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Allyson Walsh Feb 2018
you ask unceasingly
for the warm crimson beating
hands outstretched

i keep him intertwined
with my comparative mind
to go

he received everything
in return, promised a ring
i kept
in haste

you desire little
make loving truly simple
i shake

he's but a memory
of failure and treachery
you are

what keeps me breathing is
no longer considered his
i rip
it clean
For Cooper

I want to trust you with my whole heart... and I can't unless I give it fully. I have to let go of my past hurt and love. I can't compare you to him. I can't let my wounds and fear control me. I won't anymore. I trust you to take care of me like he never could. I trust you to never hurt me the way he did. I'm leaping. I'm giving it to you. Take it... it's yours.
Allyson Walsh Sep 2017
you have cracked yourself open
like a shell-less egg
shown me the etched scars
on your tender flesh
unlocked your closet
revealed skeletons
unveiled completely
so tenderness could hold


i have been running water
soft and soothing to the touch
intent on mending the wounds
focused on bathing your cuts
strong enough to wash away
delicate enough to cleanse
a salve of healing and honey

Let me be your healing and honey.
Allyson Walsh Sep 2017
don't unzip my skirt
if it's merely for my sake
be honest with me
Allyson Walsh Aug 2017
tuck me under his salty seas -
a blanket tidal wave
let me wash upon his fleshly beach
to venture and misbehave

pull me just below his surface -
his mirrored tide pools
to submerge into his inky trenches
and lead me to the vestibule

guide me along his furrow -
his scars and phantom pains
then let him create in me his burrow -
his tender hiding place
For my human melatonin
  Jul 2017 Allyson Walsh
now we're in the backseat,
and my stomachs turning.
maybe i just want people in my life
in an un-romantic way.
i like to get under their skin,
and steal their souls story.
i love how everyone is different,
and i can't hate a single thing,
because it makes them human;
the girls who steal bikes at midnight,
and the guys who offer their apartment
out at night.
i find myself in the wrong crowd,
i find myself in these situations,
in the backseat,
with someone who's speaks a
language far from consent
and it's all desperation.
his hands on my neck,
and there's no attraction,
mentally he has a way of making
my head spin faster than the
and i'm not sure if i'm
kissing him sober,
or if the night itself is drunk,
and i'm waiting for the sun to shine
a light on my mistakes,
as it always does.
i take their stories, they take mine,
but i'm not sure what part of it's true.
the girl in the backseat,
the girl shaking,
the rigid lips and bites.
maybe we won't speak,
maybe he'll lecture me again,
for using my body as a token
to pay my way.
love is an expensive thing.
© copyright
Allyson Walsh Jul 2017
come as you are
flesh: scarred
pure tenderness
skin charred,

let down your guard
tongue tied

for your eyes only
For CW

I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys
Allyson Walsh Jul 2017
picturesque scene
toothy grin
caught in a dream
highly addictive sin

please pull me in
hands on hips
warm breath and skin
the moon and its eclipse

a hand to hold
chilling breeze
my heart to mold
both minds at ease
For CW

MLHLND - Clothes Off
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