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Jeremy Betts Apr 15
I have become the sum of all my fears and failures
The accumulation through the years,
To some degree,
Is on another level then most others
Uninstalled the self installed blinders
Hoping to stumble across some left behind life perks
I didn't know this is how finders keepers works
Nothing found has kept me off the ground,
Barley kept me out the ground,
And every moment hurts
For what it's worth,
I don't know what I'm worth
Starting to wonder,
Just internally first,
But maybe this whole thing is cursed
Or worse
There was never a purpose of falling prey to thirst

Amanda Kay Burke May 2021
Live as if you were a firecracker

Which burns out too soon
Makes such an impression
Worth it

But the gunpowder is what makes the explosion worthwhile
Not sure if this even makes sense but oh well
Gunnika Mehra Jun 2020
Deep dark days
The curtains of pain fall
The stage is covered
We don't know what's behind
It's the future
Something we can't determine
Looking up at the sky
Walking for a mile
We are all strangers
Lost in time
Our mind is complex
Full of emotions
we ourselves don't understand
If  we are deserts
Then the dunes are our minds
Constantly shifting
No reason no rhyme
Lost in this strange land
We are all alike
Yet we are different
In how we see life
We are balloons hollow on the inside
The rubber expands as we live our lives
But the question remains
Did we do anything worthwhile?
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2020
Yet close to the heart

Of you

You are divine
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Your Worth
little lion Jan 2020
I wonder if I'll ever know what it feels like
to wake up each morning
to a life
that's actually worth living.
Creator Sun Sep 2019
Why do we use
Those artificial smiles
To greet one another?
That goes on for miles and miles?

Why do we exercise
Those 10 muscles around the mouth.
When what we're really doing
Is being uncouth?

I wonder why the people still smile.
To hide their unrelenting pain.
When all they need to do,
Is diverge the rain away?

That was what I thought,
A few years ago.
But now with more experience,
I'll can tell you oh~

Pretend that you are happy,
And the world will be less blue.
Pretend that you are happy,
And you're start to believe it's true!

Ignore all your problems,
And you'll see that life's worthwhile.
Pretend that you are happy,
And your friends might stick around.

Smile everyday!
Hey! Try to sing this to your tune! It's written to be a song, inspired by Jay Foreman's --- Pretend You're Happy ! Anyways, have a good day and remember, there are people out there willing to help you if you just ask them to! Sometimes they'll just help you out without them asking anyways! Always keep in mind that the bad will pass, and you can do it!
Crys Jul 2019
I don't want forever with you
I want worthwhile
because mortals can't live eternally
but we can
make our love
worth our time on earth
-i don't ever want to let you go
Noemi Michelle Jul 2019
‪There’s so much more to offer than just ***. ‬
the opportunity of learning how to connect,
With harmonic vibrations being content.
A love so deep, strong, and complex
No one can ever come in between
This never ending apex.
I spent my days waiting for you,
waiting for us to come together.
I have finally let down my walls,
and learned to love myself enough
to love you too.
Where are you? I know you are near
somewhere. I feel this flame burning
Inside of me waiting to be combined
With yours.
I could imagine our love being
so pure, with many languages
Motions and more.
I could imagine our minds align
At the same time  
You being as complete as I.
Originally written: 12/2/18

No love is ever perfect, but we find those who
are worth it for as long as it last. We learn from each other and build our character based on experiences, so let love take it’s course as we all experience different ways to feel <333
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