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Jul 30 · 206
Who are You?
Psychosa Jul 30
Who are Yo u?
Are you the serenity encompassing me?
Or this fleeting feeling drowning me
In my own depths?

Are Yo u these thoughts that
Imprison me,
The Intoxicating Sedative
The paralyzing ecstasy?

Who are Yo u?
Are Yo u the figure lying before me
the being who i dream You to be?

Why do Y o u ebb endlessly thought my
Filling my void
And yet still growing it.
Do Y ou have no mercy?

Who are Yo u?
I know more of Yo u than you yourself know,
are unknown to me.
Mar 6 · 189
The Scratched Record
Psychosa Mar 6
I never knew
you thought of
as beautiful.

Til the night you played me
your scratched record.

It skipped
it was filled with d is sona nce
It had no consistency
but its consistency of cacophonies.

Others would have
thrown the record away,
unable to bear its e
tic ways.
Others would have said it's Broken.
A disaster.
Too much.


But you ,
you weren't like the others.
You did not want to throw away the scratched record;
you did not even want to take the scratched record to a repair shop,
for you ,
you somehow seemed to find
a harmony in the scratched record.

So you closed your eyes to the endless loop of the scratched record
and said It was the most beautiful song you've ever heard

Because to you,
The most beautiful
are the most broken.
Nov 2018 · 318
Psychosa Nov 2018
You never leave my sight.

For even when I fall to sleep,

even though you are the last my waking eye sees,

dreams will not let me be.
Nov 2018 · 163
The Sea.
Psychosa Nov 2018
He says he is the shallow waters,
but I can see that he is the sea.

He says he only sees the dark
but I can see the light that fills his heart.

He says he is nothing more than a reflection
but all I see is him in me.

He says he is but a momenttopassmytime
but I wish he could see
how I long
to reach with him

He says all he is is b  r   o k    e       n
but I wish he could see how he makes me

I wish he could see
that he is the sea.
Nov 2018 · 324
Separation of Self
Psychosa Nov 2018
Me; I



Nov 2018 · 130
The voice
Psychosa Nov 2018
She speaks to me when I cut my skin

She speaks to me from far within

Before the blade slits my wrists,

she  reminds me what if .

What if one day..........

one day you could be the light

of others life
but more importantly your own.

What if one day you wanted not to take your own life
but ro five to others .

What if one day you could see soul d connecint before you
rather than the heatless saved you have before.

What if one day you found beauty
not from the blood running from your leg
but from the jalediscpe of humanity itself

What if one daub I was you
and she was her






Sep 2017 · 358
Quiet Star
Psychosa Sep 2017
The quiet star once sang to the moon.

It sang of her beauty;
It sang of her light.
It sang of the way she filled the night.

Through the galaxies,
the quiet star sang.

Its voice was of warmed milk and honey,
putting even the moon herself to rest.

Yet the moon belonged to the sun,
and the quiet star was only a song once sung.
Sep 2017 · 218
A Winter's Flight
Psychosa Sep 2017
The brisk winds numb my paled skin.

As I walk through the desolation,
my feet fall into the sunken path.

Shadows of trees encapsulate me.

In this world devoid of color,
I look
the sky
in hopes of pastels.

I see not a cloud in the sky
nor a bird passing by.

For in this eternity,
all but I
have taken flight.
Aug 2017 · 548
What If
Psychosa Aug 2017
What if I was the girl,
the girl who walks through life with ease.

What if I was the girl whose perfectly blonded hair
flew behind her,
just as her worries.

What if I was the girl whose stomach didn't budge
no matter how badly she wanted it.

What if I was the girl
whose skin was kissed so gently by the sun
that she couldn't dare being a blade to it.

What if I was the girl,
who people told that they love her.

What if I was the girl
who wore scrunchies up her wrist
not to hide the marks of a blade
but simply to push her hair out of her face.

What if I was the girl
who could stand to see
myself , bare, in the mirror.

What if I was the girl that people
not only wanted to love
but couldn't help but love.

What if I was the girl whose happiness came from
living her life,
not ending it.


I am not that girl.


I will be this girl.

So I will be this girl,
the girl who knows that her light will dim her darkness,
like the sun painting a blackened sky.

So I will be the girl
who knows that those men can't hurt me anymore.

So I will be this girl,
the girl who chooses to smile even though she has every reason to not.

So I will be this girl,
the girl who chooses not to run from her past
but to walk away from it .

So I will be this girl,
the girl who knows that her demons are merely written on her skin,
not a force to which she will give in.

So I will be this girl.
Jul 2017 · 412
Psychosa Jul 2017
When something is dead,

they let it stay dead.

But when you're dead inside,
they fight and fight just to keep you alive.

But when something is dead,
you must let it die.
Jul 2017 · 211
Beauty and the Beast.
Psychosa Jul 2017
To him, I was beautiful,
To me, I am a beast.

In my eyes, he found the world,
yet my eyes were blind to all but the dark forests.

On his lips I could taste his spirit,
with none filling mine own.

In my hand, he found his,
yet I could feel nothing.

On his skin, I was painted as a rose,
ever wilting as my black heart faded from him.

To him, I was beautiful.
To me, he was beauty.
But who could ever learn to love a beautiful beast?
Jul 2017 · 111
Psychosa Jul 2017
It was the type of storm that would either complete or defeat me.
Jul 2017 · 142
Psychosa Jul 2017
They call it heartbreak
because when one falls in love,
two hearts fall into one.
Jun 2017 · 160
Psychosa Jun 2017
Past my skin,
nothing lies within.
Jun 2017 · 122
Psychosa Jun 2017

filled my mind,

it was as though I could see past the
shadows below

Jun 2017 · 362
Crystal Ball
Psychosa Jun 2017
Her crystal ball held his fears of the future,
for she painted over the scars of his past.

Her jaded eyes were in denial of the life before him.
Her hands held his ribcage like no one ever could.

Traced in black,
her locks
his side,
hiding his secrets within her jaded eyes.

Lips seeping with his secrets,
she blew away his pain to the silver blade,
stabbed between roses as black as night.
Jun 2017 · 168
Psychosa Jun 2017
~ The stories on his skin were painted from the pain within ~
Jun 2017 · 243
Psychosa Jun 2017
Always is never,

and never is forever,

so never think that it will always be forever.
Jun 2017 · 211
Silver Night
Psychosa Jun 2017
Silver moon,

may your rays pierce me,

til you paint my skin red.
Jun 2017 · 163
Psychosa Jun 2017
Echo- his commands
Beware- his orders:

Do not say no
trust in others,
Listen to me-
hateful things

You are.
To you
I am.
to me.

Follow his commandments and incinerate in his hell.
Jun 2017 · 471
Psychosa Jun 2017


will you be

the moon to me.

will you be
that light that brought me home.

will I hear your voice,
in life's sweet symphonies.

Always will I keep you
no matter the            break          of             life's         wakes.

will you shine over
that darkness
that covers me.

will you be in
with my sun.

Always you will be close to me.
Always a part of me,
though now apart of me,
you are the moon to me.
Jun 2017 · 552
Psychosa Jun 2017
So she slept in that sleep where there are no dreams.
Jun 2017 · 184
A Poet's Mind
Psychosa Jun 2017
The universe flows through me,
so poetry flows out.
Jun 2017 · 392
Wicked Witch of my Head.
Psychosa Jun 2017
Eyes widened,
Lips closed,
Body numbed.

Gaze hazed,
Voice destroyed,
Arms opened.

She screams, she shouts, she cries, she opens herself

to me.

Vision blurring,
Mouth gasping,
Body aching.

She whispers secrets no soul has heard, she opens her wounds unto my skin.

Sight blinded,
Words lacking,
Being empty.

Life drained from this empty vessel.
Jun 2017 · 709
Questions to Myself
Psychosa Jun 2017
Why do I crave eternity?
Why am I so obsessed with myself?
Why am without myself when I'm with myself?
What have I become?
What will I be?
What can I be?
Am I the voices living in my head?
What am I?
What am I not?
What does it matter....
Jun 2017 · 462
Psychosa Jun 2017
And suddenly he became the nothingness in my heart.
Jun 2017 · 922
His Dreams
Psychosa Jun 2017
He sleeps next to me, yet never letting me in his dreams.
Jun 2017 · 288
Psychosa Jun 2017
There was a girl who became her dreams,
but her dreams were just nightmares in disguise.

The monsters crawled out of her head
and slept with her in bed.

She would scream and shout,
but there was no way out.

She listened to what the monsters said,
so her arms dripped red.

So she did all a little girl would,
she looked to a shooting star and wished that she could.
Jun 2017 · 293
Burning Kiss
Psychosa Jun 2017
I taste your flames
as my lips inhale your fire.
Jun 2017 · 98
An Ocean Cry
Psychosa Jun 2017
~Sailor, Sailor~
Come rescue me
before Davey Jones drags me to the bottom of the sea.
Jun 2017 · 258
Psychosa Jun 2017
Let me drain that venom
coursing through your veins.

Let me find the light
within your dimmed eyes.

Let me touch your skin
til you are filled with color.

Let me hold you
til you are whole again.
Jun 2017 · 158
Lost and Found
Psychosa Jun 2017
His soul finds the lost one in me.
Jun 2017 · 1.7k
Psychosa Jun 2017
There was a girl who became her dreams,

but her dreams were just nightmares in disguise.
Jun 2017 · 209
Psychosa Jun 2017
You are the soul that makes mine whole.
Jun 2017 · 226
Whole Soul
Psychosa Jun 2017
You're the half that makes me whole,

the one that completes my soul.
Jun 2017 · 314
The Pale One
Psychosa Jun 2017
Blood drips
from its quenched lips.

It depletes.
It defeats.

Though you may feel complete,
it will break you from beneath.

You may scream,
You may cry,
You may feel nothing inside,
But don't close your eyes.
May 2017 · 204
Psychosa May 2017
Put your honeyed mouth on my parched lips.
May 2017 · 240
May 2017 · 165
Psychosa May 2017
Breathe in the night and let your thoughts take flight.
May 2017 · 744
Not to be or not to be
Psychosa May 2017
I see the world in black and white,
no matter if it's day or night.

I see no light,
only those demons inside trying to take a bite.

There's nothing in my sight
except the possibility that I might take flight.
May 2017 · 249
A Question
Psychosa May 2017
Why do they listen,

only to pretend to hear?
May 2017 · 197
Psychosa May 2017
We are all whole, just with holes.
May 2017 · 282
Psychosa May 2017
Without the light,

she becomes the night.
May 2017 · 182
May 2017 · 215
Fade 2.0
Psychosa May 2017
I was a candle, and you were the flame

Without you my light fades away.
May 2017 · 179
Fade 1.0
Psychosa May 2017
I was a candle, and you were the flame

With you, I fade away.
May 2017 · 156
Give and Take
Psychosa May 2017
Take me whole and give life to my shattered soul.
May 2017 · 211
A Wish.
Psychosa May 2017
I wish, I wish upon a star that you could see how beautiful you are.
May 2017 · 228
To My Future Muse
Psychosa May 2017
Be my art, and I'll paint you on my heart.
May 2017 · 772
Silver or White
Psychosa May 2017
Silver and white,

free me from this chaos
that dims my light.

Silver and white,

punish this girl
who can't seem to do any right.

Silver and white,

take me away
to the dead of night.
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