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Emma Price Apr 16
Words trail around
in my head
with no semblance
of organization
no rhythm no rhyme
certainly no sense of time
and I long for
the perfection that used to be
where now I see only me
~much love
Emma Price Feb 18
what if we lived today
like there would be no tomorrow
no fear of the future in our way
even in the wake of great sorrow
~much love
Emma Price Jan 1
Nothing I haven't already been doing
but also become an aero engineer
Just keep loving people in every moment
but also get married
Engage with my surroundings as I always have
but also become a mother
Continue optimizing every moment
but also win a Nobel prize
Forever live all in, changing the world with every action, as I am now
but also get a PhD
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2020
I wanna be strong,
a rock when things go wrong

I wanna be well read,
a full library in my head

I wanna be happy,
unashamed of the way I'm sappy

I wanna be a musician,
an artist on a mission

I wanna be pretty,
speaking a language of witty

I wanna be vocal,
sharing what makes me hopeful

I wanna be all the beautiful things I see
without ceasing to be me
~much love
Emma Price Oct 2020
I don't wanna change history
I just wanna change the future so drastically
that I don't have to regret the past
because the now is passing  so fast
~much love
Emma Price Oct 2020
The music that renders me saddest
reminds me of the times I was happiest
~much love
Emma Price Oct 2020
There's so much that I can't say
that saying anything at all leaves me in dismay
~much love
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