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If you're happy alone, you'll be happier together....!
There's no type of affection that can fill the void in a person who doesn't love themselves already.
There's no independence in dependency.
There is no personal security in attaching yourself to a secure person.
Until you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you won't make healthy decisions about someone else....!
Last pt left....!
Falling off
she leaves,
leaves her tree
breaking free
of her majestic mentor
Falling over time,
leaving what she has
learned of truth
Carried upon a
cradle in a breeze,
Tossing about in
crisp, edgy, crimson,
swaying, whirling, dancing
look at me, love me
there is no such thing

When you fear living
you die from within
The sky is crumpling
into blue confetti and
fluffy white ash
joyless celebration of lies
we inhale, backwards
while precious Earth
rotates in disguise
Stand still all, take a deep breath
and walk forward
Break all your mirrors
Avoid witnessing a reflection that
turns it's back on itself
sandra wyllie
sound is silence
when nothing is shared
and nothing is said
it hangs in the air
like someone is dead

The worst
feeling is emptiness
when nothing you do
can fill the lacuna
you're swimming in oil
like a can of tuna

The worst
disease is poverty
when man has not himself to share
he runs from life fast as a hare
taking only himself with him
leaving a trail of dust in the wind
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