"Im living my life thru a meth bong..."
nora jayne elliott 

How did i get here , what did i do so wrong?
Im living my life thru a meth bong...
The feeling of being alone, is no stranger to me.
But when hitting a bone,alone i never can be.
Im so bad, so far gone on that stuff.
I do it...because normalcy is not enough.

"ep hole so i know not to open up like a meth addicted whore."
Hunter Eleven 

These pills I take. White, red, and blue. They tell me things.

I hear their wispers and their cries. I dont know how long I have until this high begins to die.

Death is at  my door. I have a peep hole so i know not to open up like a meth addicted whore.

I hesitate. Holding my hand over the knob. I sit and debate.

Should I let this become my fait. Do let those who love me just put me in the ground to rot away?

These yellowish golden bottles litter the floor. None with the same names. Debra, Tim, Phil, and Glen.

I dont know these people, yet they are the ones who deliver death to my door. The ones who dont expect as they kneel before a steeple.

Sometimes I see my world spinning. It just wont stop. The knock is louder as if he is an angry cop.

Come to take me away for the bad things I do to myself day after day.

I am dying. Please understand. These actions are not the future anyone has planned.

"That cuts the energy from the world's meth"
Ofelia Rose 

Shattered glass upon the ground I walk
With Shards in my bare feet
And skin dry and brittle like chalk
Bathing in my own field of wheat

I am the bread basket of my own produce
The life of my own breath
And the electrician to my own fuse
That cuts the energy from the world's meth

So my dear friend won't you look
And see that I am I
I write my own bound book
With letters of my soul's cry

You are the upholder to your own home
The columns to a distinct bridge
Don't take me from my kingdom
To lead me to the devil's ledge

I ask of you to sing your song not mine
And allow me to write my melody
Of the oceans whispers upon the pine
That speaks my spirit not this felony

Oh how I wish I believed these words
But they tell the lie of a longing heart
That's pierced by frozen swords
I want to help you love, hold your part

I want to be your eternal pillar
And live as one in unison
Resonating the music of our laughter  
Please take me as your woman

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