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Psychosa Jun 2022
It was not me
who you loved.

It was not me who you saw,
but rather the mirror you put before me.

It was not my voice you heard,
but rather your own echo.

The mirror you held between us was fragile.
Slowly it began to crack.
Each time I held you closer,
the mirror began to disintegrate.

The more the mirror began to break,
The more you saw me.
But you cannot stand to not stare
at your own reflection.

As the mirror shattered,
so did my heart.
You picked up the chards and threw them to my skin.
For you do not see the blood coursing through my veins,
but rather the lack of yourself.

For it was not me who you loved,
but rather your
SpiritHeart67 Oct 2019
In The Rest Of My Life
He Needs To Be
Nothing More Than
A Distant Memory...

Brent Kincaid Mar 2016
I am the oldest kid so
Stop playing with that baby.
I want you to myself.
It’s all about me.

The other kids at school
A behaving so horribly
They don’t understand
It’s all about me.

I am so sorry you have
Fallen so hard for me.
But I have to be moving on.
It’s all about me.

I’m going to quit my job
Because it’s boring me.
So many creeps there.
It’s all about me.

I’m running for office
And it’s going swimmingly
After all, in this job
It’s all about me.

I don’t have to specify
Or make promises readily.
I just smile and tell lies.
It’s all about me.

My kids are obnoxious
They need attention constantly.
Don’t they understand?
It’s all about me.

My life would be better
If people behaved sensibly.
After all, the reality is
It’s all about me.
It’s all about me.
It’s all about me.
ash Jan 2016
It all began with you.
Not the pills.
I'd never tasted addiction before
Only in the form of sticking my head down a toilet, or smoking 16 cigarettes.

In winter-
I'd hope you get it
Because every moment at first
Felt like an autumn day. It felt comfortable,
There was joy.

Anxious me.
Anxious, obsessive-compulsive
Me. I needed you like a drug.
I was selfish, and you began to forget
Who you said you were.

Like we began to.
But last fall, I didn't feel joy with you.
And I ask myself, late January,
Was breaking down my walls and allowing
You to understand me
Ever worth it?

A perfect picture
Of two high school sweetheart drop-outs.
Of two ******, suicidal fools. And even
At the bottom layer, there were so many things
Only you knew. Know.

Good things end.
Or change paths before they do.
This was a twisted path, one I'd never
Dared to think of before I understood,
And I know I must be the grown up here
And say goodbye.

Will come again.
But I won't think about that for now.
I'll continue to move ahead, paying no
Mind to the ghouls around me.
When I say I plan to accomplish Something, I do it.

Turn the memories down low.
I am trying to read about my next big
Step in life. And I just wanted to make sure
You knew that you are not-nor will you
Ever be, a link in the chain again.
I'm not going to apologize.
brokenperfection Sep 2015
I* am what plagues you in the night
I am a narcissist dimming your light
I am who embodies your deepest fright
I am the succubus who drains your might
I am who dresses in the most innocent white
                      Oh, my darling,
                   **I'll   ruin   you   in   plain   sight
leave me alone.
Lindy Jul 2015
Cold is the shoulder wrapped in narcissistic delight -
The wanton
The diligent
The emptiness abides
But for iceburgs calving in the asiatic sea
Do they feel the tremor of the broken shard released
Can the blueblack glass reveal the depths of the mislaid man or
The woman -
Never given the chance to Be
It is too much to consider broken pieces should be saved,
Hidden for much later, when the sea will freeze again
Can he open to the touch
Can she build from what remains
We throw out the scattered remnants like the iceburg melting into sand
But consider the sand:
Remnants too, of shells and coral of bones and buildings fallen, broken, discarded
Washing up on land
to build a new shore.

— The End —