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Creator Sun Sep 8
Why do we use
Those artificial smiles
To greet one another?
That goes on for miles and miles?

Why do we exercise
Those 10 muscles around the mouth.
When what we're really doing
Is being uncouth?

I wonder why the people still smile.
To hide their unrelenting pain.
When all they need to do,
Is diverge the rain away?

That was what I thought,
A few years ago.
But now with more experience,
I'll can tell you oh~

Pretend that you are happy,
And the world will be less blue.
Pretend that you are happy,
And you're start to believe it's true!

Ignore all your problems,
And you'll see that life's worthwhile.
Pretend that you are happy,
And your friends might stick around.

Smile everyday!
Hey! Try to sing this to your tune! It's written to be a song, inspired by Jay Foreman's --- Pretend You're Happy ! Anyways, have a good day and remember, there are people out there willing to help you if you just ask them to! Sometimes they'll just help you out without them asking anyways! Always keep in mind that the bad will pass, and you can do it!
Crys Jul 15
I don't want forever with you
I want worthwhile
because mortals can't live eternally
but we can
make our love
worth our time on earth
-i don't ever want to let you go
‪There’s so much more to offer than just ***. ‬
the opportunity of learning how to connect,
With harmonic vibrations being content.
A love so deep, strong, and complex
No one can ever come in between
This never ending apex.
I spent my days waiting for you,
waiting for us to come together.
I have finally let down my walls,
and learned to love myself enough
to love you too.
Where are you? I know you are near
somewhere. I feel this flame burning
Inside of me waiting to be combined
With yours.
I could imagine our love being
so pure, with many languages
Motions and more.
I could imagine our minds align
At the same time  
You being as complete as I.
Originally written: 12/2/18

No love is ever perfect, but we find those who
are worth it for as long as it last. We learn from each other and build our character based on experiences, so let love take it’s course as we all experience different ways to feel <333
Amanda Jun 7
You must love me because nothing else makes sense
Kind words you say rarely sneak past my defense
Yet you patiently compliment me daily
Even on days I am ungrateful or crazy
Sometimes feel like I treat you unfair
Or think I would prefer not having you there
I wish I didn't care about you so much
Reacting angrily when you revoke your touch
You reflect the same doting affection
Your pupils are reluctant to gaze my direction
So do not pretend that after all these years you still feel the same
Don't know when or how or what exactly-but something's changed
Because it's obvious you love me by the way you tell me and how you act
No one else would have stayed this long and that's a fact
And it brings so much shame to watch your sad face stick around
Hold on out of concern for the love to which it's bound
But when begged to do what's right for you and go far away
You never fail to find an even better reason to stay
I push you away from me in fear one of us will get hurt
Scared getting close is pointless cause we'll never work
And right when I'm about to pass the point where it's too late
I turn around realizing I'm making a mistake
Again and again the cycle repeats
You never surrender or admit defeat
I need to accept your love isn't fading
No matter how much I deserve degrading
Not one single thing I've done to prove he depths of my attraction
You are alright giving me your whole focus when you only get a fraction
Why can't I provide the security you need?
Used to be able to do anything for you to succeed
Now I have lost all motivation and hope
Remembering how I once was able to control stifled rage and cope
I can be cold and often don't play fair
More than anything I am grateful to have you there
Sometimes get mad at you when it's not your fault
Assumptions spark a critical verbal assault
When angry "I love you" is so hard to say
We are best friends but it doesn't always feel that way
Lately feel excluded from your present life
Can't wait to be free of your soon-to-be-ex-wife
To wake from the nightmare I accidentally created
Eyes opening to a day where I am just someone you dated
A morning where love hasn't got you wrapped in chains
Not obligated to handle my pains
Maybe that Dawn will arrive; hopefully not
I will do my best and our happy ending I will plot
I'll make you proud, we will finally be
The happy family so unfamiliar to me
Please be patient my love, soon we will laugh and smile
Life is so ****** up right now, you make it more worthwhile
Believing your words though difficult to hear
Because if you didn't love me you wouldn't be here
Sorry for the length I should have put a warning
Rue Mar 14
And with a sincere smile,
she looked to the stars
knowing the future was worthwhile,
even, with a thousand scars.
Striving forward, the bustle of the daily grind
The need to be that one percent better each day
We're all putting in this effort to find
The goals that lead us on our way.

Remembering not to compare ourselves to anyone
To focus on our own path and growth
Taking care not to forget to have fun
And to avoid the things that we loathe.

Each and every one of us has a unique story
That unravels as we work towards what we find worthwhile
For some its joy, for others its glory
That motivates us to move in our own style.

On our way we meet other people
And really this is the trick to life
To surround ourselves with those we feel
Are also working towards something worthwhile.
Khoi-San Jul 2018
For love

A million positions available


A curriculum vitae

Not perfect in its application


A labour of glorious returns
Labourious wonderful experience
Constantine Jun 2018
I already hate myself for the things i do
their not good for my health
but they feel so good
no matter what
i find myself seeking out the substance to bring me up to the clouds
the change of character that comes with them
the confidence they bring
it's lovely
words are easy, songs flow out like a river
this feeling won't last
the ideas only exist under the influence
rinse and repeat

i hope they take me while i sleep
Willow shade Jan 2018
It was the third day of my madness caused by your doom
And my inner poet was lying with glooms
trying to perish
But your force was so strong and refreshing,
I felt his endless will to rise again and live
I was afraid to look his eyes even a moment
I had deprived him of worth, had left him to die
I was afraid hereafter of his conviction
I knew he was stronger because he had you...
But what I had my own, except my paltriness?!
What I did to save you
when you relentlessly put an end to yourself inside me?!
He said that he lived more vividly and worthily
And he deserved to live even more than me...
He asked what I had achieved more than ten years?
I shut up only, like before you had also made me
You had called all that I felt only complaints
But in fact, I had perceived you had also been afraid
To face the damages which you had caused to me...

Yes, my dear friend, I often have heavy damages
I was always traumatized in dimensional clashes
As I betray my eigen* and leave myself alone,
I begin to acknowledge my all emptiness
You can just exist in vain with your mind and logic
But you can truly live only by accepting your feelings valuable...

I got my strength with fire in my heart,
I was watching my growing power,
Which was circulating  along my freezing veins
I hugged my innocent, suffering poet,
I promised to create - my own highest values,
My predecessors, my sufferer poet and me
would live hereafter disregarding yours!
But yet it was not fair, yet it was not worthwhile,
I had to cling to my dimensions much more deeply
I was full of energy and had everything to fight,
There appeared a dream to share my horizons I would gain thereafter...
But I lacked you... Who deserved to see it most than others...
As the one who was able to do the impossible
which no one had been able to do before...
You had to see my intentional life you had presented...

I wandered among the graves in my "graveheart",
Resurrected my all soulmates lying in chaos,
Who we shared our sacred dimensions of solitude
Who were craving to be felt and to be understood
Nietzche, Schopenhauer, Cioran lead them of course...
I brought them to life with the laughter you had taught me,
We marched side by side to the source of vitality,
We saluted Martin Eden
and vowed to avenge his suicidal also!

We movingly reached the end of my heart,
where your awesome grave was lying
I kept your cold remedial hands,
As I smiled, in return you smiled warmer than me,
You know, I can never smile or laugh as deep as you do,
I faithfully said that I wanted to live,
I promised one day I would laugh even more deeply than you do.
I understood you had wanted me just to be strong,
However, you hadn't been able to understand me again once more...
As women represent themselves as a tool to strong ones,
contrary they represent themselves as a present to the weak
That is why I was brawling and trying to withstand,
Could I accept you as another worthless thing rather than a present?!

I embraced you and internalized your
All my soulmates exulted in it...
I and my pale poet set my new universe,
In company with the souls of our dimensions,
we raised you...
We raised you above all of the tortures and fears,
We raised you above all of the dimensions.
We raised you above all of the meanings,
We sacrificed the meaning of life for you
and I made you the center of my universe
You began to shine like the sun in my life,
Then all separated values and meanings
began in harmony to whirl around you
Around the sun of my worthwhile universe...
*Eigen - inner self, ownself
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