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CautiousRain Jan 2022
Did you love me in a past life?
Is that why you made a pact with me
to conjoin this time in a karmic unraveling?

What did you intend to learn from me?
Our energetic ties implied we should have known
how this would all end;
I felt it in the beginning,
that this might not be sustainable,
but I persisted and so did you,
dragging our feet into the trenches.

Did you care what the end result would be?
Was it satisfying enough to watch the soft shell
surrounding us crack?
Karmic cycles on repeat, look to you and love again.
gabriella Oct 2020
I find it hard to wash the taste of you out of my mouth
I struggle to keep that forever feeling of your hands
clenched into my hair.

I go through phases
of wanting your fingerprints consuming every inch of me
& senselessly scrubbing them off my body.

Watching as it all washes away into the drain below me
These thoughts
These feelings
A temporary fix
& yet to this day I am sorry most of all,
that you won't choose me.
eleanora santino Sep 2020
i have many weights sleeping on my heart.
distraction brings no solace,
escapism not a change in scenery.
pain is a tree of replacement,
my suffering the blood of their fruit,
my flesh the main victim.
a collaboration of gnawing and burning truths
what else would make this life, a life
if not the wretched deal
of karmic strife?
when the wound passes through clear,
a hole in my chest,
the ringing of my ears,
only then must i talk to the pain.
to look the dark in the eye
and to find their hiding spots.
but until then,
i will think about what to say.
i have much i would like to say to my pain. much to ask.
Jordan Gee Aug 2020
A swollen sun descends upon us.
small children at play with painted faces.
time is not an endless tick, one and then another
(the plague nearest our dwelling)
but a single broad and present moment stretching
out and on forever.
sometimes i feel my heart will burst
scattered about, then gathered up in a world of rag and bone.
seeds for the great harvest are but a payment for a
karmic debt -
a purple heart sacrifice of my broken hand -
a slice from stem to stern.
my eyes they sink into my head.
the world is a deep grey beneath the deep stars.
the constant chatter in the skull -
a fallen angel named Moroni.
my sunken eyes watch me lift the bad hand
the heathen of my good intentions -
the purple heart of a bad apostle
the shackles of my station
the facing of certain destruction within the grim Hallway of Anubis.
a single moment stretching on forever and a balancing of the heart.
a swollen sun descends upon the third circle of Hell -  a place where I no longer live.
written 27aug2018
I S A A C Jun 2020
What if we weren't meant to be
But I was meant to see
That with you I could never be happy
Or fulfilled, just cheap thrills
To fill the void I need to fill
Alone not in company
Alone; just me
The mirror you are is much appreciated
It showed me my beauty and demons
An honest reflection produced reflection
Then fumbled into introspection
Then I suddenly realized the blessing
That your lack of clarity brought me true clarity
Clairvoyant, my third eye open and anointed
My energy focused and pointed
My trajectory in the world forever changed
That's why I can say I love my karmic to this day
I accept the pain because of the gain
Growth is being honest
Chelsea Rae Jun 2020
He's so narcissistic
He can't even see how
Much damage he has done
Because his weak, petty soul
Would crumble under such
Sinful destruction.
Karma will come and oh sweet the taste
It will be for those waiting on Justice.
Scilla B Feb 2020
i always wrote about the day where i would lose love
days turn to night
and night turns to morning
i haven’t slept yet
daydreaming about you calling

you can call me for anything
even if you wanna cuss me out
cause i know i’ve been a pain
coming back into your life
knowing i’m gonna walk right the **** out again
you know i’m scared of a lot of things
but i’m gonna blame you
because blaming you is easy
being victimized is all that i know about

what bad news do you have to bring to me this time?
why can’t we ever go for dinner
and not bring up old times?
why do i have to own up to my faults
and you drown yours in your dabs that you take before lunch time
maybe because blaming me is easy
being victimized is all that you know about
They choose their fate
By their choices
To be caring or no
I merely enforce it
Wish they'd do betta
3 Aug 2019
i worship an empty god
who answers no prayers.

a mono-disciple tapered
to heavenly threads without
ever bearing wings of my own,

i have no convictions except
the idle ones he tethers me with:
our shrine is gold and red.
(sometimes i think it is pretty.)

i will follow him with blind eyes,
for there is nothing more sweet
than to be loved for merely existing
and reciting his gospel to the ground.

i grow under his sunlight.
he waters me as he pleases,
but my petals will never be
the colors of the church flowers
from his childhood,
(he doesn't realize they are fable.)

my mind will never be his steeple.
Nazareth needs repairing, but
scripture ordains i cannot bear
the burden of fixing something so bloodied and broken.

i will bleed red wine for him,
i have no doubt he will finish
the glass.

it stains the page. i smile,
yellowed crumpling page.

i write the next verse, in pencil,
heeding my perpetual mistake:

          i am immeasurably incorrect,
          and no one needs repentance but
          the sinner, who is I tonight,
          and all nights.

i close the
        book. i lay down.

  is dark.

so i pray my
bedtime prayer,
that i wish
my god wakes up
with a clearer mind
and a learned heart

(a fool is a follower,
a fool is the man who
absolves the snake for the sin
and punishes Himself
for not seeing clearer.)
it was easier when god was the only problem
3 Aug 2019
you’re ugly
under the
harsh light.

you are not
mystical, nor
fantastical, like
in my dreams:

you are a child
with the hands of
a God,

an uncontrollable
force with the power to
hurt me
i see right through me!
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