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James Floss Apr 6
Give me Nepenthe
To relieve the odd grief of

Sodden swollen days
Odd different ways

We need some forgetting
Of sadness and regretting

I shan’t regret thee, napenthe
For your welcome Elysian sway
James Floss Apr 3
The walls implode
The ceiling falls
The floor is no more

This is the new new
Not what we’ve known
That ship has flown

Adapt, adopt, improve
I always say; save it
For another day
James Floss Apr 1
Please, save me from home and our status quo zones
Where my dear and the misanthrope stay
Where sometimes is heard no dispiriting words
But the clouds are still cloudy all day

Home, home is so strange
Where my fear and the forlorn hope lay
Where is often is heard many recurring words
And I need to go outside and play
James Floss Mar 29
We are all
Hungry hungry

In Buddha’s boat
Staying afloat:safe
For tomorrow
James Floss Mar 29
I’m slipping through time again
From the when to then
From tomorrow’s sorrow
To today’s begin

The real ***** is the stitch
Where we actually exist
Between memory and wonder
And therein lies the itch

Remembering the past
Thinking of next
Wallowing in now
Sliding the narrow
James Floss Mar 27
They spread fast
Across the blue dot
With impact to last
In the end a blot

Planet plagued
Age through age
The virus are us
James Floss Mar 26
I was mid-sentence
of a hazy-crazy
argument with her;
spittle sprayed with
unguarded gesticulations
when a butterfly landed
on my finger that was
slashing toward her.
First, I seethed.
Then, froze and
stopped breathing as
I watched gentle flickering
of her beautiful wings.
Delicate things
What was I splaying?
I didn’t matter anymore.
Just stuff to sort later.
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