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Lucas Ennis Mar 2019
I don't like spring break.
I sit alone with my thoughts
replaying on a screen in my mind
of all of the times
I was used
and cheated.
I took photos and sent them.
Is this the reason why I hate myself now more than ever?
Rest well Monique and Alexa
You need to wake up bright and early.
For tomorrow, when you will be birthed again.
Sometime I wish I was the miscarriage.
Alexa and Monique deserve to live.
I don't.
I just cause everyone pain.
I am nothing but
a mistake.
i wish spring break was over,,
Lucas Ennis Mar 2019
i swallowed myself
i am very disgusting
everyone says that
Lucas Ennis Mar 2019
it is very hot in my room
i rip the crisp paper slowly
anticipating what is inside the envelope
worry fills my mind
Lucas Ennis Mar 2019
I can't remember much of daddy.
Or why I was taken away.
Some of the memories with him are nice.
The happy thoughts make me feel loved.
Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep at night.
Because I remember he used to come in my room.
He would grab at my throat and kiss me hard.
And at the time I didn't know it was abuse.
I just thought it was daddy trying to love me.
One night he laid me on the couch, and gave me a drink.
And I sipped it, and I felt dizzy and fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up surrounded by white walls.
And a tall skinny woman walked in.
"Good morning Re'nee it's time to take your medicine"
Just a little character development.
Lucas Ennis Mar 2019
You are hard to forget
All I hear is your voice
Every time I see you in the hallway
I lose it, my voice.
My heart used to be full;
It only belonged to you
You used to hold me,
Now every time I think of us,
my heart breaks in two.
No more long kisses to show how much we love each other
No more cute flirting or cuddles that made me feel safe,
You see, Devin
No one can take your place.
Devin Armendariz, I wish you were still mine </3
Lucas Ennis Mar 2019
U make me feel awful.
Ur fake *** compliments are annoying asf.
Pls go away.
Pls go die.
I don't fcking like u.
Lucas Ennis Mar 2019
It's only just a dream.
Tomorrow is soon.
You are worth it.
Please don't mark up your skin.
You are beautiful.
You can do it.
I believe in you.
I love you, Lucas.
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