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enin Jan 2016
i am the naked eve of your imaginary garden
with a touch that bring a promise to revive its dead leaves
weaving songs like a siren
that lure you to the shores of paradise
where your lust like restless waves
shall crash and find its peace
my gentle kiss that stir ****** dreams
is the poisoning of your thoughts
as you desire for nocturnal release
the night grew darker, the moon and her
cold stare glow brighter
wishing for the sensation to last forever
embrace tighten as your love expire
my pain - your pleasure
like a barren earth to a weeping sky
that drained her nectar dry
i await as you fall deeper into slumber
my ****** - your slow death
as i stab you in your sleep
awake - my puppet
with my strings around your neck
i fly as i watch you gasp for breath
born of our subconscious,
yet often more vivid and
compelling than reality.
enin Jan 2016
drowning in caffeine
breathing the nicotine
my blood cant circulate - your love will stimulate.
the ****** of death in **** will simulate
your touch , my need
as we spiral in to sin

separation , depression , paranoia
anxiety - the absence of my sleep
aggression , desperation
toxicity - of a drama we are in
discoloration - i can't control the spin

screams - muted by bitter pills
our dreams - induced by the  acid
capsuled lives - longing self destruction
your embrace - disconnection
release me from what is real

obsession - for what we cannot fix
frustration - for what we can't control
memories - of what we used to be
delusions - of what we could have been
isolation - thoughts of being free
now voices dictate what i should feel
digging through my skin - opening the wounds
put your fingers in

remembering the days when we held
an illusion no drugs could replicate
i can't forget.
exchanging promises of never letting go
was it all in my head?
i can't escape the hole.
i walk the road alone.
enin Jan 2016
"i climb high to hear his call,
as the burning abyss awaits for my fall..."
the fiery gates stood unforgiving
open wide as it devour, men that lust on every hour
demons ripped my tongue away, now salvation i wont taste
i hear the cries of tortured souls lamenting
as they call from the bowels of endless tormenting
buried under the sea of corpse, i saw the light abandon me
hopeless i drown in this pool of sorrow
stench of rotting soon will follow
every intolerable second was an eternity,
eaten by this butchering misery
"i journey now, sinking in punishing sands
in regret, i walk this burning land
to seek forgiveness..."
enin Jan 2016
warm blood from wounds, it pours
to stain the floor in blending red
a fragrant pool where my sins reflect
flow endless to painful seconds passing
slow, i whispered prayers to a cross
though faith is lost.
falling paralyzed i closed my eyes
drawn to the luring
tunnel light

here below where all journies end
the ****** extend their reach skywards
to touch the unreachable  paradise
chained and hopeless - as angels
cast stones from above,
i payed the last price
two silvers for the ferryman that sails
through the plains of despair
where my soul shall forever drift
seeking for its rest
enin Jan 2016
cold embrace of evening breeze
creeps over the bending trees
scratching the moon - consuming its light
to grant me a curse of sleepless night

the faces in my dreams
blow whispers through my ears
haunted by their screams
these voices i would hear
disturbing murmurs
that breathes within my sleep
crossing borders
as they call out from the deep...

enter the witching hour
unsaved by prayers, they walk this world unseen
can't sleep

— The End —