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CA Guilfoyle Feb 10
I am counting things
at night numbers, dreams
hum of a hundred bells
soft harps to soothe
sweet with birds colored blue
in the tiger grass, big eyed cats
twitchy whiskers and paws
they sleep beneath tree limbs
branches wild and gnawed.

Do not wake me
while the garden is glowing
a thousand flowers in rows
I am fixed on violets
hydrangeas indigo blue
with fingers I paint thick
brick in red rose variants
on the lawn peacocks in resplendence
with monde blue-green iridescence
and a million gypsophila clouds pass by.
CA Guilfoyle Jan 22
I could paint these things
though color escapes me
storms prevail, black water
it's a flood I fear
I hold the levee back
clench my heart and all the rest
I think in tremors and waves
then settle and wait for night
dream of ships breaking fog
deep humming of horns, shrill of seabirds
wake me on the shore from sleeping
from waiting for someday
there's a bell that never chimes
only this moment that pulls
brings me ever closer in.
CA Guilfoyle Dec 2020
Walking toward the woods
as I grow nearer, an unwinding
crossing the edge and stepping into
a deep scent of mossy loam
breadth of decaying layers
cool washing rains
trickle of days and years
breathe green amid the fog
all worldly cares vanish.
CA Guilfoyle Aug 2020
I traveled through lush greens
mountains of moss, sinking soft
wild in the woods you went
swooped and flew
singing songs
of blue water
of morning colors
in the light of sun
with dreams of moon
my bird.
CA Guilfoyle Aug 2020
Dark water
of other countries
wild northlands
the splashing sea at night
bump and rocking of water
tangle of ropes and nets
swell of waves list and blister
splinter like thorns, swelling of wood
safe a place to anchor
these stars between clouds
maps, little sparks
to guide us home.
CA Guilfoyle Jul 2020
I will wake
very soon or later
blue in the water or sky
sleep in downy feathers
plummet, I fall or fly
what is real, speak and feel
awaken from sleep
now the time
I die.
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