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James Floss Sep 18
The twist-tie
Had failed
Again and again

And it fell to us
Not our fault
Not our concern

Yet it exposed us
In an unfamiliar place
Our problem now

Rubber bands? No.
Beaded chain? No.
Thread from patch kit? Ha!

Then came the paper clip
Thank you Samuel B. Fay
The fabric is up now

Not curtains for us
Privacy regained
McGyver reclaimed
James Floss Sep 8
I am proud to say
I speak three languages:
Human, cat and dog

There a big difference between
And “mmrouwt!”

The occasional
That’s one contented cat!

Where to start with dog?
Your **** as judge and jury

If they judge you worthy
With a **** of their head
Or clear-eyed happy panting

Or happy claws
Kneading your nethers
Throbbing, purring

Or the “schlourp, schlourp, schlourp”
Of their tongue where they dare
You have made it as a human

Enjoy their approval as
Human held in esteem
Strive to come back as one of them
James Floss Sep 5
Tricky bits, those
I have two of them
Bigger than some of yours

Superfluous on me
But some fun; a
Vestigial giggle

Perky, saggy
Voluptuous or

Tricky bits, those ****
Used to objectify
And advertise


I wish I knew the joy
Of those milky bits
**** for little tots

Every mamma everywhere
Feeds who comes next
Every mamma, every mammal
James Floss Sep 4
Tornadic winds
At its periphery
Reached the conifery

Whether ambuscade or
Circumjacent to
Chaos ensued

Her again?
Or him in gray
Growing stronger
James Floss Sep 3
I take a pledge
To support Buttigieg
In all his future pursuits

It’s a thrillah
To support Kamila
And her justice crusades

Elizabeth Ann can
It’s guaranteed
and warranted

He’s a looker,
That Booker
Way to fly high, guy!

Hit or hold?
Time to fold and
Lose the Beto

I don’t feel
The Bern, sir; not
Not throwing away my shot

You as placeholder?
Take it slow, Joe
Steal the show
James Floss Sep 3
Can I take you to the poem?
He asked again

We can dance to
The stanza

Spend time with
The rhyme

On the dance-floor
(As metaphor)

Are you into me
Like, as, a silly simile?

It’s synecdoche
Your  dance with me
James Floss Sep 1
For your sacrifice you get
An *** and a half
Your ***** donkey

A cat-n-a-half
Wild, unpredictable
Somewhat lovable

A dog or two?
Royally loyal
To you


**** yes!
The rest?

A horse, of course
In your corral
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