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Rose Feb 2022
The fruit basket hangs empty
In a brisk morning’s glow
Once was flourishing
With ripe apples, crimson sweet candies galore.
Delicious apples, lessening the bitterness of my soul
So spectacular, in the evening’s grandeur.
Candelabra and a crystalline chandelier
Sure to catch every sparkle and warm words spoke
Silence embarks this place which was once a home
An apple slowly rots
Under a slumbering tree
But inside the apple, remain some seeds
They sprout to roots, stronger than rope
Much like the kitchen table, made of sturdy oak.
Branches swing the rope, as I slowly choke
What becomes of life after death
Is a question one may ponder to thyself
Look around and see
Death is apart of everything
You, me, this apple tree
Everything is temporary.
Rose Feb 2021
You talk about your feelings but never about mine
You do things you know I don't like but continue without a care, and control my life.
You're a hypocrite beyond belief
Easy for everyone else to see
So what's wrong with me?
I give you everything and receive nothing
You said you love me, but I think you're bluffing.
I say it back, while blushing.
No not from butterflies,
But because this is all a lie.
I'd cry, but I've realized,
My tears aren't worth the time.
Rose Jan 2021
No one knows it
I stalk the house of which
I once lived
Seems I can never get away from here...
New paint, strange
I miss the old grey
And today,
The sky is nothing but January rain
Melting the snowman in my front yard
Of my house of which
I once lived,
I was once that little kid
Once playful and innocent
Now I sit here, parked a little down the street
Smoking a cigarette with the window down
Watching a family I will never meet
January rain trickling into my veins
New year... Yet I feel the same
How I wish I was that kid.
Everything that is broken would be fixed
No point to reminisce
But here I am once again
Always where I end up
When I got nowhere else to go
The only place I truly know as home.
Rose Dec 2020
And I'm keepin the ******* shoes
With worn soles and
Gold sparkly laces I stole
From different ******* shoes
I'm keepin these ones though
Laced up tight,
You know,
Just in case
I get into some sort of chase
Catch me if you can. Let's race.
I bet you can't keep up with my pace
Even though we moved much too fast
For this to ever last
There goes the gun!
And I'm keeping the ******* shoes,
Laced tight as I run
I'm not the one.
Rose Dec 2020
Sitting next to the ashtray
But I still ash on the floor
I really just don't give a **** no more
(No more)
Please, I can't take no more
They say when it rains it pours
Well that's for sure
I pray, pain pain go away...
But it comes again everyday
Everything I ******* say
Is so ******* cliche
Just like every RIP on the grave
Nothing new to say
So I sit in silence,
Because my thoughts are too violent
Gotten real good at pushing people away
But who is to blame?
Anger burns in me like flames
Will this rain
Estinguish the pain?
When it rains it pours...
Pour me some more
Spill my blood on the floor
I can't take no more
(No more)
No, but I want more
Feeling dead,
A starving snake waiting to be fed
I hate the skin I'm in
so I tried to shed
But instead,
Just laid there and bled
Sheets on the bed
Stained red
Nothing else to be said
Rose Dec 2020
I look around, all I see are enemies,
Our whitewashed faces, from computer screens
I’m not talking race,
I’m talking we’re robots, machines
Too caught up in the chase of this rat race
Well I’m used to being in last place
Can we please restart?
I tripped on my shoelace
And can’t seem to find my heart
I can’t relate
Sorry I’m not that smart
We all move at a different pace
I need some space... please just wait
but at this rate it's already too late
I've fallen apart
Rose Dec 2020
Last winter
My car became our home
After we got evicted

You were asleep in the passenger seat
Parked at the gas station
With no heat
Trying to find a way, to pay for some gas
All I could find
were pennies, a few nickles and a dime

Walked inside
Tried to put some change on pump 3,
Didn't have enough
So I cussed out the employee

Went back to the car, trying to breathe
Just wanting to leave
But stuck with the gas tank on E

Evicted, addicted,
This isn't the life I envisioned
I should have listened
Nothing to do now but stare at the
Ice on the window, glisten
Wishin, it didn't end up like this
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