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In the palm of my hand
The stone I stole
From your beach
Forgiving me
For taking it away
From the sand
That cradled it, the sun
That warmed it
The waves that washed
Over it
For thousands of years,
The sublime smoothness
Of its soul,
Not striving to be
A moon or stars
It just IS
Already part of
The grand order
Complete in the universe
In the oneness I yearn for.
Oh, shrill lark, just breathe. You rage too well.
Seek no comfort in wretchedness.

Renounce the gossamer moon, curse starlight
with a breathless voice - if you must - but let love be.

As the saddest tale fades after telling,
undistinguishable kisses fade like dewdrops.

Seasons alter, you will love again and love better
laughing unabashed, at the memory of this gentle injury.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Unabashed: undisguised and unapologetic.
Don't let me burn out again
as the dust of ash I can only
blow away
rather, be not that
but on fire
the only times
we got along
were when I
was your
You were so vibrant
back then
when we first met,
freshly painted
your true colors
wet and running
onto my smock
I didn't see you
back then, the way that
I do now

Sad how...
I had only brushed
over you
Appreciation means

Brittle and frail
Perception to perceptions
There lies perfection
It doesn’t lie
Stands perfect and tall
Much tug, Leads to fall
Maintains a standard
Not standard for all
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