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And I'll never forget all the times they said I wasn't good enough
because they made me become so much more than I was
~much love
The sounds we can't hear
are the ones we most fear
~much love
Emma Price May 22
the typical me
isn't the one you typically see
~much love
Emma Price May 22
I'm free, I'm free
she says to me
And the wind sings
as she spreads her wings
And the sun shines down
as happiness is found
for Tab, the most fab
~much love
Emma Price May 9
a promise, a plea
drowning in the sea
life, far from me
no roots to this tree

a promise, a plea
I've finally broken free
but that comes with a fee
the universe would agree

a promise, a plea
henceforward, simply
no connections to be
no happiness to see
~much love
Emma Price May 8
When will they truly see me?
I suppose not 'till after I learn how to be me.
~much love
Emma Price Apr 26
I wasn't looking for anything when I found you,
but now that you're lost, searching is all I can do
~much love
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