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The drape of blue, green vines
that hung and fell with beads of water perfume
of birds and flowers bloomed and gone.
Chill of winds lift feathery fronds
red and rust, on autumn ponds.
A shadow of summer
where sandhill cranes have flown.
A fallow field hazy in its gold and brown
stiff the blades of grain and grass that brace.

Alas the flakes of snow
soft as feathers falling down.
CA Guilfoyle Aug 8
Who writes of me
without pad nor pen
or scribes with sharpened knife
a belly of lies unfastened from sheath
deep that bores the core of heart?
Illusions swift they swim
in waves as shoals
spawned from
tiny minnows.
CA Guilfoyle Jul 19
Early in the dark hours
where no birds have flown
before the flicker and hum of stars
silence where daylight sweeps away
the cold occluded moon
amid a barren white velvet
a silhouette of trees
caked in winter.
CA Guilfoyle Jul 19
In the rain forest we heard the first birds
stood amid the cooling spectral fog
walked upon the spongy ground
the layered earth of moss and mud
along the path and further on
came streaming rays of sun
that silver lit the wild paphiopedilums
smiling toward the sky
a shine of silken stars.
CA Guilfoyle Jul 19
I am green in these hills
I wait all spring long
wait through grey rains
too early for summer flowers
I dream of sun fields brightest yellow
my heart a wild field that burns
my lips are dry paper seeking water
desolate in this desert
your lips now merely
a mirage.
CA Guilfoyle Jun 22
it was felt
in heart
it came sharp
a knife
a hammer
deep the ache
the numb
that tries to escape
the resurrection of the fire.
CA Guilfoyle Jun 22
All the blue of day slipped quietly away
the glass of the lake with little winds
waved the sun to sleep, rippling in steely colors
drowsy with glints of gold.
The pines soon went black as birds
and in the darkness disappeared.
At the closing of day
a lone call faintly heard,
a sadness, the weeping of a bird.
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