CA Guilfoyle May 4
Because our days are straying
and though the nights are spellbound
we are only ever falling away
only ever coming and going.
Near the blue banked shores
we are anchored, bobbing and breathing
the clouds are merely sailing ships
waves of swirling skies.
Upon the tide the moon rips and pulls
stars come to swoon and soothe
floating in the night lands
plush and indigo blue.
CA Guilfoyle May 4
In an earth bound dream
found bare and green
blue between moss and splendor
cool and cold, our hands and toes
wild eyed, through the mud we climb
the darkened stair steps
beyond the stars
returning home
to rest our souls
brief, a dream before
the sleep of
our rebirth.
CA Guilfoyle Apr 24
This wood
cracked and grey
with silent owls that wait the day
at night with eyes that pierce in green and yellow
they wait the moon, so soon to swoop and swallow
the hurried mice fleeing for the banging door
in troubled winds that howl.
At night a haunted place
where branches scrape
the lashing ropes
of hanging
CA Guilfoyle Apr 17
At first I thought it, a eucalyptus tree
but in reality it was an olive
grey with leathery leaves, blowing.
There was a bird looking at me, hungry
just before the wind and rain began,
just before the moment he flew off.
It was clear that I too was unprepared
looking for a home, some shelter
from the hollow, a sweetness
for this empty space
to fill.
CA Guilfoyle Apr 16
In Klawock stands seven totems
and a madman, chanting under ebon skies,
embedded in cedar wood, he is connecting two worlds
a master carver, in a language without words.
Born of the raven clan,
he is tracing ancestry in the wood
seeks the ways of wolf and bear.
Born of water, amid the realms of earth and air
his spirit runs with salmon.
CA Guilfoyle Apr 5
In the sweet of early morning
and only for a few precious moments
I thought of nothing at all
I stared blank at the four walls
in a state between awake and dreaming
and only until the startle of the first bird singing,
the wind playing in the wild branches.
I saw the sun clinging to roofs and trees
light traipsing through the garden lilies
I heard the chirp and groan of frogs
newly green, all the unfurling fronds
and from the broad leaves, the dew
fell sparkling in rivulets
and drank the carpet moss
softly green and splendorous.
#morning #spring #garden #moss
CA Guilfoyle Apr 3
In Ireland, sea swept and green
against the wind, this mast, salt lipped and bent
by the mad skipping white caps
farther out - the gray fading ships
closer in, the tiny bobbing boats
amid misty fog they float
nets and fish, heavy they list
the watery wilds
toward home.
#sea #Ireland #fishing
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