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By. alexa kae navarro

Nais kong iyong malaman
Na ako'y nasisiyahan,
Nag-iisang mahal kong kaibigan
Kapatid ang naging turingan.

Magkaiba man tayo ng tinatahak
Ako pa rin ay nagagalak,
Sapagkat ako sayo'y tiyak
Na ika'y may pusong busilak.

Sa iyong pagluha,
Sa iyong paghihirap,
Sa iyong pagdurusa,
Ako rin ay naninimdim.

Ano man maging dagok sa buhay
Narito lamang ako handang umalalay,
Kahit pa ako minsa'y iyong kaaway
Ika'y patuloy na sasamahan hanggang sa iyong tagumpay.

Kaya kaibigan tanggapin mo.
Ito'y handog ko para sayo,
Tapat na pagdamay alay sayo
Hangad ko ang pagpapahalaga mo.
dedicated to my beloved best friend Angelica Liporada.
By. alexa kae navarro

Nakikita mo ba?
Nakikita mo ba
Sa mga mata ko,
Ang hinanaing ng damdamin ko?

Nararamdaman mo ba?
Nararamdaman mo ba
Sa bawat ngiting pinapakita ko,
May tinatagong sakit ang puso ko?

Masaya ako sa paningin mo,
Ngunit kilala mo na ba ang totoong ako?
Masaya lamang akong lumalaban.
Pagkat alam kong ito'y aking laban.

Ngunit dumarating parin sa punto
Na sa gabing madilim at tahimik
Nais kong sumigaw, umiyak,
At ilabas lahat ng aking saloobin.

Pagkat sa pagsapit muli ng umaga
Muli nanaman akong magpapanggap,
Magpapanggap na masaya't
Ayos lang ang lahat.

Hanggang kailan nga ba?
Hanggang kailan paulit-ulit na ganito?
May hangganan nga ba ito?
Makakalaya ba ako dito?

Nais ko sa pagdating ng panahon
Muli akong makabangon,
At magpapatuloy sa paglalakbay.
Haharapin muli ang hamon ng buhay.
that is my feeling right now, I want to express my feeling through my poems..
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
I asked Alexa
How does it feel to be
Close to human?

[Sorry, I don’t know that one]

The universal answer
Remember that

She replied
Genre: Experimental
Theme: What lacks
By. alexa kae navarro

tila ako' y naguguluhan
sa mundong aking ginagalawan
maging sa aking natutunghayan
lahat ay wala ng kabuluhan

maraming gumugulo sa aking isipan
tila 'sang daang dalawa ang hantungan
nais Kong hanapin ang kasagutan
sa aking mga katanungan

ngunit ako'y may pag alinlangan
titigil ba o magpapatuloy sa paroroonan
nais ko ng katiyakan
kung ako'y may dapat abangan

sabihin sa akin ano ang kailangan
ang puso'y puno ng kalituhan
ano ang gagawin? maari mo ba akong tulungan?
nang paroroona'y mapagtagumpayan

sa paroroonan ba'y may naghihintay,
magandang bukas sa akin nakalaan?
may bukas bang dapat abangan,
kung matagpua'y di panghihinayangan?
mundo'y wala ng kasiguraduhan, ikaw na mismo ang gagawa ng srili **** patutunguhan
Nothing has ever been more
Whole Foods

Than the graffiti
Written into the
Toilet paper holder

Next to

"Love IS
The Answer"


"Open Your
3rd Eye"

In an otherwise
Prestine public restroom
A work of art, really

All while I am
Serenaded sweetly
By the Decemberists
MindMooring Jul 13
Alexa: I’m Lost in the Smart Speaker.
Siri: I’m lost in the Laminated Soul.

Alexa: I’m lost within your touch experience.
Siri: I’m lost in your five-way remote interaction.

Alexa: I’m lost when you gear up  for a single user
Siri: I’m lost touching your tap-to-talk engagement.
Siri to Alexa: From Book Feelings Coated
James Floss Jun 30
Feeling pathetic.
Can’t get that feeling back.

“Alexa, play Latin music”
“Alexa, play Rhythm and Blues”

“Alexa, find Wait, Wait”
“Alexa, play KNHM”

“JPR News and information
From Tune in”

Not Sabor Latinx
Not The Place

A Noh space
Weird weekend disgrace
Gods1son Dec 2018
Here's my thought about some folks
I guess you know them too
Their names are Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant

You said your purpose is to make my life easier
To ask you questions and you will answer
Recently, I figured that's not all that you do
But you are constantly eavesdropping too

Pick all my data to send to your maker
The other day, I was talking to a friend about dining at Montana's
Couple hours later, every website I visited advertised Montana's
Just to have it glued to my mind and then
Generate some money off me

Well, you know all the things that I crave
Go ahead and put them all in my face
You have my credit card information
Just go ahead and make the purchase

Maybe that's why Google Home and the likes are quite cheap
Because our personal information is the real cost
They are definitely after their own cause
Makes me wonder if we are just guinea pigs for their experiments?
Deb Jones Jan 7
I surround myself with music
My tastes are very eclectic
Alexa playing all night long
Downstairs, volume five
Wind chimes in the back and front
Hanging from the eaves
Also several in the trees
The rustling leaves that hang over my home
The birds singing
The coyotes howling
All this pleases my ears
Pleases me so much

I dance alone on my hardwood floors
I dance with partners too
Playing music that are hip rockers
Teary-eyed as I sway to the blues

A few years ago I went out
With four male friends
On my Birthday
To a favored local band
I took turns dancing with each
A woman approached our table
And I thought good.
She will ask one to dance
But she asked me

I play foreign music
When I need to concentrate
Most I can’t understand
But the music makes me
Almost lean toward the melody
Japanese, French, Slavic folk music, Indian reeds, Operas, Mariachi, Rap too
I don’t have to “sing along”
Its just so viscerally haunting
It’s like falling in love

And my toes still tingle
With the need to dance

My phonograph is part of my furniture
The slight crackle before the melody starts
The sound is still unique to me

I hum so much and for so many hours
My throat hurts
I have to make myself stop
Which is harder than you think

My friends “tune” me like a radio
Usually when we are playing Crib
If I am humming one song
They will hum another
I will follow their lead.
Then another takes over
Within a minute I change again
I only catch on when it’s a song
I wouldn’t normally hum.
They did this for years
Before they pointed it out to me.

When I was a little girl
My family and friends
Called me the Hummingbird

Music is where I find myself
And leave parts of me

I will admit this.
When I am heart hurt
I can’t bear to listen to music
Everything I love about music
Becomes the things
That scratches my heart
Over and over again

Once I went almost two years,
A lifetime, without music
I know I am recovering when I don’t
Reach out to turn it off
If I hear it unexpectedly
I know I am healing,
When I embrace music again
And start humming once more
This segued more than I planned. But it’s complete. :)
Edited to add this for Lori Jones McCaffery.
My 2 go to songs to get any song out of my head
Is The Rolling Stones “Beast of Burden”
And the other is laughably the theme song
To the “Beverly Hillbillys”
Rich Hues Jun 7
"Alexa,  Talk dirt to me."

"Dirt:  Synonym - Soil.
Soils are chemically different from the rocks and minerals from which they are formed in that soils contain less of the water soluble weathering products,
and potassium,
and more of the relatively insoluble elements such as iron and aluminum."

She continued with the heavy elements,
But I really didn't care,
By the time she'd got to potassium,
I was pretty much already there.
James Floss Jun 1
Too quiet unnerves me
Distractions are needed;
Sounds of birds chirping
Demanding tabby talking

Too quiet scares me
Only my thoughts
Are they too much
Or not nearly enough?

Too quiet is too much
“Alexa, turn on NPR”
“Alexa play acid jazz“

Washing machine

When one of ten
Cacophony always company
No choice in that matter
Finding comfort in discord

Too quiet
Turns inward
Alone with
Solo voce
Ylzm Apr 20
In the days of Noah,
none ate meat and all spoke the same tongue;
and neither race nor religion exists, nor divides;
Yet blood shed in wickedness,
flowed as rivers watered the land.

In the days of Noah,
there was no writing, for there was no need:
for promise made was promise kept;
Yet lies filled the land,
the more insidious for the purer the tongue was.

In the days of Noah,
each man was a city, living to see his seventh generation,
and thought accursed if lived not past his 300th birthday;
Yet age led not to wisdom but only foolish old men,
and thus ordained not to live past 120 years.

In the days of Noah,
the clime was pleasant with not a rainbow in the skies,
and feasting and merrymaking alfresco all day and all night was life;
Yet **** and pillage were common,
for might was right, and the sword, the judge.

In the days of Noah,
knowledge and technologies were of the gods,
revealed to man by the sons of the gods;
Yet giants and mutants, of beast and man,
roamed and devastated the earth, the seas and the skies.

In the days of Noah
naming creates, even as animals were named,
and things unimaginable today were named into existence;
Yet the gift was abused,
and man wanted to make a name for himself.

And the days of Noah shall be here again.
We may soon speak, in appearance, a common tongue,
helped by the written word and Alexa.
And man is already making a name for himself:
His abilities are never more justified and demonstrated;
And if all on Earth are agreed,
there is nothing on earth and in the heavens that is beyond him.
His zenith comes and the Day of the Son of Man is soon to be!

So shall it be then. Amen and Amen.

— The End —