..; V ;..; /03/08/10
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